Friday, January 22, 2016

A Four, Not Five for Friday #2

 A random update...

Health Update

I could have been upset when I finally broke the 130 mark on the scale, because it got stuck at 129.6. I mean stuck for two weeks at that mark. 

With January, my program added the gym piece. I had an overview from the wellness doctor as my trial run. 

I have been really trying to do exactly what he said for two reasons: the health piece and I vainly would like to jiggle less and be a little more toned. I meet with a real trainer in February, so I didn't think it would be a good idea to meet that person for the first time in my out of shape condition.

I meet with Dr. Paleaz next week, so I will get a few answers to the scale thingie, but I think it is true about the workout adding muscle. I have dropped a ton on the clothing sizes despite the weight remaining current.

I am now wearing a 10 Petite albeit baggy, I am not quite an 8. I do NOT like tight clothing. A little baggy is always my goal.

I am down two sizes and down almost 21 pounds. 
I weighed in at 129.4 this morning. YES, I count ounces.

I have had only 2 days with minor pain from my RA. 

I am so beyond grateful for any day like that. I know that it is a yucky disease and can cause great problems. I am still taking my Xeljanz. I decided to just take the poison and hope that modern medicine and wellness medicine could find a way to make me healthy.

Maybe I will look like this by summer. One can wish!


I have been so good too. I have decided that my favorite type of purse is a tote style for now anyway:)
I have avoided all my favorite brands like they were poison. I went in Marshall's yesterday in Destin and this one caught my eye as I casually walked by the purse display. The good thing about it is that it only cost $25.00 and it was a two for one deal. The little purse was inside the larger purse. I can justify a purse purchase very well. It has been since the summer at least since I have bought one, so that in itself is amazing.


Yikes! I am going there. 

No, I haven't decided who I am going to vote for. Quite frankly, I wish I could take characteristics from several of them and merge them into one. 

I think this is one of those pivotal points in history though, where the choice we make could make a difference in the outcome of our nation. With that being said, my greatest hope lies not in the political leaders of any given time, but in Christ Jesus.

Confession time: I went to see "The Donald" last week in Pensacola. I felt I might I could get a better idea of how I feel about him in person, not soundbites from the news. My son is a funny character. The outside world doesn't even have a clue how he keeps us in stitches. He is very well liked, but reserved outside of home, but for us he is a hoot. Several months ago, after one of Trump's outspoken thoughts on some topic, our son texted a group message to all of us..."He has secured my vote." The word secured is something else. He is not seen as the smart one of the siblings, but underneath, I know he very well read and intelligent. 

Sorry, I am the most horrible picture taker ever. I tried to enlarge, but I was jerky.

They aren't lying when they say a crowd shows up. It was packed and they did turn people away including my hubby who left his pocket knife in his pocket and had to go back to the truck to put it away.

Anyway, it has remained a "kind of" joke that he is a Trump supporter. So much so that I bought him a "Make America Great Again" cap for Christmas.

The family went to see him. I am as unsure as I ever was. Some things I like, some things not so sure. 

There were two free signs in every seat.

Either way, I am still amazed that an avowed Socialist could even be in the news in our country. It has drawn me to prayer for sure.


I decided after Mary in AR left a comment about samplers using I and J interchangeably and a little research of my own to continue on with the sampler started the other day.

Will finish it after all.

My new order came in as well, so I did the worst possible thing... I started one, so I now have two going at the same time. I actually think they will go rather quickly.

Two of my new designs. I started the one on the left.

And I went overboard probably because I ordered three designs total.

I am really trying to use the winter nights to stitch and enjoy the downtime.

I am headed to Mom's this morning to take care of some more business. I have not forgotten that I mentioned a post on dealing with the elderly. It is in my head...just need to slow down to do it.

That's a wrap from my thoughts,


  1. Congrats on your health journey. It sounds as if you are becoming stronger! We can all use a little more muscle as we age. I am not sure about who to vote for...none of htem really catch my interest. It just seems like the same ole same old. Hopefully my vision will clear by November. I have two things going as well Sandy! I am doing one on 14 aida and I am not enjoying it very much. The fabric is so stiff compared to linen. I may have to make a trip to the cross stitch store. And finally..I am looking for a taupe purse as well but I have my eye on a purse that is on sale at I Love Dooney. I wish I could make myself just have ONE PURSE. I have a friend that has carried the same purse for YEARS.... how do women do that? I salivate every time I get near a purse department in the store.

    1. I think it is safe to say I salivate near purses as well. It is my vice for sure.
      Stay warm this weekend!

  2. Woo-hoo! Way to go on the health path. Glad you are feeling better for sure. This freezing cold weather has my feet and hands hurting, but not so bad in the grand scheme of things.

    We went to hear Donald Trump speak when he was in Mobile, and it's definitely a show. I'm surprised Chris Christy isn't doing better because he is outspoken like Trump, but has good experience. Like you, I'd like to take bits and pieces of each one and make a candidate of my own.

    Happy cold days to you!

    1. Thanks. Cold weather is always a bum to me. I really try to like winter, but not so much. I am doing amazingly well. One of the days I am going to scan some of my pages from my documents that the doctor gave me and send to you. This diet plan has shown me some me a ton. If it continues to go this well, I will have to say that diet is a really big factor. Time will tell. Either way, everyday is a gift.
      As for the elections, it will really be interesting to see who comes out on top in the first three primaries. History never really has it like the polls. We will see if Trump is really as popular as the crowds demonstrate. I do have one candidate I really like, but he is not in the top tier. I guess that shows how far I am away from the crowd.

  3. Glad to hear your wellness journey is going well. I had to giggle when you said you had two projects going; I think I have 5 right now, but only one big one. Hope you enjoy the sampler without the J!

    1. You make feel better about 5. If I am truthful, I have a few more too. Gotta get busy and finish one!


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