Monday, April 15, 2019

The First Daylily

My first daylilies are blooming. I get so excited when they bloom. 

I got pine straw down in most of the beds this weekend. I am trying to wash windows as well. I never really shared the debacle of the house painting story and I really plan to spare you that troublesome story. I basically had to stay after him. Nickel and dime that I mean...I would say if you come and do this much today I will give you this much:) Yep, it was no fun, but the house is painted and it is good. He didn't clean up one thing. Left all of his ladders! I mean that in itself was a ton of money. I gave them to another worker that I figured could use them. Anyway, my windows didn't get cleaned and so it will take me awhile to get them done. At one time I did them regularly with the spray wash and that kept them pretty good, but pollen has really stuck to them this year so I may have to do some actual wiping them down. It is taking me longer.
The weather is really nice so I need to do a few a day while that lasts.

Here are some pretty rose pictures to pick the mood back up.

I am in housekeeping mode this week. I have a ton of tasks to do. How things get so behind I will never know, but last week Lindsay had two late days at work. Hopefully they are the last of them. They have hired some help. That wore me out and Mom was on a trip. I really missed her help:)

Lindsay's friend's baby came home from the hospital. She nows weighs 6 pounds, but she is doing well. Happy to hear that bit of news. Lindsay and Tucker went to see them this weekend. Lindsay said Tucker seemed giant next to her. He is growing and Grammie does love him so much.

I am stitching on two things currently. I should have some patriotic things for summer. I will do some finishing when I finish both of these.

First is my muted blue cottage. I ended up staying with the muted colors. I think I was too far in and I can make it work with the finishing selections.

I pulled an oldie from my stash and am stitching a bunny with a sunflower for use in the summer after the patriotic stuff is put away. I did the sunflower in the pot awhile back.

I am doing it on Aida...such fun stitching.

Oh and my begonias are perking back up after winter. I moved one up front with the Christmas cactus. They both love this spot and are both trying to put out blooms. 

It is fun when you find a magic spot for a plant.

Oh well, that is all for me today.
Enjoy the week,

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Oh My

Y'all I got on to read my friends this morning and noted that I had a lot of comments, but almost none had come to my email. I checked all my settings and nothing looked amiss.

I then went to my email and just decided to look at the Spam account...well, there were many there.

People like Arlene and Mrs. T so, it wasn't weird emails but people who I talk with lots.  Some were not anywhere. I guess Blogger is doing some weird stuff again. I guess we can't complain since it is free.

BUT, know that I would reply if I saw it and I am sorry:(


Thursday, April 11, 2019

Tis so Sweet

I was giving my little hunk of love a bottle the other day. I love how contented he can look when getting his bottle. He is completely at rest in his Grammie's arms; eyes close after a bit and just pure enjoyment at getting a bottle and being in my arms.

My mind wandered to how I love that look and that my Heavenly Father loves that look from me too. 

Do I give Him that look often enough? He certainly deserves it. He loves and provides for me far more than I deserve.

If I am honest, I probably don't give Him the looks of contentment nearly enough. I have found Him to be completely faithful, yet, I worry and fret rather than resting in His loving arms.

This hymn came to mind as I sat there...

  1. ’Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,
    Just to take Him at His Word;
    Just to rest upon His promise,
    And to know, “Thus saith the Lord!”
    • Refrain:
      Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him!
      How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er;
      Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus!
      Oh, for grace to trust Him more!
  2. Oh, how sweet to trust in Jesus,
    Just to trust His cleansing blood;
    And in simple faith to plunge me
    ’Neath the healing, cleansing flood!
  3. Yes, ’tis sweet to trust in Jesus,
    Just from sin and self to cease;
    Just from Jesus simply taking
    Life and rest, and joy and peace.
  4. I’m so glad I learned to trust Thee,
    Precious Jesus, Savior, Friend;
    And I know that Thou art with me,
    Wilt be with me to the end.

Great words indeed...
So grateful for the little church that taught me all those hymns in my childhood. They still go with me today.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


I didn't intend to stay away this long, but the days have just gotten away from me. I sort of feel like I am working again only I like my job. I am exhausted at the end of the week, but I have to admit I love the excuse to stay home. I love my little boy! He is completely delightful. I also love just being home and puttering around the house.

I realized I had been away so long that I couldn't remember all that I had done and thought blogworthy:) at one time.

I know that part of it was watching Auburn basketball. To make it to the Final 4 was exciting around this house. I stitched on a piece through the first few games and had hoped it would bring good luck all the way, but the luck ran out. I didn't really think that, but basketball is a game that kind of makes me nervous to watch so stitching was the way to go.

This is the stitch I worked on throughout March Madness.
And I was immensely proud of Auburn. The loss didn't really even sting...I was just excited to be in the Final 4.

We did go to Auburn last weekend and watched the game with close friends. Here I am at their house stitching and our dogs and their dogs made 4. WOW!
Oh and I got some cute new shoes!

They have labs and the newest one is just a pup as you can see. She and Gus had a big time while Lemony and their older one who is the same age as Lemony (they once played together as pups) rested and looked for hands to pet them.

I finished that stitch today. It is still in the hoop. Looking forward to doing something cute with it. 

I really love how it turned out. I am now back working on my little blue house with the flag outside. I should have a nice little display ready for summer of patriotic stitches.

One more picture of Gus in Auburn. He found a big stitch to fetch. They have the most amazing dog park at Auburn and the dogs love it up there. They have figured out that this is home away from home now.

I got Tucker a cute little Easter basket. I ordered it from an Amish website. I think it will be around for a long time. It is quite sturdy. Lindsay used my Easter basket that I had as a kid, but I felt like it probably wouldn't make it through another child's youth. I wanted him to have a nice one. The liner came with it. I thought I had ordered a cream colored one, but I guess not. I added his name to it.

It might be a tad big for now.

Mom is a huge help with Tucker. I think he has been so good for her as well. She loves to come over and see him and when he is fussy about his nap she just rocks and holds him. We might be spoiling him, but he is sleeping through the night, so I guess we are ok.

I am enjoying roses now. Hip hip hooray.

I will try and update sooner, but no promises.

All is good,

Friday, March 29, 2019

A Refresher Course in Behaving

What a week this one has been! I learned some hard lessons that I have learned before, but apparently had to have a refresher course

I will say that I have been a little weary on being so strict on my health diet and over the winter allowed some things back in that are not good for me. Monday night we went out to eat which in and of itself has to stop. Keeping Tucker has worn me out and going out has been so easy. 
I ate really really really bad on Monday night (fried and coated in GLUTEN and probably the cheapest quality food) and I woke up with the full effect of RA and a flare Tuesday morning. I immediately started detoxing Tuesday morning, but it took the usual three days to get it all out of my system. I have shrugged through this week and then I got a full blown migraine yesterday most likely due to the detox. I had to go to bed last night when Jeff got home. 

SO friends, I have had a full on refresher course in eating to stay healthy. 
It is not just a fine idea, but a necessity for someone like me.

I am cleaned out 😆and feeling much better this Friday evening.

Thank goodness for Mom this week helping out with Tucker. 
I did manage to get in some sweet walks with the little hunk of love.

He can sit up a little these days, so I have just strapped him in the stroller and he LOVES it.
Down the street we go.

That day was a little cooler, but by the end of the week it has been pure perfection. It can stay like this for a while!!!! No blankets needed, but no sweating either.

Sometimes I take one dog at a time with us and sometimes not, but either way they know I am gone. When we return they are looking out the front window for us. Can you spot them in the window?

Currently they are napping.

I have managed to water my roses and potted plants and reaped two roses to bring in already.


became this...

And this...

became this...

Oh how I love them...

I brought in a couple of pansies.

I have stitched a wee bit,

and I have read a fantastic and very inspiring book.

I mean really good.

I love this prayer from the book.

"My constant prayer of surrender is that by the power of the Holy Spirit, I will line up my point of view behind the lens of the gospel in order to see myself, others, and all that is happening as God wants me to see it. I pray to see myself as He sees me and as He sees my situations." 
---Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

I really like that!!!!!

Oh and I procrastinated and procrastinated and just today took our taxes to the accountant. It took me no time to put it all in order for him, because I have stacked it on my desk for months now, but I so hate doing that kind of work that I was sure it would take forever.
Another lesson I need to learn...just get it done and then you want have to stew and fret over it for so long.

I will leave with this gorgeous sunny day and view that I intend to enjoy this weekend.

Sitting right here as much as possible and counting myself blessed.

Oh and one more of this sweetness. Aren't his feet the cutest?

I hope to read and catch up with everyone this weekend too.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

A Little Gardening and More

With my lull in stitching over the past two weeks and waiting on an order, I needed some serious gratification. I popped out a quickie to tide me over.

I am trying to do a few patriotic smalls so this fit the bit and helped me feel a bit better. 
This pattern called for Happy 4th at the top, but I left it off for this quick piece. Isn't this pattern and finish adorable below?

The weather has been completely gorgeous today, but my pictures are from Friday. Spring started out with beautiful sunshine, but Thursday and Friday were a bit cool. Today was perfection. I will take a couple of months of that.

First up is my flower pots by the garage. I had pretty petunias last year, but they don't survive after May with the summer heat, so I am just going straight into all geraniums this year.

The pot in the middle has been there since last summer and survived the mild winter without even being moved into the garage for one night. It is a show stopper already. I purchased two more pink ones that I thought would match, but they were a different shade, so I got two white ones to separate the pinks.

In a couple of weeks these should fill up their pots and be a vibrant pop of color.

Onto my wannabe rose garden.
I have terrible soil, spotty sunshine in this area, and hot weather brings black spot which usually wins by middle of summer, BUT 

I keep trying.

The first bed does better than the second. 
So here we are in late March. We will check back in a few weeks. 
There are five rose plants here: 4 hybrid teas and 1 grandiflora along with my day lilies. 
I still need to redo my pine straw, but here we go....

Next up is my other brick wall of potted plants and the other rose bed which does not do as well.

Right next to the wall these roses still get enough light or something.

However, the further away from the brick wall I struggle each year. 
I have 7 plants here with two of them being floribundas and the rest hybrid teas.

You can see the ones to the left just get a bit too much shade. I may regroup next year and just do something different over there. I do have one bloom on the floribunda. I guess you would say that is the first bloom of 2019.

I also repotted some houseplants, so gardening is moving into full swing.

Mother turned 84 on Thursday. We are celebrating this weekend. 

Here she is on her birthday.

About to watch Auburn play some basketball. I guess if you are following the tournament you will know whether I am happy or sad.
War Eagle,

Friday, March 22, 2019

Where Did 5 Years Go?

Five years ago today I started this blog. Blogging wasn't really new to me as I had maintained a teacher website and blog before beginning  I Majored in Home Economics, but they had never been personal in nature. I actually had no idea what I thought would happen or really why I did it.

I will say I was very unsure of what life post teaching would be like. I left college and taught continuously until June of 2014. It was a wonderful career; not always easy, but nonetheless rewarding. 

I don't think I really ever thought anyone would ever read, but alas a few did. I have wondered at times why do it and yet I have felt compelled to do a "happy journal" of life. I will say I have met some wonderful and amazing ladies that have truly been lots of inspiration in many and varied ways.

I didn't have a ton of time to post, but wanted to mark the day since 5 years is kind of a big deal.

Now, if I had my act together I would be doing some kind of big celebration, but I do NOT have my act together.

It is quite interesting to me how much I have changed and adapted to life post teaching. I had envisioned one plan and to be quite frank it turned out nothing like I thought, but I have to say I am good with that. Life is a journey and one must navigate the twists and turns in the roads.

I have had some big challenges that I hadn't planned on, but I have so many good days and so many wonderful blessings and I am one who believes in counting blessings and being positive.

I am so grateful 

for a wonderful family...

Mama turned 84 yesterday and even though she has some bad days I think she is in pretty good shape mentally and physically for her age.

I have the most amazing husband who dotes on me continually.

My daughter is married to the best match and they have blessed me with Tucker. I am blessed that they live close by.

My son is finally growing up and just like my daughter...has found the most wonderful partner.
I can truthfully say that I couldn't have chosen better mates for either of them. Prayers answered with a resounding yes to good people for both of them.
So one happy day I hope to have another wedding on the horizon.

Oh and I am grateful for my doggies!


I think the plan I envisioned was a bit selfish on my part and now 5 years later I can see that. I thought about only me when I made those plans and quite frankly I am glad I had a few interruptions to that plan.  I am one that can easily fill my plan book with too much no matter if I am teaching or staying home. I have learned I still have to slow down and ease up on the gas pedal. 

Family and friends are more important than free time.

One other thing I am so grateful for is my health. If any have followed along I was in really bad health when I left teaching. I am in such a better place. Always room for improvement with exercise, but so grateful for my improved health.

I plan to keep on posting, but never with a schedule. I am taking it as it comes. I won't go away without warning!

Stitching, gardening, family, dogs, a little decorating, thoughts, FAITH and more will be shared. I will always try to keep it positive. Life is NOT perfect and one should EVER stop by here and think it is so.
There are troubles in most everyone's life. 

I spent some time outside yesterday in the glorious sunshine for the first day of spring. I repotted some plants and puttered in my rose garden that is a total wannabe in Florida's humidity. I keep trying to win though.

Next week, I will pop back in with some pictures of those flowers, an update on the bathroom debacle...just wait on that one:), some stitching, and more

maybe even some recollections of that first year.

BUT I just wanted this post to be like the first one...
a little plain.