Thursday, September 1, 2022

Welcome September

     If I had written a post yesterday, it would have been sad...I hate saying goodbye to August these days. I love summer even with all its heat and humidity. It has always meant long days of freedom from the regular routine. When I was teaching, the last day before pre planning started is the day I would go into my sad mode. Now, I get the whole month of August to savor summer.

However, the calendar page turned to September (which is a good thing) and once it arrives I am able to move on, because after all, September is a good month in our family. Lots of celebrations. Honestly, other than school and busier days, it is still full on summer here for a good while. The light is changing though. Fall will arrive in other ways than cooler temperatures. At some point this month, I will make the change too.

The first celebration begins today with our 38th anniversary. We usually eat at Whataburger and that is the plan today. We are super romantic!

Rather than the usual wedding dress photograph, I decided to showcase the leaving outfit. It seems most of the girls today leave in their wedding dress, but back in 1984 we also had to find a leaving outfit. I still own this suit. I am certain only a portion of my body would fit in it. I think I weighed 95 on that day. 

As with all 38 years, Danny's (Jeff's brother that just passed away) birthday came the following day. He will be missed this year. 

Onto the September plans. I am planning to stitch on 2 samplers. I have never even followed any guidelines, but I guess this year I could be since it is Sampler September in Cross Stitch Land. I will share more about those soon. 

Let's just let the rabbit wander around the path.

First up- I purchased a new purse. A new old purse that is. I love purses and have whittled down my collection quite a bit, but this fall thing had me thinking about how I ALWAYS used to have a navy purse. I don't seem to have one. I sort of went looking, but saw nothing that just said, "Gotta have!" I pulled out 2 of my old brown Fossils which also led me to the desire for a new wallet. You can see how dangerous all of this is. I tend to carry a smaller purse these days than my old school days, although the purse I pulled out was one I once had and loved. All of my wallets just seemed so big. I had tried using a little Vera Bradley pouch to put my license and cards in, but doggone it those cards seemed not to like the registers. I would have to wipe them down a couple of times, so that was stoking the fires for a new wallet in itself. I have 3 wallets, but they are all large. 

I have been wandering around a few stores in town and online looking, but nothing caught my eye. I ended up at Kohl's on Saturday and I found the perfect wallet. It was only $7.50. They had it in several colors, but I ended up with a nice peachy color. 

I saw a few purses, but nothing great. I came home and looked on Etsy and found a just right old one. It looked better in person than the pictures even showed. I am in love. I will be using this sweet little gem starting now and for the next few months. 

We also had made a trip out to the outlets where I had no plans to purchase anything but stopped in J Crew and found a "Sandy" sweater. Jeff was in another store, so I come out with a bag. He asked what was in it and I said, "A Sandy sweater." I showed it to him and he agreed wholeheartedly. Now, I need some cool weather to wear it. I think I can be patient another month.

Speaking of fashion, I bought Lindsay the cutest little dress from Walmart the other day. I actually saw it on a video and thought that would look so cute on her. 

It did...


September is full of birthdays, the start of football season (although Auburn's should be horrible) and all around family goodness. 

Miles is ready for football.

Palmer and Tucker are delightful. Tucker has nearly driven his mommy nuts since Artemis didn't get to launch on Monday. I, of course had pumped him, even letting him know Snoopy was on board. He has called me to explain what happened and only asked his mom a hundred times a day. I think she is hoping it launches on Saturday more than the engineers themselves.

Here he is with the only Snoopy space t-shirt Mimi could find him the night before the planned launch.

And here is his very laid back brother who I videoed after this just kicking his legs back and forth.

I have stepped way back on my "fall is coming early" prediction this year, but it is coming. The lemons are turning yellow, the last of the day lilies have bloomed. They are still green and above ground, but I think all the blooming is done.

I am embracing September and have added 3 bits of fall if you can call them that to the house.
First up - in the kitchen.

Second is I am moved all my sunflower and black eyed Susan stitches to one shelf in the sewing room.

Pretty boring shelf, but my wheels are spinning. I am going to return to it.

Lastly, I pulled out the two September stitches for my sewing room counter.

I turned the page to this lovely page in my calendar. Now, it isn't really true of September in feel and looks here in north Florida, but one of these September days I will just decide it is fall and I will give the house the look whether we feel it or not.

I am celebrating all seasons and plan to enjoy Labor Day weekend to the max.


  1. Summer collapsed into Fall. I love that! The kiddos are precious!! I am a purse hoarder and love the navy one you found AND your cute peach wallet!! Always fun, Sandy!! xo

    1. I really liked that page in my calendar too. I heard a quote today about after Labor Day, we can recognize a new season is approaching, but it is still summer. He of course, was from way down south too.

  2. Happy 38th Anniversary! 🥳🥂

    Aw, delay of the Artemis I launch, the disappointment goes through all ages. Lovely photos.
    Nice purse and wallet. Love the sweater. The wide stripes are the most atttactive.

    1. Yes, I have followed space stuff since I was a kiddo. I am hoping to pass it on to my grands.

  3. Happy 38th Anniversary!! I guess I've only seen you with your current very pretty white (?) hair and never thought of you as a brunette, so that was a surprise! Very lovely!! Yes, I had a going away outfit too. Who wants to take a wedding gown on your honeymoon? LOL. The little boys are all so precious! I know you are loving having them all around so near. What a joy! I do hope the Artemis will make it up up and away so Palmer will be happy! I guess it's good to see things through the eyes of a child again! Love your wallet and purse. I tend to just use one purse all season long. I sometimes change it for church, and sometimes I don't. It's just so much trouble to keep changing it. LOL. I'm getting lazy in my old age. I hope you enjoy your September. I LOVE September...and I look forward to fall getting closer every day! Take care my friend and enjoy your Labor Day weekend.

    1. At one time I changed purses all the time. I must say since retiring I use one for most of a season. The one I had been using was a favorite and starting to look like it too. I was almost a black headed girl. It was so dark that at times it looked black. My son has hair closest to mine. Of course, I am afraid he will have my early gray too.

  4. Good morning Sandy,
    Like you, I have a collection of purses which includes a few of my Mother's. I love your new one and may change purses today myself, into my Gamecock bag. Yes, football season is upon us and the picture of Miles is adorable! All of your stitches are so very cute and you always have my admiration for working on different ones at the same time.
    Here in the Lowcountry of SC our Fall isn't until much later, usually late October or so. Enjoy your weekend!
    Blessings, Linda

    1. It is time for football. I have my Auburn bags as well. Of course, now you can use them in the stadiums. We won't see cool until Halloween probably, so that sweater I bought will probably not get put on until November or December. I wouldn't trade where we live though for cool in September.
      This stitching on multiple things at one time is really a new thing for me. I was always pick something out and stitch it until completion. It kind of messes with me working on multiple things.

  5. Wishing you and Jeff a wonderful anniversary! Your new wallet looks great. What kind is it? I have been on a search for a while now and haven't found any that are acceptable. The boys are adorable. Have a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day weekend.

  6. Happy Anniversary. We are just back to civilization....will send you an email soon. Love the purse!!

  7. Hi Sandy: I was sad when the shuttle was scrapped two times, I hope Tucker understands, he looks so adorable in that shirt.
    Palmer is a gen and so adorable.
    Miles is so sweet and that dark hair, so cute.
    Happy Blessed Anniversary, sweet photo of you both, I had a leaving outfit also but never did get to wear it too much of the bubbly.
    Have a great day.


  8. I forgot to enter my blog address and name.


  9. I am way behind on reading blogs as my grandson was here for five days, Sandy (or Hurricane B as we call him--yikes!). Love your new wallet and "new" purse--I think those older purses are so much better made than today's. I stumbled across an old tan purse that I had stored high up on my closet shelf and decided to go with that this fall. I don't think I've used it in 15+ years :)

    The boys are all cute as can be. I love the little football outfit Miles is modeling. And the photo of you in your going away outfit is so cute! I only had a simple sundress as my "going away outfit," but I still remember the photos of my mom in her very elegant suit as she left for her honeymoon. Happy 38th anniversary to you and Jeff--I wish you many more happy, healthy years together ♥

  10. What a fun and cute picture of you and your new husband! The pictures of the grands are all sweet as can be. "Summer collapsed into fall." Love that!

  11. Sandy... I love that pic of you and hubby. Sooo cute. And those darling grandchildren are such cutie pies! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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