Sunday, June 23, 2024

Sunday Afternoon, June 23, 2024 AD (in the year of our Lord)


I have been doing some stitching. Not as much as I want, but as much as I can squeeze in. I am still working on the Advent calendar and have finished 12 of 24 of the items.

At the rate I have been stitching, it takes 2-3 days to stitch one of the little items that will make pockets.  I have laid out the book and all the floss colors on my counter in the sewing room which has made the stitching go faster or easier. The pattern is in a book which sitting in my chair in the living room can be cumbersome. I can leave it all out in there and pop in whenever I want to stitch. 

I have started a new big piece. I am still considering myself a one stitch person because these days that fits my mind's attention best, but this one I keep by my chair in the living room for time when I am not reading.

Here is the pattern. I will not frame it like this. I think a compass rose or something like that would be a great addition to the upper left corner so no need to try and make a mat finish it off.

Here is my start. I am in no hurry, but one day I think I will have a Florida wall in my master bedroom.


I finished another good book. The Frozen River by Ariel Lawhon was another intense read. I say intense because it had lots of action and the subject matter reminds me I am glad I was born in 1960. It follows a midwife in the 1700's in Maine. The one who recommended it to me said it would make a great movie. Yes Arlene, you were so right. Between this latest read and The Women, I read some inspirational books to lighten the load. I have another by the author of The Women to read this summer, but I am going to read a lighter one for the next 2 weeks and hold off on the other until July. I have been on a reading kick lately and am enjoying the distraction it brings.

The Frozen River's midwife kept a journal and I loved the entries. It reminded me of how much I like keeping a paper journal of sorts myself. Hers kind of reminded me of a Daybook with her entries of weather and where she went and the babies delivered, but also noting that she was just at home some days. Home - I love days at home too!

With that daybook in mind, I will make the remainder of the post similar.


It has been a nice start to June here in the Panhandle of Florida. I have thought the mornings and evenings have still be quite delightful, although I sensed this week brought the heat with it. I may not be able to spend the mornings and evenings outside on the deck as much.

What Is in My Ear?

I am into podcasts. This is not new, but I am pretty much loving this format. I have tried to read more fiction as of late, so listening to my informative newsy things in podcast form feeds my need to learn and know more. I stuff my phone in my shorts pockets or apron and away I go while attending chores. My topics are usually health or just plain informational. It feeds my nerdy side. Probably need a catchier title for this one rather than What is in my ear? I didn't want to end with a preposition with What I am listening to?

What I am Watching?

For awhile now, I have been watching The Gilmore Girls. Seasons back then were 22 episodes rather than 10 like today so I have finally made it to Season 5. I was ready for something else, so I went back to Sweet Magnolias.  I have one more episode there to be finished with it. That one is straight up soap opera. I miss my old soaps. I was a Guiding Light girl.

What I am Wearing?

My summer uniform is chino shorts and a cotton or linen top to be cool. Not a lot of variety but it is my favorite season for weather and fashion.

My To Do List

Washing windows outside. I don't do anything fast anymore. I am more the tortoise than the hare. I clean two rooms a day thoroughly and then devote the remainder of my energy or time to such objects as cleaning outdoor windows or any other similar project. I missed cleaning my windows last summer with the crazy summer I had and I am paying for it big time. Sea spray is really bad on the back ones and it is not going to come down with the Windex stuff you put on the end of the hose, so I may be cleaning windows for a while. YIKES...


How much I love watermelons and peaches...another reason to love summer!

I don't think a lot of people share my love for summer, but that is ok.

Change comes - like it or not...

I am preparing for some change, but not worrying about it...just trying to prepare my mind for it. Like looking for homes. I don't think it is real soon, but it is most likely coming so we have driven around a lot and looked at neighborhoods. I am coming to some conclusions about what I would like vs not like when the time comes. I will say I really like Fort Walton Beach rather than some of the surrounding areas where finding a smaller home would be possible. I like my big trees dripping with Spanish moss and I like that we have lots of access points to the water for the public. 

Like I said, I am not worrying over it, but pondering it and PRAYing over it for down the road. 

Our previous home which is walking distance from our current home is not for sale, but was the perfect house plan and size. It was so pretty and now...

It looks awful. It has been through 3 owners and is on its 4th. The yard that we worked so hard on and was quintessential southern has been destroyed. It was once outline with white dwarf azaleas, flanked on the sides by sweet olive and camellias  and at the end of the drive you were met with big pink Pride of Mobile azaleas. Lush St. Augustine grass was sodded by hand by us WHEN we were young. Lots more too.

You know what is there now? No grass...not one blade, one lone plant remains. A camellia. All the other is gone. Sad huh?! I sometimes I wish I could get it back and take it back to its former glory. 
Mostly, I don't like to walk by it. I let Donna who lives across the street from there walk to our house, so I don't have to look at it.

Here it was back in the 80's.

The little girl on the front is Kristan and Lindsay is in the chair. I can't tell who is holding her, but she was a baby. Maybe it is Aunt Donna who lives across the street from this house.


I am also pondering how much I hate Parkinson's!

In the Garden

Oh my,  the flowers this year! I have had a major run of tough luck. Gardening can be like that but this problem I think I have finally figured out and I think it all comes down to fertilizer. I purchased something new on a quick trip and I didn't look too closely at the percentages. I was so frustrated with my flower pots on the front and then it started affecting my roses. I was just not getting it, but then it hit me. I took a look at the label and I really do think that is it and that all is not lost just yet. Frustrating, but not done yet.

Jeff and I went to Auburn for a few days. It was good to get away and check on the house up there. That is about it here in my little world. 


  1. I loved Sweet Magnolias! Hope it comes back with another season. Wish I could give you a hug. Feels like you need a hug. Sending you some love, Sandy. Keep praying and trusting.

    1. My daughter got me on to the show. I hope they do another run at it too.Last week, one particular day I could have used that hug! I am good though. I have to just let God be in control.

  2. I sure do love that glittery fabric in your Christmas ornament stitching! So pretty! What a shame about your old home. Like you, hubby and I will have to make some choices in the future about our home. It's two stories, and his knees are getting bad and my heart issues make them a challenge most day. Good on you for praying about things. I know the Spirit will prompt when it is time. The second stitching of the lighthouse looks like it is going to be amazing, too! Glad you and Jeff could get away for a couple of days. We kicked off what looks to be a scorcher of a week here today. Heat index of 110! Yikes! 'Tis the season! Hope you have a great week!

    1. You are so right on two things...The Spirit will prompt when it is time. Lots of prayer now... And one story. As we search, that will be something I will want - one story. It is dreadful to see how much our home has been neglected. The inside has had some big changes as well. It was the third homeowners that did it. The second bought it during that housing bubble back in 2008??? and lost it. I would love to have it back and restore it, but I know the Lord will lead us in the right time and to the right place.
      Today was the first hot day we have had. I didn't want to go out today and sit long.

  3. I really like the Advent calendar motif, it looks great with the crosses and backstitches. I also like the pattern with the lighthouse.
    I don't listen to podcasts that much, but audio books are part of my daily listening pleasure.
    I hope you have a good time,

    1. Thanks Martina, I love having something to listen to as I work around the house. It makes the chore go down a little faster and lighter.

  4. I am glad you enjoyed The Frozen River as much as I did. Like you I loved the idea of her little books that her husband brought to her and how precious ink was back in the day. I think I Florida wall would be great. I need to start thinking Christmas ornaments as I have several to make for gifts. I am working on Jane Hopkins by Hands Across the Sea right now and I am obsessed.:) Maybe you should see if the people who own your old home would be interested in selling it to you. They might be willing to deal. Loved your newsy post today Sandy.

    1. The thought about our old home has crossed my mind. I don't think it will be in the next few months, but we have really started the talk in earnest about moving. We have pretty much agreed about three areas here remaining in FWB for location and finding that right house and yard will be the decision maker. It is time to really pray about it and prepare us and the kids for it when the time comes. We both agreed we would like to keep the Auburn house and have a smaller house here rather than selling the Auburn house to keep the gigantic one here. It  just comes down to how much money you want to give the government for property taxes and then how much is too much for insurance. Many large homeowners that own their own like ours are opting out of insurance completely. That is not off the table either, but all of those things require a lot of thought and prayer!!!I have quite a few tasks around the home that need to be done and Jeff is just not able to help yet. I will send you a more detailed email one day soon.

  5. Like you, I try to not end things with a preposition. I think “What Is In My Ear?” is a clever heading to that particular paragraph!

    As you said, not a lot of people share a love for summer. I’m in that group but on the other hand, A/C makes it bearable.

    Your former home was lovely back in the day. The picture you gave us looks like something out of a magazine.

    Enjoy each day, and it sounds like you are. I think of you often and keep you and yours in my prayers.

    1. I have begun to realize not everyone loves summer like I do. I do think it is hot, but I abhor being cold. I love the freedom of summer. Even though I am retired, I don't feel that release from the daily grind until summer.
      Thanks for the prayers. Some days I need them more than others.

  6. Love the lighthouse piece that you've begun, Sandy, and your idea to fill in the blank space on the upper left with a compass rose is perfect. I really admire you tackling these larger projects--I just don't seem to have that drive. I read both of the books you mentioned (rather, listened to them!) and they were both so well done. I seem to have gotten more into murder mysteries these days--very strange for me. But, I can't seem to put them down once I start. I always have an audiobook going as I cook or clean my way through the day : ) I wish you luck as you look at houses--it's much more fun to do it when you aren't under pressure. Your old home is so pretty--maybe put a note in their mailbox and tell them if they are ever thinking about selling that you might be interested? It wouldn't hurt. Hope your last few days of June are good ones! How can 2024 be almost half over?!?! ♥

    1. How can it be the end of June, I do not know. It is going at warp speed. I love listening to things while I work. It makes the chore go by so much better. I throw in audio books in that mix too. I have thought about our old home a lot. It would be a great place with lots of memories too. When it gets closer to really doing something, I think we might consider asking. It can't hurt.

  7. Your former home was so pretty, and it does look like a perfect house. Your lighthouse stitch will be beautiful. A compass rose in the top corner is a great idea. You are so good at recognizing ways to make your stitches unique - and they always turn out great. This post was a lovely collection of your happenings and thoughts recently, Sandy. I hope you can feel the hugs and prayers your readers offer.


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