Monday, March 14, 2016

A Whole Bunch of Random

I worked on a few things at the farmhouse on Saturday. I didn't stay long, just went and took a few things and checked on the garden progress.

The garden is doing great and the weather is getting to the point I think we can add other items. The potatoes and onions look great. No carrots....sad face.

I worked so hard last week while Mama was at my aunt's house. I took off Thursday afternoon and headed to Destin to shop. I went to Pier 1 to get those cute little things I shared last Friday, but I also stopped in at Kirkland's. There was the most adorable cow picture that just spoke to me.

I had no intention of buying anything for that farmhouse and didn't have cow pictures on my brain either. 

However, it called my name and I just felt sure it would be so cute in the living room.
I had another idea in my brain so this was really off track.

I love how it looks.

Picture doesn't show how cute these lamps are.

Two weekends ago, I ran into Defuniak Springs for Jeff to get some post nails when I saw those cute chicks. I also saw the cutest little egg baskets right next to the chicks. I picked one up that day.

The repurposed shirt made into pillows are plopped in there. I think I like it.

Now, my other plans for that room are new pillows for the gingham sofa. Not quite sure what fabric I will use yet. Also, the picture above the sofa will be replaced with something more rustic. 

It is a beautiful print and the frame is the right size, but not the right look for the farmhouse look.

I hung some of my cross stitch pieces that were at Mama's in the guest bathroom.

I am making some cloth napkins and a few more things this week to take. I am getting some ideas spinning around in my brain now. 


The flowers are beginning to pop around the neighborhood. My daffodils all bloomed. I like the look so I think I will add more to that area next spring.

I have loved the tulips. They are a great transition from winter to spring. I will definitely do them in pots again. I moved them all to the front so they could be seen. You can see them as soon as you drive into our cul-de-sac. 

I have never had tulips. They have been quite interesting. They open wide during the day, but close up morning and evening.

I love the orange ones. 

The pink ones have not shown up yet, but they are almost ready.

We have this wall planter on the side of our driveway. I am not all that crazy about it, but it hides a multitude of stuff.

Hubby built a wood piece to go over the dirt years ago. You could never grow anything in that stone in the summer. There is not enough water anywhere to survive the heat of full sun in stone. We put pots on top of it. I have multiple sets of pots to use for the seasons. I store them on the side yard. I have lilies that stand up to the heat of summer. I have been putting pansies in them for winter for many years. They were so puny looking when I moved them to the side and replaced them last week.

After I moved them, they popped out and look great. Maybe they don't like full sun. I am going to research that and maybe change that for next winter.

Let's see. Mama made Sunday supper for the family at her house yesterday. She was so excited. She has been eating with us mostly. 
She still has it. Yum!!!
Pot roast, cabbage, peas, and cornbread.

I made time to sew today. If it is worth showing later, I will share.

I am stitching on April's cottage in the evenings.

One last set of pictures. 

The dogs had already changed to the new time for two weeks. They were stirring earlier and going to bed earlier.
This morning they were a little later rising. 

They are really my alarm clock.

Our bedroom door that goes out to the deck faces the east and has always had light pouring in. I have never chosen to to really cover it with blinds. Just a sheer as it up high and no one has a chance to see in. AND I just love the way the sun comes up and shines in. I never take sunrises for granted.

This is how it looks each morning.

My view from my bed.

I stepped outside to take a picture this morning to share.

Even on a cloudy day, it is still beautiful. The sun did shine today though and it was quite a beautiful day.

Nothing we can ever do to decorate can ever be better than God's handiwork.



  1. Sandy you are one blessed lady to enjoy so much beauty!! How far is your farm from your house? Those tulips are great. I may try planting some in pots next year! I have been on the hunt for a cow picture for our little cabin. I would have never thought that Kirklands would be a place to look for one. I am still hoping that I can find a big one I can afford.

    1. I am indeed blessed. Jeff's parents came to FWB at just the right time. He was a WWII vet and they landed in an area ready to explode. He worked for a lumber place and was eventually able to buy into part of it. I have gotten to enjoy the result of a ton of hard work by Hubby's parents. We are humbled and try to use our blessings for good which means when the kids were in middle and high school, my house hosted kids all summer long from church. The farm will be used for as much as it is wanted as well. Retreats, whatever one can dream of. The same is true for our cabin. It has been used by church members for just about everything. We took the seniors in high school one year for a weekend there and over to Calloway. We have had couples in marriage trouble use it. You name it...
      The cow picture was $19.99. I had no intention of buying anything for the farmhouse. I was truly going to try and use only what I had. So much for that. I am back on that train now:)
      I can't wait to see your cabin come to life.

    2. Oh and it takes 50 minutes to get there.

    3. That is not a bad distance to travel at all. Our cabin is three hours away but my sisters will keep an eye on it for me. I am headed to Kirklands on Friday!!:) I have not been cross stitching with Audrey here. I am almost finished with my pillowcases so I will get that done before I work on my project. I may work on a Prairie Schooler Santa next. Or I may have to go to the Cross Stitch Peddler to get some new patterns.

  2. That pot roast looks delicious! Did I ever tell you my Dad is from DeFuniak Springs? Lots and lots of family there.

    1. It is a small world after all. We chose that county over ours because it is less populated out in the country. It is just a gorgeous drive out to the farm. I really love Santa Rosa County as well. I loved driving through it in the summer time on my way to Pensacola. The fields of green crops are just beautiful. I love the beach, but I love those green fields too!!!


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