Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Welcome March

I am truly happy to see March because that means it is closer to spring. I have said it before...I am not a fan of winter. BUT....the days are marching too fast. Oh my! I feel like I need running shoes to catch up.

Here is my March cottage in the kitchen.

I would have done a green ribbon only except that Easter is in March, so I did a little pastel bunch for that. It will probably look a lot better with April's cottage.

I also added my shamrock cross above the sink.

I am off to volunteer at church and take Mama out and about this morning. After lunch, I am bringing out some bunnies and eggs for Easter. I waited until March 1st. I probably would not be adding them out yet, except that Easter is just around the corner.

I want so badly to get flowers going, but it is still somewhat cold. My geraniums have sprouted up and are beginning to bloom so that is very good.

Here is an update on those tulips I put in pots. We will see if they bloom.

The grass is trying to turn green, but our front yard just looks puny. Spring will be here soon though.

Happy month of green to you,


  1. I love your March cottage and the shamrock cross. I am wondering how I will decorate in April and May. I guess I will turn to Pinterest for inspiration. Have fun with your Mama!!

    1. When Easter comes in March that throws a kink in things:) I am one of those that won't wear white pants or shoes until Easter though, so that means I get to wear them earlier. In my classroom, I used a April showers thing on my seasonal bulletin board at this time, but I don't want to be reminded of rain at home, so maybe I will use some bird accessories. I like birds a LOT!


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