Friday, April 1, 2016

Welcome April

Time is flying and I can't catch it. 

Three months have already passed by in 2016. Whew!!!

I have been a busy bee around these parts trying to get ahead of my chores. Mama has been with my aunt a good bit this week. Last week was very busy for both of us, so I am trying to get caught up on a few things,

You know that spinning around and around that we can do sometimes with things we think are important.

Yesterday, I tried to get some yard work done around here and make a honey do list for some repairs. 

Anyway, I worked on the back decks trying to get up the pine straw. The three very large pine trees next door keep me knee deep in pine straw on the back decks. I usually can handle the top level because I walk out of the kitchen weekly and sweep it. I can even sometimes stay on top of the second level, because it still a mostly sweep job. The deck closest to the water is a different story. It is a "use the leaf blower job", but there are times of the year when you get busy or it is too cold. I hate cold. My body doesn't like cold. When all of this happens the bottom deck looks AWFUL! I mean embarrassing, so there are no pictures of that!

I was trying to beat the rain that was supposed to come yesterday. (never did) I wanted to get up that straw and bring it to the front for the rose beds. I ended up just going to Lowe's and buying a few bales to do that.

That means I still have a lot of straw to get up downstairs and the rain is coming today. It is beginning to sprinkle as I type.

Pick up straw on bottom deck. It is on my list!

I finished April's monthly cottage a little early. I was able to stitch on my sampler for the farm house. I have three things lined up to stitch, but I want to finish my cottages first.

I have May, June, July, and August remaining. When I finish early, I get to work on those projects. 

I have books lined up to read as well. I have been trying to read some each evening, but lately I am pooped by 9:00. I am hoping that will change soon and I can make it a little longer each evening.

A little health news. 

I am continuing with my program to keep RA at bay. I am so pleased with everything. No big significant weight loss right now. I am at 126.6 pounds.

It feels good though, and I really trying to keep up with the exercise. I am not a gym person, but trying. This week I actually walked/jogged/more walked in the neighborhood. It was pleasant out in the mornings.

Now, for the other health news. I had my first melanoma. 

Before I tell you about it, let me say, I believe with all my heart that it is not related to sun exposure. 

Yes, I know I live in Florida and lived in the deep south for pretty much all my life. 

I once had an olive tone skin that tanned easily and yes, I went to the beach regularly in my teenage years. However, I took pretty good care of my skin.

I started methotrexate far too long ago.  It completely changed my skin over the course of my taking it. I am now somewhat in my opinion jaundiced looking. 

From the moment I went in to see the dermatologist and they scraped it, I quit all RA meds!!!!

Xeljanz has a side effect of skin cancer. Of course, no doctor will say it. My rheumatologist was all about keeping me on the meds. I have more to say on that, but I am not ready at this point.

I will be ready at some point and am going to share more of my thoughts there.

Anyway, I had to come off of Xeljanz for the surgery due to risk of infection.

I am not out of the woods. The dermatologist took a big ole chunk, but the tests have come back that there is a bit more to look at as the outer edges of the part they cut out is precancerous.

I will be back for more cutting.

That is all I can share at this point, but people start looking at the medical industry of this day and age with sharper eyes. We have made lots of advancements but the pharmaceutical industry is far too powerful.

That is all for me today. I will be back with a more positive outlook and let you know how I do without meds.


  1. At this point, you and I could sit and talk for a long time about RA medications. I tried Methotrexate and it was terrible, so I stopped. It made me irritable and cranky, which isn't like me (I swear!). I'm so careful about what I take and have seen many times the doctors don't have any proof as to what will work and what won't. They believe anything the pharmaceutical reps tell them, who are only saying what they are told to make the sell. Some of the meds are good, but there's so much uncertainty they skim over. Yikes!!!!!! Now you've got me on a roll. Hope everything works out and all is resolved quickly and painlessly.

    1. i have more to say , but it will be awhile before I can spit it all out. I feel as if I have had two wake up calls and am making some major life changes. I will say the only way I will go back on the medicine is if I exhaust every other method.

  2. Sorry to hear about your melanoma, Sandy. I have to agree about the pharmaceutical companies. I've done serious research lately on autoimmunity. It's all about the food! Hippocrates quote - All disease begins in the gut - so true. We have been eating an Autoimmune Protocol diet the last five weeks and it makes such a difference in my digestion. I have not had a "Butterfinger" moment but I miss "real" bread! Happy April!

    1. Keep up the diet and you won't hear that from the doctors. I actually mentioned once to my rheumatologist about dieting and she dismissed it. She said something like eating a good diet is good for everyone, but that it wouldn't change anything with me. I can not even begin to tell you how much better I am since November. Better than in at least a decade.
      The functional medicine doctor I have been seeing for the last few months was my mom's neurologist for years. I always knew he was special. He has walked away from a lot to try this approach. Insurance will not cover any thing he offers. He has shared a good bit over time with me about the quotas he had to meet, etc.
      I think we have to take our health into our own hands which requires us to break away from many of the standard foods we have taken in.
      The food I have missed the most is pasta.

  3. Sandy, I am so sorry to hear this and I agree that doctors are far too quick to use meds without knowing the side effects or choosing to prescribe and willing to take a chance with a patient's life. I know you have done your research. Will be praying that all will turn out well for you.

    1. I will take those prayers. My concern is how quickly this one developed and that is a fast growing one.

  4. Sandy you have a wonderful positive attitude. You seem like a bright lady who does research. I will keep you in my prayers.


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