Thursday, October 21, 2021

A Little Update

 I didn't plan on being gone as long as I have been but life just has me hopping right now. I don't think it will ease up for a while. I hardly get to read comments let alone read other blogs. It is just how it is right now. It will ease up with time I hope anyway....

Before I get started with the life updates, I promised pictures of Gus last time. Get ready as he has been quite photogenic with his haircut.

I think he knows how to make himself comfortable.

Here is a little bit of what has been going on.

We played tourists by going on one of the boats in Destin. The large pirate ship has captivated Tucker's attention since early spring. He always looks for it in the bay and in the harbor, so Lindsay decided to check in to it for his birthday. This is the kind of thing we would never think of going to here locally but would absolutely have done it on vacation. I highly recommend it to those visiting Destin with elementary age children. Tucker did enjoy it, but I think the kids who were 6 or 7 is the best age for it. It was family friendly and kept the kids busy for the entire time on the boat. There were tons of activities and the kids basically never sat except for a few minutes to hear about the treasure that they were to find shortly. I wish I had more pictures to share but I was busy holding the baby to let everyone enjoy Tucker. Tucker had both sets of grandparents on board with him and we were by far the oldest people on board

The pirate ship ride was on Friday afternoon and then Tucker had a race car themed birthday party at home in the backyard on Saturday afternoon. He was so excited. He had such a busy weekend that he went to bed at 6:45 that night.

Lindsay used simple decorations but Tucker loved them and was showing them off to Kyleigh (Katie's little cousin). Kyleigh was spending the weekend with Paul Allen and Katie and was so happy to get to come to the party. She was amazing with the little ones. 

Uncle Paul Allen and Katie's gift was some capes and masks for playtime. There was enough to go around for the attendees so they were a huge hit.

Then boys both were sick in this absence of mine but both are better now. Tucker got his first antibiotic ever and Palmer's sickness lasted about 48 hours. He ran a low grade fever which just made him feel awful and he didn't have his sweet smile. He is about to receive the nickname Smiley because he smiles all the time and is really cooing these days. I am so glad they are feeling better. I had to keep Tucker two days one week and then 2 days the next as he had a fever as well. In between that Mom got sick as well and is on another antibiotic. She is halfway through taking it. Praying she makes it before it does her in. On the upside to all of that, I have not been sick at all. Whew!

I have been busy with a few other things which aren't exactly blog fodder but they have kept me away and will for a few more weeks. 

In gardening notes, I decided I loved those day lilies so much that I planted in the spring that I would order some more and I planted them around Labor Day. I knew they would have time to get settled in before any cold weather came. They have popped up and should be gorgeous next spring. One of them has been so happy that it bloomed. Bayou Bride she is called. I love her ruffled edges.

Isn't she lovely?

This plum color was this year's choice of color for my pots on the side of the garage. They just arrived this week. Pansies are a winter flower here in my neck of the woods.

I also planted some broccoli that has beautiful leaves so we will see if they actually produce. 

The peppers are still going strong and there are three pots of broccoli.

The weather the past two weeks has been amazing. Not necessarily fall like - maybe fall like in Florida. I have enjoyed strolling Palmer and walking Gus AND just sitting out on the porch.

The following pictures happened in the past two weeks. I was sad to see it. 

The bulldozer arrived and took all the trees at the water's edge.

Below is today's view.

Nothing lasts forever.
The lot across the bayou that has been wooded and provided me with a great view of trees and wildlife was cleared to make room for a house. The animals and me are sad. That lot was the only real sign of fall leaves anywhere other than an occasional Japanese Maple in someone's yard. The second week of December each year it would look like a mini New Hampshire. 

The moonscapes on the bayou have been so pretty this fall. The sunrises too. I suppose it is time to share with the builders of the new home across the way:)

This morning just before 7 AM

Let's see some pictures of the other little munchkin who has my heart.

Palmer is 3 months old today.

Lindsay has started putting a number on her healing and getting better to keep me informed. She says she is at 85% and hopes by January when she has her appointment that she will be at 100% and won't have need of it.

Tucker now has all the Paw Patrol pups. Adorable.

I am blessed!

My days are busy so I pretty much sleep well. I have been trying so hard to stay awake to watch the Braves in the NL championship. We are at 3-1 right now and they are headed back to Atlanta. Can they pull one more game off and put themselves in the World Series? Our family is hoping so!!!
I have fallen asleep while trying hard not to for more than one game.

Oh one more thing to this very long post that has taken most of the day to write:)
Katie and Paul Allen redid the doors in the entry way that I shared in the last post.
The doors before:

And after they added some trim and painted.

Seriously, how cute?!!!

I will try and share some stitching soon. I am so motivated to stitch but almost too tired and too busy to get much done. 

Happy October,


  1. You sure have been busy, but good busy! The boys are so cute and Palmer has grown so big! Who wouldn't like a Pirate Ship visit for a birthday?! It is lovely to see you hear and catch up on your news, Sandy! Take care!! xo

    1. Thank you Terri. I am trying to keep caught up with everyone, but I know I am just in a busy season. The boys are just precious and I am so lucky to spend time with them.

  2. Nice door make-over, they look great!
    Prayers for everyone's health
    Happy Birthday Tucker!
    3 month Happy to Palmer!

    1. Thank you. The boys are getting so big. I can't believe one is 3 years old and the other already 3 months. 

  3. Sandy: Lovely post, I see a Pirate, a Race Car driver and Super Man, I love them all he is so cute.
    Happy Birthday Tucker.
    Beautiful doors, it looks like all are having fun.
    I hope Katie is feeling better as time goes by.
    Krissy says hello handsome Gus.
    Tucker is so adorable.

    Have a lovely week-end


    1. Gus says hello back to Krissy. I am sure they would have a ball together.
      Thanks for your kind words. I am a lucky grandmother.

  4. Your life is full with those two sweeties, and the rest of your dear family too...and of course handsome Gus! I don't know how you keep up with everyone and everything! You are amazing! I know how you feel about seeing those trees cut. I hate to see trees cut down. I do hope the new neighbors will build a lovely home and be good neighbors. And of course they will want to see the view, so that's why the trees had to go. Oh well...nothing stays the same in life...we have to adapt and move forward! God bless you...praying you stay strong for all the stuff you have to do! Blessings!!

    1. I am really blessed to have the two little ones near me and to be able to help Lindsay out with them. I have been relieved that I haven't gotten sick with them both being sick and Mom. whew...
      I knew one day that lot would be built in. I enjoyed the woods a long time. We have a lot next to us on one side that still has a little block cottage on it. We have always been so lucky that it has wonderful renters. I know one of these days it too will be sold. I just hope they put one house on it instead of 5 which is happening around here a lot.

    2. Sandy, I have been so behind on reading blogs that I did not know there was a new (ADORABLE) baby in your world! Congratulations!

      The doors are incredible. What a good idea to add that pretty trim before painting.

      Please take good care of yourself, and I hope you can get in as much stitching time as possible. It really is so good for us. It has helped me get through a lot of tough times (and has been a wonderful companion in good times). Something about thread and linen or aida just soothes my soul.

    3. Thank you. I have been so glad I have held up to take care of Mama and help out with the kids. My daughter had a rougher delivery and really needed me this time. The boys are precious and I feel blessed to spend time with them. I am tired and will admit to reclining in the evenings a bit especially when I have Tucker. He is a live wire, but he is at daycare most days.
      You are also so right about stitching. I find it relaxes me and all my troubles melt away when I am stitching. I want to get back to my heron soon. I have been working on my little PS Santa and a sampler that I am not sure about. I am taking a break for it to let it sit with me for awhile.

  5. It was so good to read your update and see all of the photos! The boys are both adorable and what a wonderful birthday Tucker had! Sometimes it's just good and really fun to play tourist right in one's own area.

    I seem to be one of these people that really has to work on one cross stitch at a time. I've been working away at the PS February sampler and it is really coming along well. I mostly work on it in the evenings when we happen to be at our little camp, and just took it up north with me while we stayed a couple nights with a friend who just had knee surgery.

    Do you ever see Country Living magazine? I hadn't seen one in some years, but a friend brought me a couple issues recently and I found that there's a simple cross stitch design in each one. They are calling my name ... or should I say my needle?

    1. I have seen what you are talking about in the magazine. I rarely buy magazines anymore. I can't decide if I am just old and don't like the new stuff or if I am just old and have seen it old. Did I say old twice? I did see the simple designs though and they are adorable. I love to relax and stitch. It gives my hands something to do at night as well.

  6. So glad to hear that Lindsay is improving!! I hope she does not need that appointment as well. Glad the boys are feeling better and that you did not catch the bug!! Yes Life is busy here as well. Glad we are retired as we do not have time to do Katie and PA gave Tucker the perfect bd gift and that there were enough for all the guests was genius. I have been at some bd parties where there have been spectacular meltdowns over toys.:) I will try to email you next week. I have even been neglecting my friends and hope to remedy that soon.

    1. I think everyone has settled down about the toy giving. I only bought him one gift. He has more than enough. They just get overwhelmed with it all. Lindsay is good about rotating stuff out so as to not have too much out at one time too. The other grandparents were over the top at the beginning. I think they have slowed it down too seeing that we weren't giving an extravagant amount either.
      I am so busy I wonder if I am retired. I truly think working is for the young too. There is no way I could teach now. My mind and body would NOT be able to keep up. I have had a little more to do lately than I wanted. I think it honestly will settle down in December. I am doing Thanksgiving again at my house, so I will probably be hopping until then. I told Jeff starting after Christmas that we were making a point of going to the Auburn house once a month.

  7. What a wonderful post to find this morning, Sandy! I can't get over Tucker turning 3 and Palmer is 3 months. What a fun activity for Tucker on the pirate ship. His race car party looked like fun as well. Hope your Mother is on the mend and the boys continue to get better. The doors look so much better in white. Too bad about the loss of trees as they build. Your lily and pansies look so pretty. Enjoy your weekend, Sandy!

    1. The kids are really doing some cute stuff to the house. It was built in 1978 but has good bones, so they are making it quite cute.
      I hated seeing the trees go but I knew it would happen sooner or later. I am glad the military owns a good bit of the land back of the bay. We love to go back there and just relax with nature.
      My boys are growing like crazy and are so much fun these days. Mom is doing better. I think I talked her into going to the doctor before she got so bad which in itself was a miracle.

  8. The pictures of Gus are so sweet! He is a goooood dog! And the boys, too, precious. Tucker had quite a birthday party!
    Sorry to see the clearing across the bayou. I hope the house they build is beautiful eye candy from your perspective. Paul Allen and Katie did a great job with those doors! That is a wonderful transformation.

    1. I will sound arrogant and I don't mean to at all. I like woods way more than a house and yet, someone long ago was sad to see my lot cut down to build a house:) I found out at church today that a little girl who comes to my class is the family building it. I told her she could look across for me and Gus hanging out.

  9. What a fun post. The little boys are looking so good. Just adorable. How fun to find out that you know the little girl who'll live in the new house. While I'd find it sad, too, to have those pretty trees cut down, it is very generous of spirit to share that beautiful view with new home owners. :)

    1. I have to be kind about the trees. I knew it would happen one day. Right next door is two amazing lots that have little cottages on them. Those two lots and then the one across the way are about the only lots of waterfront I know of anywhere. I know one day those two next to me will be sold for big money too. I dread it. I have enjoyed the more natural look, but nothing like that lasts forever:)
      The boys are growing so fast. I can not believe the oldest one is 3 now. He is even looking 3.


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