Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Easter Traditions and Embracing Change Part 1

I was volunteering at church last week when it this story began to take shape in my mind. I will explain that later in Part 2.

We all have traditions that we follow, however there are times when we must adapt to change or wallow in self pity. I choose to embrace change and adapt.

When I got married, my mom set the example for me to adapt to changes without being sad over lost traditions. You see that new spouse has a family too. You will want to be in both places, but that will be hard especially if you have siblings. 

My mom decided to arrange things to work out so that she could still have me, but share too.

I have learned to love both family's traditions equally!

This is how Easter came to be done in our home.

On the Saturday before Easter, I made the hour and a half trek to Brewton where Mama would have everything ready to dye Easter eggs. My kids looked forward to this for many years. This is just one example of how clever my mom was with holidays.

The kids loved going to her house on that Saturday before Easter.

Easter Sunday allowed us to be at our church, and for Hubby and I to serve fully in our church. Afterwards, we had Easter dinner at Hubby's parents followed by an egg hunt.

I loved that Easter dinner with my Hubby's family and that egg hunt.

I have to do some similar things  now that my daughter is married, which I will share in Part 2.

Today though, I thought I might start this story with a history of change. I am sharing a few Easter outfits that change over the years. I am sure this will resonate with moms of grown children. 

Oh how sweet they were.

This next one has to be my favorite outfit for my son. That was the last year I got away with that. I remember Hubby didn't like this one bit. 
My heart goes pitter patter.

The year of the bonnet. Paul Allen was not to be outdone. He insisted on wearing a hat too. A Barney hat.
That boy loved Barney...

and his thumb! 

This dress is one of my favorite dresses for Lindsay, even though it doesn't have one bit of smocking on it.

A rare picture where Paul Allen is actually trying to pose.


I know I am not the only mom that this happened to...

All that sassiness and the beginning of the end of nice dressing.

You get different shoes for starters.

That is the last that I am willing to show you. I am sure there is someone out there who feels my pain. 

The pictures are there and yes, they went to church, BUT the smiles are gone when you pull out the camera. You get the look that is only for moms..... put the camera away!

Your next set of nice photos of dressed up teenagers with smiles will most likely involve events at school, like Homecoming dances or proms.

Take heart ---  young moms and snap lots of pictures of those kiddos in their Easter best for as long as you can.

They will enjoy looking at them one day and be ashamed of themselves for not letting you snap more.

Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2 to adapting to changes as they get older and yes, marry.

Continually changing, growing, and learning,


  1. This resonates with me Sandy...so true. Looks like Marvin and I will be alone for Easter this year. I am thinking of just doing a quiche, salad and dessert. I do have a new Easter Dress though.

    1. You definitely need a dessert. Possibly your favorite one. We can either choose to be sad or thankful that we have great kids and they have good families on the other side.


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