Tuesday, January 5, 2016

More Pictures from My Mom's New Place

I took these before Christmas. She is really getting it in shape now, so I will have to take some more later. She has her office and kitchen ready for pictures now.

This is her bedroom. 

Her bathroom. It has a garden tub and a walk in shower. A great walk in closet as well. Just perfect for her.

The guest bedroom.

This is her big room. It runs from the foyer you see pictured in the above photo all the way through the townhouse.

She originally wanted to cover the window above the mantle with a shade, but has decided she likes the light, so we will decorate outside the window when it gets warmer. Just outside to the right is a little deck just perfect for sitting outside. Partly covered, but not all. When we add some plants, I will share that. 

Now, we are looking in the opposite direction. Between the two bedrooms is an office. The doors are before you get to the Christmas tree.

To the left of the dining room table is the entrance into the kitchen. The kitchen eating area is down near the entrance to the back deck.

The office has been changed up completely. She had to get things in there to see what worked. I will share later.

She was just as cute as could be on Christmas Day. We ate over there. She was very excited to have us there.

Two more from the outside front.

This is the entrance into the neighborhood.

The white truck on the right is my truck.

A perfect place for her.
So glad to have her nearby!!!!



  1. Looks perfect! I know she is enjoying her new place.

  2. Thanks Arlene, I think she really likes it. That is good news for me.

  3. What a wonderful space! So nice and bright. It's great you were able to celebrate Christmas in her new home, because now it holds happy memories!

    Leslie Anne


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