Sunday, January 10, 2016

Catching Up with a Random Post

I am ahead of schedule on cross stitching my monthly cottages. I only have a row of green to finish underneath the cottage for February. I think I can finish that before February 1st.

I changed the colors for this one. It was all pink. I thought it needed some contrast and some red. I really like the change.

Here are the last of the photos of Mom's place.

She finally agreed that I could take pictures of the kitchen and her office.

Let's see. Those dishes that called my name out at Dillard's back in November finally got to try out my dining room table. I played with them and set them out so that I could drool. I do plan to use them soon, but most likely it will be something just in the kitchen.

I just really LOVE them.

For the last bit of randomness, I will give an update on my health journey.

I am still feeling amazing. That detox was awesome. Dr. Paleaz recommends them twice a year. That will be definite part of my life going forth. I am not sure I will have to do a full 30 day detox, but it will be a sure thing if I can feel this well forever.

I have added the gym to my plan. That has been BRUTAL. I am so out of shape. I knew I was, but it was worse than I even thought. I have had pain, not joint pain, but muscle pain!

He has me going three days a week. I try to spend 45 minutes each of those days. It consists of some movement stretches. That is what he calls them. I think it is very much like gym class in the 70's. I try to do that part at home, since my gym is literally 1/4 mile from my house. Then I work on a portion of my body each day with weights or yoga type poses (that is not what he calls is just what I think it is like). Arms and back one day, core the next, and legs the third day. A break day always between them. I spend the last 15 minutes of my workout on the treadmill. I would say the training is like that of sprint training. I walk a minute, jog 30 seconds, etc. I once did that back in the day when I actually ran in the afternoons.

The place that I have been going is the Florida Health and Wellness Institute in Pensacola. It has been extremely wonderful for me.

My current weight is 129.6. I started at 150. The weight is coming off slower, but I am sticking with it, and hoping to get this body back in shape.

I am down from a 14 Petite to a 10 Petite. I made it to Talbot's today to get a new pair of jeans.

At some point, I will do a before and after shot. I am not there yet! however, I am not giving up!!!

I am caught up now. I am working of my list of things to take care of this week. I am being way too optimistic, but we will see.



  1. Sandy I am always changing colors in cross stitch patterns. I guess I could never be a model maker because I often disagree with the colors chosen. I have had to change some colors in my Easter project just because of the aqua linen background. Love seeing your mama's spacious home. I know she is enjoying it. Do you keep your dining room table set at all times? I ask because I have a friend who does that and it looks so pretty but if I did that, my little grands would have it broken in no time. My little Baylor is drawn to pretty breakable Hope you are staying warm this am. I am off to the mall to get my walking in today. It is too cold to walk in my neighborhood but like you, NO EXCUSES. I am determined to keep up my exercise.

    1. I do not leave my table settings out all the time. I have this thing about trying to make up for lost time while working for 31 years. I want to do all those little homemaking things I never had time for. I call it "playing house." I love to make things look cute and just look at them, but no I never leave it there more than 2 days because I have to be dusting. I am going to be using those plates though. I just love those pheasants. I took one to put on a display thingie for my shelves for awhile.
      We have to stay in shape so we can enjoy those kiddos (yours now, my future I hope).


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