Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happenings in the New Year

I have been working on a few home improvement projects. I decided I was pooped and needed to sit, so why not give a sneak look at the projects.

I have been quite flustered with my daughter's old bedroom. I repainted and purchased two new bedspreads. I liked the wall paint, but it wasn't earth shattering because the other color was fine too. The bedspreads were pretty, but did nothing for the room. I have since given one to my daughter and taken one to the farmhouse.

The elephant in the room is the white bookcases.

This is what you call a mess right now.

I will share more to what sent me in this direction. I wasn't sure I was going to like it all. I am painted them a semi gloss brown and adding hardware. My son walked in yesterday afternoon and said he loved them. Mind you he never says that! I am hoping he is right. I will share the finished product later in the week. I am about 2/3rd's done at this point.

I also read that blue is the new color for 2017. For once, I am happy with something new out there. Of course, I really like navy, and I am not sure that is the hot color. Maybe.

Anyway, back before Christmas, I purchased a new rug for the living room in blue. I took the old one to the farm. With Christmas stuff going on, I didn't even try to do to much to tie the new rug in, but I was thinking about it nonstop over Christmas. The minute I pulled down Christmas, I was shopping the house for blue things to add to the living room. I did purchase some new pillows for the couch (actually before Christmas) and they sat in the closet until the 26th.

I have a few more things to do before I share the whole room.

In the meantime, Hubby and I strolled on the beach Sunday afternoon as it was hot. You know it can't be that hot for too long or bad weather is on its way. It stormed last evening. I think it was really bad in other areas to the west of us.

It is still warm, kind of perfect feeling today so, I will enjoy it as long as I can, because January and February are coming.


  1. Again, we are birds of a feather. When I get something in my mind, especially regarding decorating, I just cannot let it go!! I love the navy and I look forward to seeing what else you have done. I have a small music cabinet that I am going to paint and take to the little house for a nightstand. I am brooding over what color to paint it. It has been beautiful here today but SNOW on Friday???Please no.

    1. Choosing colors is the hardest for me. I hope you miss the snow. I like snow only in pictures. I am sure all the kids want it, but it is just a big mess and COLD to me.


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