Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Starfish Christmas

I changed very little around the house for Christmas this year. The kitchen and living room look exactly the same.
I am enjoying my real tree.
The stairwell and banisters have the same garland. The dining room is a repeat.
I won't bore y'all with the same old same old.

I did change the foyer table this year. That happened mainly because I took some plant stands out of the foyer, so I had to put a plant on the table. I made it work around that.

I just added some berries to the plant. I did paint some of my starfish red and scattered them about this year.

In the pool table room, I switched up some things on the desk.

The only thing I bought this year was some more ornaments to add to the lantern.

That lantern and bunny are some of my favorite things.

In the dining room, I added some red and decorations to the bottom shelf of my buffet.

Do you spy a red starfish?

In the living room, you will see another of my starfish.

Last year's rooms can be seen on the archives. This is all that I did new this year. Loving the simplicity and the glow of all the lights.

Sandy the Starfish

Sharing Some Cuteness from Church

I always talk about going to volunteer at church on Tuesdays. I thought I would share what I do, but mostly the cool spaces that I get the privilege of working in each Tuesday and Sunday.

I go up each Tuesday morning and unload the bags and tubs we use in our preschool and grade schools classes.

We use tote bags to put each small group's activity materials in kindergarten through 5th grade.
In ages 2-4, we use tote bags and tubs to contain all our supplies. I unload them on Tuesday, and someone comes behind me to load them back for the next week, someone else cleans the room, someone is always working on getting the supplies cut, sorted, etc.

In other words, it is the most amazing group of volunteers and a well oiled machine. I read over my lesson and just walk in on Sunday morning and have fun. No prep!!!! Did you hear that, no prep! 

I also start a load of bed clothes to wash from the baby rooms.

As I was working, I just thought who wouldn't love to see all the coolness of our environment.

So without further adieu, here is some really cool spaces.

Upon entering in the lobby...

Entering in the far right doors leads you to Waumba Land which our preschool zone.

Look up!!! because you are under the sea.

I worked on the wrapping boxes and decorating the tree two weeks ago.

The stage is where we come for out Bible story and singing.
The two's often hang out on the wave benches.

Then it is back around these hallways to my little room.

More pictures from under the sea.

Yes, that whale is huge. I would definitely know that Jonah fit in there, which by the way I do believe.

Through those other doors in the lobby you head to Upstreet, the K-5 zone.

It is made to look just like the Boardwalk out on the beach.

The Goofy Golf thing really looks like the Goofy Golf place that is Fort Walton Beach icon.

We are in the old Daily News Building, so we saved one of the newspaper dispensers.

Oh, and I made those palm fronds on the palm trees!!!

A close up of an article that appeared in the newspaper about us.

This is my little workroom. I am going to spend a little time tidying up after Christmas.

Then on through to the volunteer hangout on Sunday mornings.

Love hanging out up there on Tuesday mornings and helping the most wonderful staff.

I am going to share pictures of my house soon.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Few Things on My Mind

Yesterday's rain tried to make up for the lack of rain we didn't have this fall. It was gloomy all day, but just what I needed. A day inside to kind of put myself back together. I even pulled out some meat to make chili last night. Hubby came in and did it for me. Yes, just what I needed.

I actually sat down last evening and stitched on my cardinals that I had hoped to be done with by now. I think I can finish this one if I have a few more good evenings.

I am pretty sure I am not going to frame it. Two reasons have led me there. It has some red beads that can be added for finish, and it would only be displayed at Christmas. I have a couple of ideas floating around for finishing.

I am not sure I will finish all the trifles that I was doing, but maybe. I will work right up to Christmas on them as they don't need framing either.

I managed to find time in the craziness last week to read Fannie Flagg's newest book, The Whole Town's Talking. Before I recommend, I preface it with she is one of my favorite authors.

I loved it. You will meet all your favorite characters from Welcome to World, Baby Girl!, Standing in the Rainbow (my favorite), and Can't Wait to Get to Heaven. It was a quick and easy read, so that is one reason I was able to get it read amidst the craziness of last week. You will travel back to the town of Elmswood to the founding and go through time with snippets of information about the characters and the wonderful town they love. You will see change whether considered good or bad that has happened to small town America.

Even if you haven't read the above mentioned books, I think if you grew up in a small town you can appreciate the story.

I have the house decorated. I did very little different this year. Last year I chose to go a little simpler and I loved it. I made a list of all the things I really liked and didn't like. I pulled it out to remind me and went from there.

I have done a few things different, so I will share them later in the week. I only bought one thing this year. Proud of myself. I will show you later.

Hubby has me running every evening except last night, but I am almost done with my Christmas shopping. Hip Hip Hooray!

I am so enjoying my tree this year. You know...the tree is the most wonderful thing about Christmas decorations along with the Nativity. We make so much to do about all the other stuff which I love too, but if we get the tree up, we should feel good. I think that is what I remember most about past Christmases.

I actually have a whole lot of other stuff floating around in this head of mine, but I have to stop and get ready to volunteer at church, so I will let it go for now.

Trying hard to enjoy the simple life,

Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Front Yard

Since my post last night was so glum, I thought I would quickly add some Christmas cheer to my blog.

Hubby worked this weekend on the outdoor lights. He loves to decorate the yard and loves even more going to see the Christmas lights in town. It is a pretty big deal in our neck of the woods.

I am in no way a photographer, so these are iPhone pics and not the best.

Welcome to the our circle.

Entering the circle on the right is our side yard.

Then the front yard.

The saga of prelit continued with my big wreathes. They finally died. I tried to make them look good and even spent all Saturday morning trying to figure out which light bulb was out.

Gave up and Hubby just put a spot light on them. 

I must say the wreaths and the garland at the top of the windows is daytime decoration. They look great in the day time.

The swans hold poinsettias and the geraniums are still in bloom so I have plenty of red going on for now.

Lucy kept watch as he decorated. Lemony was not interested in any of the lights and stayed inside mostly.

I will be back with some indoor pictures this week.