Monday, March 21, 2016

Sleepy Mallard

Hubby is on spring break this week, so my posts will be sporadic, and it is one of those weeks when I have lots to share... Pooh!

Maybe I will be able to hold them all in my head until I have time.

Saturday morning I woke up and looked out the window right by my bed. That is a routine of mine. Not sure why??? or what I expect to see, but routine.

Down on the ground was a pair of mallards. My favorite duck ever. I have a history of loving them!

They were sleeping. I took my phone and zoomed in so sorry for the blurry photo.

The female must have sensed me looking because she popped her head up immediately. 

I went over to the door leading out to the deck and took another picture. By this time the female was walking.

She went around a second and proceeded over and poked the male until she got him up.

He was not enthusiastic about the day at all.

He went back and tucked his head for a little more rest.

I guess he felt like me sometimes when I was working. It was Saturday morning and I wanted a little more rest.

In our house, the mallards are the exact opposite. I am not a morning person by nature. Hubby is and wakes with dawn if not before raring to go. 

I know I should rise earlier, because when I do I get so much done.

I don't know why, but I just don't stir so easily. It could be the fact that I am awake most nights from 1:00 to 3:00. 

This morning I looked out and the water was out and raccoon tracks were along the shore. He usually is across the bayou. There is a patch of woods over there, and I often see one prodding along on the shore.

Saturday was a busy day. I will sharing more later.

Busy baking,


  1. I can relate to Mr Mallard Sandy! You are right, he and I both needed an extra rest. I am not doing a thing today and I do not feel bad about it either!! Enjoy your spring break with your hubby. I have my grands Tues and Wed and they are on spring break as well. Then Saturday is Baylor's 5th bd party. This year it is just his family and the grandparents. Last year he was overwhelmed by all the attention so it is low key this year.

    1. I always loved the small family ones best anyway. Hope it all goes well.

  2. My granddaddy used to take me to feed the ducks and that's what I always think of when I see them. Such a nice way and pretty view for you to see when you wake up every morning!

    1. Oh my goodness Leslie Anne, my reply has nothing to do with mallards, but everything to do with your column. I just read your new one on the quilt. It brought me to tears!!! You have an amazing gift with writing and I know you are going to be loved. That article was just divine in every way. Touched me to my core!!!


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