Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What Happened When I Ate My Favorite Candy Bar

I have been working since November on my journey to health. I have had so many successes. I have planned to do an update but have been so busy that I have put it off....PLUS, I hate to take photos of myself.

I have said from the beginning and I really mean it, that this was about being healthy. I am 55 years old and am not going to be without some jiggles and wrinkles. I am ok with that.

After years of struggling with RA, I wanted to do anything to be better.

I am doing SO MUCH BETTER!

I weighed in at 126.2 this morning. 
11 pounds to go.

I have stuck pretty much to my diet to keep that pain away, 


on Monday, February 29th, I did it all wrong. I got too hungry and was way too busy to stop and eat right. I then proceeded to the grocery store. YIKES!

There on the end of the aisle was some of my favorite candy in the world. Butterfingers!

I haven't had one since at least October. 

I caved and ate some nuggets. Y'all, they were so fresh. I probably had 10 before I got hold of myself.

Well, about two hours later, I began a descent that ended up by 9:00 that evening with me crying. The afternoon proceeded with feeling extremely tired with aches. 
By 9:00, my left foot looked like an elephant foot, which is very much what I have suffered with along the way with my RA. 

My whole body felt like it was on fire.

Tearily, I confessed my sin to Hubby, took some Aleve and hobbled off to bed. 

I cried some more and prayed about it.

The next morning, March 1st, I wrote in my journal that I had eaten my last Butterfinger ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It took three days of good clean eating to get it out of my system.

I am fine now.

I know some are skeptical, but I know what I feel.

Food has an extreme effect on me.

The joy for a moment was not worth the pain that I have felt for years. I don't want to feel that again.

I have several before and after shots for later, but one quickie for now. 

My husband was cleaning up his photos on his phone. He found the photo from Memorial Day weekend 2015 when I bought my new truck. He sent it to me to show me how much I have lost.

I put on those same clothes yesterday morning to see how they measured up.

It is pretty significant.

I still look large with them on, but you can see I am holding several inches out to the side. You can see it in my face as well. Down 24 pounds. I am going to share the new me soon, even though I hate pictures of myself.

Here are two others with a pair of shorts that fit now with that same shirt.

You can see that the shirt is even baggy now.

No processed candy for me,


  1. You look great Sandy!! And live and learn, sometimes it takes a hard lesson to get to us. When you were talking about how fresh they were, I was drooling.lol Being off sweets for 28 days has not made me not want them!!

    1. I am sorry for making you drool. It doesn't go away for me either. I have had quite a bit of restraint, but still I have my weak moments. I am glad it happened so that I do know it is a no go for sure. You can do this! and be better for it.


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