Sunday, September 26, 2021

More Birthday and Family Time and More

 I didn't plan to be so long away from the blog, but September and June are often two of my busiest months. It is the months of the most family birthdays. 

I am letting phone pictures guide the post. 

One Saturday morning, I walked out to water my flowers on the back deck when I spotted dolphins. You can't help but stop to stare, so I rushed out to the end of the dock to spy two dolphins pass by. I am awful at trying to anticipate how long they will stay under and then pop up, but I managed one picture to share.

Even Gus was quiet to watch them pass. 

I got a sweet present from Arlene for my birthday.

She sent me some of her linen that she had dyed. I already started a stitch on one and have another plan for another. Thanks Arlene.

I also got some sweet cards lined up in the background.

Then one night before the first official day of fall I was lured out to gawk at the full moon on the bayou. I so wish I could take a picture to show you how bright and beautiful it was.

The next picture is of my sweet Tucker. They had a sale at Target and Lindsay managed to get a Marshall of Paw Patrol costume for $10. It is almost too small but I told her he will enjoy it enough even before Halloween to be worth it. If you don't have a preschooler then you may not know that Paw Patrol is IT for them. 
He LOVED the costume.

He had to FaceTime to show me all the parts of the costume. 

Someone is 2 months old.

The entire family went to Auburn for the weekend. It was Lindsay's birthday on Saturday so we made a family weekend of it.

The weather was amazing and I can tell you that nothing warms my heart better than having the family together.

When we arrived I found that Katie had decorated the stairwell chalkboard. They had been up there a few weeks ago and she had been informed that anytime she was there and wanted to do it that it was hers to do. I discovered about a year ago that she had a knack for it.

Isn't it amazing?
Now for some closeups.

Jeff, Mother and I went up on Thursday afternoon, so I had time to hang up my "Lord's Prayer" stitch. You can't really tell, but it looks amazing on the wall with my samplers and verses.

It is the on the bottom left.

Jeff had time to think of things he wanted to do for the weekend, so he comes walking out of Home Depot with "Bones." Then he set it up so that if the kids came in from the garage or around the side of the house they would see him. Jeff loves things like this. He absolutely loves his family too.

Tucker is finally getting big enough for the little fort out back. He can't climb up in it on his own yet, but loves being helped. 

We now have darts, a basketball goal and new additions of a ping pong table and corn hole to keep the family active and having fun while watching football on the outside TV.

We grilled out, played games, watched football and on Saturday night made a fire to enjoy and make Smores. 
I wish I had taken more photos but you know sometime you just want to be in the minute. I will post some of the littles and some I snatched from Lindsay's Instagram account to record the moments shared.

I am about to blow up the computer with pics and they are NOT in timeline order because I do NOT feel like fighting the blogger battle of photos tonight.
I just want to get it all recorded...

This is Tucker on his way home with a swollen upper lip because he busted it running.

From Lindsay's account...

Me and the grandsons on Saturday morning.

Lindsay and Tyler took the kiddos downtown to take some pictures at Toomer's Corner and Samford Hall.

Mom with Palmer while Lindsay and Tyler took Tucker to the ballgame for the first half. Tucker loved the eagle flying.

Gus letting Katie spoil him even more rotten.

Palmer on the way home.

Another pull from Lindsay's account.

Tucker with some famous Toomer's lemonade.

This is part of us in the backyard. Our really good friends who we have been friends with forever joined us  for the day. Tucker and Mother were napping and Jeff being silly covered Palmer up. Lots of fun was had and good memories were made. 

This is the stuff of life that makes it worthwhile.

So so blessed,


  1. Yes, you are "so so blessed"....such a beautiful family...and wonderful times together making happy memories! Perfect!! Loved every matter what order they are in...we don't know the difference...we just enjoy seeing your lovely happy family having a great time together! Thank you for sharing it with us. Happy Birthday to your Lindsay yesterday!! My birthday "twin"! We've had a great weekend too. God bless you all...and good night!

    1. Thanks and a big happy birthday to you too.

  2. Lovely pix of everyone. My favorite is the great grandma with the new baby.

    1. Thanks Boud. I love that Mother gets to be with her great grandchildren. Tucker adores her and runs to her when he sees her.

  3. The little ones are so precious! I know you are living a really good time in your life right now! Enjoy your week!

  4. Sandy: What a fun post this is, your gifts are wonderful and the skeleton is a hoot.
    Tucker and Palmer are so adorable, love the paw Patrol outfit, he looks so cute.
    Nice family photos, your Mother looks so happy with baby Palmer in her lap.
    Happy Birthday


    1. Thank you. We had such a good time. I was tired today, but the good kind of tired.

  5. I am so glad that you and the clan were able to have some fun time at Auburn. Your house there is just so pretty and that sampler wall is coming right along. Tucker and Palmer are growing like weeds and I am so happy to see your mama loving on baby Palmer. This is a strange season of life for sure but I am learning to take one day at a time.

    1. Thanks Arlene. I do love that Auburn house. It is far more my style than our home here in FWB, but a water view makes the house less important. It is indeed a strange season. Mother did well. I worried it would be too much for her, but she was having a good time with the family and attention. She was exhausted today but so was I :)

  6. Beautiful family, gathering together is the world.

  7. Wonderful post, Sandy! Full of family, traditions, happy times. Great pictures! The dolphin reminded me we saw a couple of them in the St Johns River in downtown Jacksonville 4 years ago. That was a thrill! The chalkboard looks GREAT! Yes, by all means, have Katie keep that up! Your mom was made to hold Palmer. What a sweet picture. I see the resemblance of you in her dear face. Thanks for sharing such happy, happy times.

    1. Mother had a good weekend. I was worried that it might be a bit too much for her, but she enjoyed all the kids and the attention. She was tired but so was I.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful family time! Absolutely the best!! Thanks for sharing all the photos and fun! xo

  9. Hi Sandy!! Great pics. How fun to have a dolphin spotting! Those grandchildren of yours are an awfully cute bunch! Have a great week.

  10. What a fabulous weekend as seen through the photos you shared, Sandy! How cool to see dolphins go by! My first thought before reading was that is a weird looking gator. Katie is an amazing chalkboard artist. I bet her classroom looks incredible. Enjoy your day!

  11. How incredible to see those dolphins right in your own "back yard," Sandy! Loved all your family photos especially the ones of your mom holding Parker and you holding your two cuties. I'm so glad you all live nearby to have these fun family times! Hope your mom is feeling better these days... it's such a worry as our parents get older. Happy last day of September tomorrow (can you believe it?!). ♥

    1. Mother has been much better. She will get so down that I can't possibly see a way out and then she will get better and surprise us all. Her endoscopy has helped her much and she is to take acid reflux medication from now on. I can't believe September is over. It has been a very busy month and that has made it fly by even quicker. I have started keeping the little one this week so I am trying to get my routine down. I have gone to bed early every night:)

  12. Wonderful pictures - every one! I love the artwork done by Katie on the landing chalkboard. The moon photo is awesome, and that picture of Gus watching the dolphins is pretty sweet. Glad to read just above about your Mother, too. Have a good week, Sandy!

  13. How amazing to look out and see dolphins. I enjoyed your photos, what a beautiful family you have.

  14. I'm catching up with posts, I can certainly see you have been busy and it's all good!!! You had a lovely BD celebration, lovely gifts from Arlene. I am thrilled to see dolphins in Fl just like Gus!! So glad your Mom is enjoying her grands, they are just too adorable. Hope your enjoying more Fall like weather in Florida!!


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