Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Stitching, T-Ball, Spring and More

 Time is getting away from me. Here it is the middle of March already. It came in quiet and springy. It is a little cold tonight, but I really can't complain.

I completed my March Christmas ornament. This time I stitched from the book called The Magic of Christmas in Cross Stitching. There is pretty much nothing in this book I don't love and it always lends itself to a fun stitch.

I used a bright red gingham for the back. I think a little red felt heart would be cute on the back, but I haven't done that yet. I will one day:)

The beauty of these is I am using things I have in my stash. Here are the 3 thus far.

After I finished it into ornament status Saturday morning, I spent a little bit of time in my sewing room tidying. It is the one room in the house that I can let get too messy and then it drives me insane. It was headed that way, so I got in there and cleaned up and then pulled out my project bags. I gave each one some thought and decided I loved some and wanted to keep them to do at some point and I got real with myself and put 2 away that I had lost interest in. I didn't even get sad over it. 

I had watched 2 videos that kind of gave me some new inspiration. Well, honestly they didn't make me buy new stuff but just sent me in a different direction with my stash. I have had 2 things in my head for 2 years that I wanted to do. One of those was going to require some thought much like the names for my grandchildren do...in other words, creating something completely original to me but using some old patterns to start me on that path.

Yes, I am leaving a little mystery there. Time will show what I am talking about. However, to finish out this month I am doing a small Easter pattern that I have wanted to do since last year. Then I am starting a larger piece, but not a gigantic piece. I think I am through with gigantic, but never say never.

Now, onto other things. The azaleas had a banner season this year which made up for my camellia bust. I think I must have driven Jeff nuts for 2 weeks saying how pretty they all were. They are done now and I even got out and trimmed them yesterday. No one is allowed to touch azaleas but me. Definitely do not touch with a hedge trimmer. I have been known to go off the rail about that.

I have brought out some Easter decor to mix in with St. Patrick's. 

Here are just a couple of pictures to share some of it. The nest is real, the eggs are fake.

I snipped a few azaleas from the back to enjoy in the house.

Now the bunny and the eggs are alone.

Miles has an Easter basket to match his cousins.

May I tell y'all just how much fun t-ball is as a grandparent vs the team mom and coaching parents of a kid playing t-ball? 
Tucker was so cute. We went to opening ceremonies and games already. 

I am enjoying watching the little ones playing. Tonight a dad had to go out to third base to pull a tooth. I mean ---priceless. Apparently the little boy had been wiggling it for days.

Miles had his first boat ride.

The fight for the chair is real. Gus is winning.

Now for a mouse story.

I am still not able to really write about Lindsay and Tyler's rat story, but that is what caused their flooded house and the insurance company did finally come through and the process has begun. Floors have been started and hopefully soon all will be like it never happened. One day I might be able to write the story.

I had my own story, but mine was a tiny mouse. Don't you doubt for a second what even a little mouse can do. One got in and I feel certain it was because Jeff likes to leave the garage door up too much on the weekends. I saw signs and immediately set out traps. We determined after the first night of traps he was a mouse because he could get the food off the big trap without tripping it. I went and got sticky traps and we set those out with the old fashioned wooden mouse traps. Those are generally the best for our area. Someone asked if this might be a Florida thing who read the story via an email. Yes, I think it is more prevalent here than elsewhere. It is interesting how many horror stories we have heard since Lindsay's story. 

Anyway, the first night of the sticky trap the little monster got stuck on it and Jeff was still in the living room dozing in the chair. He heard and got up to go see, but he was gone along with the trap so he just walked out to deal with it the next morning. The next morning there was a mouse on the wooden trap so we pulled the stove and refrigerator out figuring that was where he had been. Sure enough the sticky trap was turned upside down. My guess is he ran under the stove and the cord that comes up from the wall but at floor level caught the sticky trap and he was able to pull away and then got caught later by the wooden trap. I did put out traps for several days later to make sure there was not more than 1. Well, I told Jeff to leave the stove out as I would clean back there while it was out. Upon further inspection the little monster had chewed on the cord and had probably for more than one day. If he had not gone in there with the sticky trap ---well, we could have had a fire. Paul Allen had one of the electricians he works with to come out and look at it. It was just something we could tape, but now I am going to have to check it on a regular basis to relieve my worries. They really are horrid little monsters, so if a mouse can do that then you can imagine what a huge rat can do to cords and drain lines, etc. 

Until next time,


  1. Wow...that is a cautionary mouse tail, Sandy. So glad you caught the critter. Your flowers look so pretty. T Ball days are the sweetest. We went to see Landon play soccer at five pm and almost froze. The early spring was tricking all of us ...back to cold weather for a few days. Intrigued by your cross stitch plans with names of the grands. I look forward to seeing what is in that project bag!

  2. Ooooh... mice give me the creeps, I can't imagine a rat. Whenever you're ready to tell that story, give us a lead so I can brace myself. We had a little field mouse get in our house last autumn. It was a tiny thing, but we got him within a day of discovering its presence. Didn't pull the oven out to see if any damage was done. I kind of doubt that it did, but I guess we should check. I have that Christmas cross stitch book on my WL. I keep hoping I find it for less than it costs on Amazon (even though the price has come down from when it was first published). For now, I'll just enjoy your creations from it. They are all so sweet.

    1. I have that book on my wish list too, Becki! Thriftbooks has a Like New copy of it for $18.49.

    2. The book is crazy priced these days, but I have had mine a long time and paid around $20 I think.

  3. Hello Sandy,
    three wonderful Christmas Ornaments.

  4. Your ornament finish is darling, Sandy. Now you have piqued my curiosity about your mystery piece. Your azaleas are so pretty. Love your nest with the eggs in the bowl! Mice are a nuisance especially when it comes to chewing on wires. Have a lovely mid March!

  5. When I lived on the creek in the mts of NC a mouse ate wires in my car...of all things! What a mess. I know it's just part of living anywhere but they are a nuisance! I love seeing how the little ones are growing. Enjoy your week!

  6. Years ago I sewed some really cute stuffed mice and gave one to my mother. Much later, when we were emptying out her house and disposing of everything, my sister told me she has had so many problems with rodents over the years that she can't even pretend to look at a cute stuffed mouse with any amount of endearing affection.

    I'm not that way (and largely because I've not had those bad experiences except very briefly) but I always think of that when I see a cute mouse picture/project, etc.

    Also wanted to comment on your satisfaction in getting to use up things in your stash. Isn't that the truth?!!! To find good use for such things is very gratifying.

    Have a good day!

  7. Sweet ornaments, Sandy! Great work stitching from your stash. I should try the ornament a month goal -- wonder if I could do it. I'm still working on the Prairie Schooler January sampler. Still enjoying it, though.

    And what a fun story about the loose tooth on third base!

    1. The little boy was so cute. His was his first tooth that he lost. He had been working on it, but he had success in the gsme.

  8. Very nice stitching there.

    You know how people think chipmunks are cute? Ask a friend whose house was flooded, all appliances in the basement destroyed because a chipmunk chewed through s vital pvc pipe, causing a silent fast leak while they were away a weekend. They came home to water gushing down the driveway, basement flooded to the ceiling. Toothmarks on the pipe, chipmunk playing happily..

  9. Oh my! I guess I never realized a little mouse could do so much damage! And never really thought about what rats could do, except freak me out if I run into one! Wow! I'm glad you caught this one, and I am so sorry about what your daughter and family have been through. Your azaleas were gorgeous! I don't have as many here as I've had in the past, but what I had still looked pretty. It was a good season for azaleas all around here. Loved the story about the little boy losing his tooth at the ball game. That was priceless! Love your "ornament". You are so talented! Thank you for sharing all these stories and pictures, etc. Your Gus is a sweet and pretty doggy. I don't blame him for loving that chair either! LOL. Yes, it is cold here today and tonight. Not sure what happened to "spring"...but before we know it it will be summer. So I will enjoy this while it lasts. Take care and have a wonderful week.

  10. Lovely ornament finish for March, Sandy! It is such fun to watch the pile accumulate and then hang all 12 new ones on your tree each December. I'm working on my March (and my April!) ornaments right now. Hope to get them done next week.

    Isn't Tucker adorable in his uniform--loved the tooth story. I can just picture all of the parents with big smiles on their faces and the kids huddled around the little boy watching with interest as his father pulled it out :)

    Mice--ugh! We get them in our attic and basement in the winter and always have traps out. This year, I think because we had such a mild winter, we didn't get any! Very strange--but I certainly didn't miss them! Enjoy this last half of March ♥

  11. How wonderful to be planning ahead for Christmas. I so admire your vision. It's all just beautiful. I also have birds nests on display this time of year. My aunt collected them for her third grade school class years ago, and I've stored them in a box to use every spring. So beautiful!

    1. Kindred spirits on the birds’ nests. I love using natural elements when I can. This past Christmas Lindsay suggested I make some ornaments she could use as gifts. I thought it was a win since I love to stitch and I could use a lot of my leftovers. Have a happy start to spring.

  12. Hello Sandy: The photo of Miles in the life jacket gave me a chuckle what an adorable little guy he is, I have to clean up my sewing room.
    I am looking forward to seeing what your next project will be, the stocking and other ornaments in the basket are lovely, the stocking ornament has a perfect finish, the ribbon adds such a pretty touch.
    I bet the baskets will be filled with lots of goodies on Easter Sunday.
    Krissy and Mikey say hello to the sweet Gus

    Happy Easter


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