Wednesday, October 7, 2020

A Hodgepodge Post

A little stitching first...

I finished flower #3. This one is the Cherokee Rose. Sorry for my blurry dark picture. I will do better soon.

There is another flower planned for a total of 4 and then I will share all and how I came up with the four flowers when I love ALL flowers.

Now, onto storms. Seriously 2020 ---just stop this nonsense! I am usually a positive person, but I am tired like everyone else of the crazy. No one on the northern Gulf Coast needs another storm. Saturday is at the anniversary for Michael over to our east. Those people would probably surely don't need one on the anniversary of a hellish night two years ago.

 To our west in western Louisiana they have had one already that was really really bad. However, I know from experience (Erin and Opal ---1995) they will come to the same place in the same year. Alabama and Pensacola haven't even gotten cleaned up from the devil, Sally. 

My street still has debris from it as well, but I drove to Pensacola yesterday for a doctor's appointment and trust me a storm in there would be disastrous. The street sides are loaded with limbs, logs, wet carpet and the like. I did hear on the local news this morning that they were sending out more trucks to try and get as much as they could up from over there.

I can't take my eye off of it because quite frankly the NHC has gotten intensity or landfalls right to well in the past two years. 

So, I am on full alert and ready to spring into action. I haven't pulled things in yet, but watching closely.

Now, onto another happier topic...PURSES.

Now, my philosophy has always been if you are feeling sad a new purse could do wonders for you. I lived by that sentiment for MOST of my life.  However, with retirement I quickly realized I didn't need to buy a new one every time I turned around. I did a post a while back where I pared them down to 10. Now, I don't have all those and I will admit I have a dozen, but that is it. You hear ---I mean it.

Seriously I can't even use 12, but some of them I have for sentimental reasons and with this story you will see sometimes it isn't a good idea to quickly get rid of things.

I pulled out one the other day when I was cleaning out a closet and pulled one out to get rid of, so that meant I could have a new one.

After some really long thoughts I decided on an eBay purchase. I needed a medium size more fall/winter purse. I have more spring/summer.

I ended up ordering one and get this...I had this same purse in the early 2000s. I got rid of it and kind of always missed it so when I saw this I knew I would like it. 

I don't think the picture does it justice, but it is in great shape and for $20 rather than a $100 + I was pleased. IT is clean and no wear. It has some leather fading, but very minimal.

I chose this one for its medium size.  It has three compartments.

I have actually been using a much smaller purse in retirement because if I travel I carry a tote bag with more stuff in it, but just around town I need my basics. However, with all those virus stuff I have my masks and hand sanitizer stuff so I felt like a needed a wee bit bigger than my smaller fall/winter purse.

Here is my small fall/winter purse.

I also have a large fall/winter purse, but things can get lost in the cave. This one is a knock off brand that I got at Dillards. I really like, but don't like those short straps.

I found the perfect purse a few years back. I have used this purse more than any other purse EVER in 60 years. I have written how I love purses several times on the blog. I loved a purse even as a very small girl...way better than a doll. You never saw me without one.

You can see my near perfect purse here. I still love both of the purses in this post.

One more topic before I start supper. 

I finally did a DNA test. I am completely overwhelmed with all the information that it sent ---not necessarily the test but the people who have contacted me and sent me further information. I will be down this rabbit hole a while. I really wanted to put a family book for the kids for Christmas. ---don't know it I will accomplish it.

One surprising thing...not a bit of Irish. Let's just say I feel like the guy on the commercial who thought he was German, but found out he was Scottish.

I have a lot of Scottish... 

Ok... I am shutting it down for the day. Need to go cook supper.

On a serious note, add the Gulf Coast to your prayers. I would love to see this thing just fizzle out and disappoint the Weather Channel.


  1. Hi Sandy: I am so sad that all the hurricanes are doing so much damage, and being in the second set of the alphabet, wow.
    I do like the flower design, it is very pretty.
    I too am a purse freak, I have many, I was lucky enough to find a Chanel bag from the sixties, I never use it.
    I do like the knock-offs, so little for a great looking purse.
    Your bags are wonderful, I really like the last opne.
    Stay safe


  2. I hardly ever buy a purse. Ive made a few, but people see me as a person in need of a purse, I guess, abd I've been given several, which are mostly used for projects. I do have a ceremonial seasonal changing of the purse, from crocheted to suede. Just did that this week.

  3. Purse talk!! I love purse talk!! Every time Joe got a new tie, I got a new purse. When he retired, he had 52 ties! I did not have that many purses but probably 25 or so. It is silly because I only really use 3 or 4. I need to check out purses on eBay. I rarely pay more than $35-$50 for a purse. Thanks for sharing your good find!!

  4. Definitely praying for you and all the Gulf Coast. This is just insane. Praying it fizzles also. I've seen that happen before, and God is able. Praying hard for all of you. Now, purses...Love your purses. However for me, well, I just changed to my fall/winter purse this week from my summer purse. I have one black purse that I use a lot on Sundays as I often wear black slacks and shoes or it goes with most other things I might wear. That's it. I have some old clutch bags in a drawer somewhere that need to go to the trash most likely they are so old, but remember when clutch bags were the thing to have for more semi-formal attire? I often used them on Sundays, but not anymore. We aren't that "formal" here so really any purse will do. I do like compartments and shoulder straps. But I don't buy expensive purses...just adequate purses for size and style that will go with everything. I hate changing them. Now, the DNA test! Wow! I did mine this past year and found out I am more English than I ever thought. I am researching my adopted grandmother primarily and hope to write about my findings for her 125th birthday in December. I just wish people would respond to my requests. It's been a fun hobby through this pandemic, and I've learned a lot! I am also Scotch-Irish and German. Have fun and enjoy the journey through history! Take care and we'll be praying for you this weekend.

  5. As of this writing (Wednesday Oct 7), it's looking like the storm has moved west a little more, so hopefully your area will be spared the nightmare you had a few weeks ago.

    I love your Cherokee Rose stitch. It is so classy.

  6. Cant wait to see all your flowers pretty. As for know I am on that struggle bus. I just purchased a lovely cross body black leather purse for a song at TJ Maxx. It is a Margot brand which I am not familiar with but I love it. Smaller but holds what I need. I think I have 8 purses right now. I am slowly giving my heavier leather bags to my friends who can use them. I like big purses but they are just so heavy...a tote and a purse is the way to go. Hope this storm leaves y'all alone but the Gulf Coast has been pounded this year for sure.

  7. Yes! Prayers to the Gulf Coast! So much chaos happening these days..... I think we could all use some calm about now...
    I'm Miss Practical when it comes to! I buy one purse in a neutral color....and use it until it wears out! lol! I've been using the same purse (purchased at DSW shoes) for 3 years now.... still looks like new! :-) I've been thinking about getting a new I'm sick of the grey and like tan leathers better...
    I do like the shape of the one you found on eBay though... looks like it would be easy to see what's in there!
    Happy Autumn!

  8. Your Cherokee Rose stitch turned out beautifully, Sandy. I had to go back and look at your favorite purse. Thanks for the reminder. Have been praying for those around the Gulf area as I see mentions of the storms. Be safe and know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. I love your Cherokee Rose as well, Sandy. Beautifully made!


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