Friday, July 31, 2015

Update and Cross Stitching Days #1

Busy, busy week.
I am over the top relieved at how well Mama is feeling. We have had two doctor visits this week, so that took up two of my days, but I am so happy that she has that skip back in her step. We have one thing to work on now, and that is her eyes. She had cataract surgery two years ago before our lives were turned upside down, and we have simply had to neglect her eyes in light of all the other stuff. We have an appointment in mid August, so hopefully we can get her eyes all better soon.

I have to tell you...I think God has just intervened on her health. Praise Him!

We had a cookout with our church small group this week. We had been taking a break with meeting this summer. It was great to catch up. Trying to get the house in order and the other stuff of life has kept me hopping this week.

I am just trying to start the day slowly this morning.

I have been planning to share my cross stitch history on my little blog. I blog mostly for myself...just love keeping a record of life. 

I have decided for posterity's sake, I am going to do a little history of my cross stitching days. I was going to start at the beginning, but I am headed down a different route to start off this little series.

I have been so inspired by two different blogs that show the many ways to display your stitching, because let's face it after more than 35 years of stitching, I have no other place to put a framed piece of stitching.

One is Carolina Stitcher. Oh my, this little blog is so cute. I am in love. I just wish she had a search box. If you love cross stitching, you have to go take a peek.

I was so inspired by this little vignette by Carolina Stitcher.
Isn't this just adorable?!

I am so on this idea!!!

The other blogger is Priscilla's. She has the cutest month things done up in a vignette. I think this could replace my need for monthly decoration. After all, that school teacher in me needs a monthly display. I love her monthly cottages and word play. She also does awesome chalkboards.

Anyway, for my first share, I will be sharing a few of the items I have that are not framed.

One of which is a baby blanket I did for my first born. I worked on it diligently from the moment I found out I was pregnant, and finished the center square right after she was born. We hung it in her room for years. I have had it wrapped up and stored away for years now, as she is 25.

The other thing that I have is pillows. I had more, but I guess along the way, some have hit the discard pile. Not sure how I ever discarded my stitching, but I know I did. These are two that were at my mom's. I could tell she didn't want them anymore as she is really trying to clear out her spaces. I took back these two. I have the perfect place for the doggie, but am looking for a place to rest the rooster.

I always loved this little doggie. Might have something to do with the three Springer Spaniels I have had over the years.

I will try to figure out a day of the week for my sharing of the cross stitching series, but for now, I need to get busy on some housekeeping.

Counting my blessings and my stitchings,


  1. I am in the same boat as you Sandy. I love to cross stitch but I am running out of wall space. As a result I have them framed but then put them on an easel for seasonal display. I love all the things you showed us!! And I am going to check out those blogs as well. I noticed you use a hoop...have you tried Q snaps? My cross stitch shop owner introduced me to them and they are so much better than the hoop. I tell all my cross stitch friends about them as I just love them so. Right now I am working on a Thanksgiving Sampler...hope to get it done and framed before November.

    1. I have not tried Q snaps. I have been so out touch for so long. The last 10 years of teaching really swallowed up my life. I have so much to learn. I will research those...Keep sending me those tips. I had noticed on Instagram that it didn't look like anyone was using a hoop.


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