Tuesday, May 17, 2022

A Little Day Trip and Daylilies

 Jeff and I did manage to do our little day trip that I had planned a while back. I taught 4th grade for many years and took students every year to Tallahassee for a field trip. It was always a fun trip and one the students looked forward to all year. I have said for ages that I would love to go again without students. Over the years, we did several different things but the trip that settled in as the favorite was a trip to the old and new capitol buildings, a downtown museum within walking distance from the Capitol and then an outdoor museum that gave the students a wonderful nature walk with a look at plants and animals as well as lots of exhibits of life in early Florida.

I also really wanted to go in May. We always took the students in May so that we could do a mock vote in the House of Representatives. They would be thorough by the last 2 weeks of May and we could be assured of having that experience.

We recreated everything about the trip except going in the new capitol building which is the tall building below. It is closed on the weekends. The old Capitol is the smaller building in front of the tower. It is restored to the 1902 building and is a museum. 

Photo taken from Wikipedia.

I don't have a photo of my own because there were protestors out front. I love the red and white striped awnings. We ran through the edge of the protestors to get inside and enjoyed out visit immensely.  I need not have worried that Jeff would enjoy it too, because we both had such a fun time. Slow and easy --no hurry.

I thought this filing cabinet was so pretty.

Me in the old Senate chambers.

After this, we walked over to the museum. I love this museum and have always wanted to visit it again. I used to tell my students it was like walking through their Florida History textbook. It was a good museum because it always help their attention.

I always remember the large mastodon who some of his parts were found between here and Tallahassee.

And a tusk...

This is just a small diorama in glass but man it is so realistic and so perfectly north Florida...

I had Jeff take my photo near an exhibit of a Pensacola Civil War Camp

I always carry a sweater to wear inside because of overzealous air conditioning, but I didn't need it all day. No one had the air turned down to the extreme.

We then had a wonderful lunch and then headed out to the outdoor museum. Of course, I wanted to see the Florida panther so we headed out on the nature walk. It was as beautiful as I remembered. 

The painter is on the second level laying down. 

Here is Jeff for the day.

It was a nice getaway for the two of us. Him from work and me from a very hectic previous week which is kinda still going that way for me. 

I am trying to get all that home health set up and on a somewhat regular basis. I think this will help me a lot when it gets somewhat routine.

I have not missed all those roses I dug up in the front flowerbeds with the day lilies I replaced them with. They are just a delight to drive into the circle and see. 

Some of my latest blooms...

I will leave you with the cutest picture of my two sweet grandsons taken on Saturday by Lindsay.

Tucker is looking out for his little brother.

Stitching post coming soon!


  1. "always wanted to go back on the field trip without the students"!!!!!!! Spoken only as a teacher can...I totally get it!!! hahahahahaha...........precious grands!

  2. So glad you got your weekend away and I enjoyed seeing everything. I have never been to Tallahassee. The old capitol building reminds me of the museum we visited in St Louis...I believe it had been a courthouse. It just takes you back before the age of computers and I love to see all those big cabinets and files. Being a first born, I would have loved to have been in charge of keeping them organized.lol

  3. Love the picture of Tucker holding on to Palmer! I am glad you were able to go on your "field trip". There are several places that I would like to revisit without students and several that I don't ever care to do again (like the Hershey Park trip).

  4. I meant to say your daylilies are beautiful!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful "field trip" to the Capitol building and beyond. That would be interesting to do sometime. I've never been there before. And yes, your daylilies are gorgeous!! And that picture of Tucker holding on to Palmer is just precious. Really sweet. I am glad things are getting worked out for the home health care for your Mother. I know that will be a blessing to both of you! So glad you've had a little break. Sometimes we just need to make ourselves do that for our own sanity's sake!! Thanks for sharing it all with us.

  6. Hi Sandy: I love day trips and museums; the new Capital is interesting.
    The old Capital is amazing, its a shame some people have to ruin a peaceful day for others.
    You both are just adorable.
    The boys look like they are having a great time, it looks like Tucker is being the big brother and keeping a hand on his little brother's vest, oh so adorable.


  7. What a wonderful day trip to Tallahassee. Thanks for taking us along, so to speak!

    Your lilies really are pretty. So striking and what a beautiful welcome as you come home!

  8. That last picture is SO precious!! I like it best of all but your photos are great! I've lived in FL for 33 years and have never been to Tallahassee. Need to put it on my list. I am glad you got your own personal field trip!! xo

  9. Looks like you had a great visit in Tallahassee, Sandy. I'm sure it was a very different experience without 20+ students to keep an eye on :) Oh, those filing cabinets are positively lovely! Wouldn't they be great for storing floss and fabrics?

    Pretty lilies and an adorable photo of your two sweeties. Hope you can get your mom's health care set up without any issues. Have a great weekend! ♥


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