Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Get Gone September

 I can't start this post without acknowledging the devastation that is about to be inflicted on my fellow Floridians. I too am watching the news and I am just so sad for what is about to happen. I have been praying for them for days now. I not only hate to see the loss of property, but the ravaging of the land with a storm like this. 

My daughter was born on the 25th of this month. When she was born, the date became somewhat of a marker for many years of the actual start of fall for us. I remember going in hot as blazes to deliver her. We had had a nasty thunderstorm on her due date which was mid September, and it had knocked out power. I remember that September for its heat. Then much to my surprise, everyone was coming in with a light jacket either the next day or 2 days after. I looked at them with such wonder. That began what I actually noticed each year as the cool front approaching us and giving us much needed relief from the oppressive heat of August and September. Over time that changed and it seemed almost like our peak hurricane season moved to late September and early October rather than mid September. 

Well this year, I m looking at a cool 72 degrees at 10:30 in the morning with a north wind of 20 mph. It should be already in the 90s with high humidity and NO wind. I am thinking that the Panhandle got a reprieve this year from the wrath of Ian with this cool front. I will take it, but not without much sympathy for my Beloved Florida.

I need to change my tagline on my blog to say this is a blog mostly about stitching and little about the other items. I don't even have time to do that at this point in time, but it is true. I like keeping a journal of my stitching and only have a wee bit of time to include any of the other these days.

Here is a little of the stitching. First up is the ornament for little Miles and the stocking for my growing family.

I took a little deer from the French Christmas book that the stocking pattern came from. There is nothing in that book that I don't love. I then tried to keep it like the ones I did for Tucker and Palmer. It is backed in the tartan plaid.

Then I framed the heron. I only have my finished picture. Lindsay will send me a picture one day when she thinks of it or I will be out there and get one myself. It is hung in her home and it looks amazing.

You may remember I didn't have much margin on side. Big goof there on such a magnificent piece and that led me to want to frame it myself. It turned out well with my friend's frame that he made for me, BUT, there is a reason you pay big bucks for someone to frame your work. It was tedious and not easy at all on such a large piece. I did pay the money for some nice glass on it and I told Lindsay this one was one I hoped would be passed down to remember me.

Some of you asked if I would take Thirsty Hart to Auburn to place on my sampler wall. Well, it is back from the framers and the answer is no. I had to leave it here to admire its beauty. 

Next is a close up of the church.

I LOVE this piece so much that I found a place to hang it in my newly painted bedroom. Every time I walk in or out of the bedroom I look.  

September was supposed to be me working on samplers for September Sampler Month. I should have known better. It is not wise for me to even think about those kind of schedules. I have stitched on samplers, but I haven't stitched much at all. The month should have been a fine time celebrating my birthday and Lindsay's, but it has been one of the most challenging in a long time. The only reason I am even typing a post today is that Palmer is asleep and my uncle is down with Mama today.

September brought challenges that I really don't want to document. Some so traumatic I want to forget and no one wants to read. Let's just some them up in some quick sentences and phrases and move on...

-2 trips to Auburn leaving knowing that you would be heading to the doctor upon returning.
-1 trip to immediate care
-2 trips to was horrible, not because of any person. I felt so sorry for the ER nurses. They were working so hard. Such a need.
-1 ER trip where we stayed put for 20 hours due to no room in the hospital which was honestly due to a staffing shortage. We have a large hospital that is a trauma center and it serves a wide swath of territory. CRAZY night.
-1 hospital stay
-Mother has pneumonia. She is out and much better but has a road ahead to gain strength and recover.
-All of the above was just her.

Throw in both of Lindsay's boys with a case of RSV which is probably why Mama has pneumonia and a crazy allergic reaction for Lindsay that almost sent her to the ER in Auburn....

Let's just say again, September was hard.

I am exhausted and don't really want to elaborate on any of it. I may at some point tell you about the crazy allergic reaction, but for now we will skip it.

The days are just trying but I am grateful for so much. I have THE MOST AMAZING HUSBAND and kids. I couldn't have done any of the things I have done without them. I am only child, but when the going gets tough, my kiddos take up the slack and act as a unit like a sibling. 

In all of the craziness, the Lord answered a prayer that I had been praying about. I was so nutty it took me a couple of days to notice it and I stopped and gave Him even more thanks for walking through this life with me.

Mine and Lindsay's birthday celebration kind of got the boot like Jeff's and Paul Allen's did a while back but we are all good. I will share a few pics of my grands because they are worth sharing.

First up is Lindsay with Tucker at the beach. Tyler watched Palmer so they could go get some fun in on her actual birthday.

Next is Palmer on an ordinary day here playing with Grandma's walker.

Here they are at church on Sunday which by the way had the very best I needed.

Then there is the sweet little munchkin.  The first one is some professional pics that a girl Katie works with made.

Here is now. As Lindsay says, I have 3 adorable grandsons. Oh so blessed.

One more and then I am out. Here is a quickie of 62 year old me not dressed up in anyway and about an hour before the allergic reaction happened.

Rough month, but seriously God shows up in the hard and reminds you HE is with you and loves you.



  1. Prayers for good health to all
    Happy Birthdays!
    Get your rest!
    The stocking and ornament are beautiful. Adorable pictures

  2. So glad to hear from you. As an only child who has walked this path with both parents, I just knew it was a rough time for you so I have been praying each day. Stay well and stay calm. My mantra through troubled times: Prayer doesn’t necessarily change things for you…it changes you for things. Hugs, Karen

  3. Go away with your husband for a week…let family help

  4. Oh, how I love those photos of your sweet boys!! I always enjoy seeing your projects and that heron is definitely an heirloom. Thanks for the catch-up, Sandy. And thanks for the prayers. Ian is loud and fierce and I can't wait for him to be gone! xo

  5. Your stitch projects are each so beautiful, Sandy. Love the frame for the Heron and Thirsty Hart! The photos of the grandbabies are precious. You have been on my mind and in my prayers and now I know why. Continued prayers for you, your family and the strength to deal with it all.

  6. I love all your stitching and I agree with you about framing. I plan to take my Christmas Garden to a professional as I am not sure I could lace that big boy!! I think you did a great job on your heron. Those boys are just precious. If I lived closer I would come and help you keep them! I miss that age. Kendall rode on a homecoming parade float this week...I am old.:) Hope your mama gets her strength back and hope you get a reprieve from dr and hospital visits.

  7. What a month! Your stitches are truly gorgeous, Sandy. I have a feeling your progeny will enjoy all your beautiful creations for years (maybe generations) to come.

  8. Sandy: I am so sorry you have had a hard go of it, sometimes I think we are being tested to see how well we react to such situations.
    It has been the same here in the Laurent household, I am Praying daily three times a day for all who are ill or having problems.
    I hope everything gets better for you and your family.
    I really like the ornament and stocking very pretty.


  9. Sending you (((hugs))) for all the issues of this past month. I hope that October will be a month of joy and peace and happy cool days! We are so thankful for the blessing that Ian missed us, but praying for those who are still suffering and recovering as a result of its fury. I enjoyed seeing your sweet family and those precious boys. You are truly blessed. And your stitchery is so wonderful. I love the heron picture. He looks so real!!! Praying for a happy October for you all.

  10. Loving the gorgeous grans, Sandy, and all your amazing makes. That heron! What a labor of love!

  11. Oh sweet breaks my heart that you have faced such challenges. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that October is much better. xxxx


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