Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve

I am spending such an exciting night this New Year's Eve. I am going between watching football and painting some bookcases while listening to fireworks from Destin. This makes the dogs jumpy.

I am pondering whether I will stay up for the New Year. I am taking a break from painting right now to share the remainder of my week.

Hubby and I went to Auburn and the cabin. We made it to a basketball game Thursday evening. That morning we walked around our little neighborhood and looked at the new homes they are building.

When we come off the main road to our cabin, you go left to our cabin and right to the new construction.

We have to climb up this hill to get to the main road. It is quite a workout.

Then you turn down this road to the new homes.

They are all on the lake although they are far back from the lake, and it is quite a hilly and rocky trek down to the lake from here. This was once woods. 

The infamous tornadoes that hit Tuscaloosa also hit here and wiped out all of the woods. It was also an F4.

My husband was standing behind the new construction. The two  homes closest to the water in the distance were completely destroyed and have been rebuilt.

I thought the new homes were interesting.

The first one had a paddle wheel built on the side. I should have gotten a closer picture. It looks to be a real working paddle with the roof letting rain water drift down on it.

They all lots of pretty wood floors and ceilings in them.

AND basements.

This door is access to all the plumbing and stuff. Very good idea.

This one was the largest.

I liked them all, but I didn't get jealous. 

Our small cabin is all we need and we love the fact that we feel like we are in the woods even though we are very close to all of this.

This little brook runs between our cabin and our neighbor. We are up to the right of it.

You definitely see seasons here which is nice for us. In the summer it is lush and green and winter bare as can be.

I love how our driveway is curved so that from the road coming in you might even miss us.
But, we are there just to the left.

We spent the day just strolling around Opelika and Auburn. We went to an "antique" store. Most of the antique stores are not really antiques if antique means anything 100 years or older.

I think maybe "vintage" describes them better. They are just full of stuff from the 70's and 80's that we all sold in yard sales. I often wonder if they really sell anything. 

Well, I am going to go check on my bookcases that I am painting. I am hoping this will turn out well. I am painting the white bookcases in my daughter's old room / guest room now. I have thought about getting rid of them, but they hold a ton of stuff and I don't know what I would replace them with that would be as well built, so I am painting. We will see.

It is definitely going to be a week long project because I am painting them with semi gloss paint and having to do a second coat.

Everyone have an exciting New Year's Eve like me!!!

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  1. It sounds like a perfect New Year's Eve to me, Sandy! Ours was quiet also.


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