Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Detox - The Two Week Mark

I am at the two week mark today for my 30 day detox. I saw the doctor this morning, so I am giving you an update on how week two went and going forward.

As I shared earlier, the first week was not so good. Felt very stinky!

Week two saw the upswing. I had felt so badly around Day 5 that I started scouring the Internet for comments from people who had tried this. They all said Day 8 was a turning point. I would say they were spot on. I began to feel much better with a return of energy. 

I guess you really do have to get all those toxins out of you.

The pitfalls I had were surprising for me. You are really only supposed to eat organic chicken and turkey, and some types of fish and shellfish. I was literally unable to eat meat. I tried every way you can imagine to fix it, and it just welled up in my mouth. There was a vegetarian plan in the program, and I remembered that the doctor said I could go that route. So in week two, I ate beans to replace the meat which worked much better for me. I am in no way a vegetarian, so I found that an odd thing. 

The other really bad thing for me was that green drink. There is no way to hide the awfulness of it. I tried lots of things and ended up trying really hard to mix it with apple or cranberry juice. One day it did actually come back up. 

The good news is Doc said I could pass it up and eat more greens and even add some greens to a smoothie. That I think I can handle. I would rather eat a bowl of kale and spinach raw any day than to try and drink AND KEEP that drink DOWN!

Other than the meat and the awful green drink, I did it. I made it successfully through the two weeks, and really had no cravings to speak of. 

I was disappointed that I didn't lose like 20 pounds, because as little as I ate I was sure it would fall off of me, so here is what I found out.

I weighed in at 142.4 which was down 6 pounds at the two week mark. Doc said that was not bad at all, because quick weight loss doesn't really accomplish the long term goal.

The biggie was that I had lost 10 percentage points of body fat in the two weeks. That made me feel so much better about the situation. I can't see that much in terms of visible, but losing body fat is a winner.

The program for the next two weeks is a full detox... which means I will replace two of my meals with the chocolate drink which I really don't know what it is, because it doesn't say it is a protein thingie. I can still have pretty much unlimited vegetables from the list of vegetables that don't have my favorites on it:( However, that has not been a bad thing at all. I can have fruit which is awesome, and I will try to eat meat for one meal, but if not I will continue with the beans. 

The program called for no exercising, just stretching in these last two weeks, but I actually feel like walking and such, so I was given the green light to walk and do weights as much as I felt like it.

Now, for my pain levels...I have had some inflammation, but nothing really bad. He is convinced I will have less at the end of the next two weeks, so I will press forward. 

Just knowing I can skip that green drink is enough to give me the encouragement to continue.

So, bottom line...I am pressing forward with hope!
I definitely think the worst of it is over and feel like I can make it.

I go back December 1st for a class, then an appointment with the Doc. I will then get a new food plan which I think will be doable.

Oh, and get this...I made my pound cake for which I am very popular with my friends to take to an outing during all of this. Didn't lick the spoon or eat one bite!!! How is that for willpower and determination?

Be back tomorrow with other stuff unrelated to detox.


  1. What Discipline!!! I hope it pays off for you Sandy! I am not a green veggie eater...never have been. The texture and taste make me want to throw up. I can eat salads but not cooked veggies. After reading a book on Autism that says we all have certain aspects of autism, I have decided that is mine. That is a good beginning at losing weight. I was able to wear a Medium pair of pants this week and I am so excited. It ha s been years since I could wear anything but a large. If I can lose 15 more pounds I will be happy.

    1. The only downside to losing weight will be having to get new clothes:( but, I think I will good with that. Why is it that the good veggies have to taste so bad?


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