Thursday, December 22, 2016

Attempts at Stitching

As promised, I am sharing a stitching update.

Not cross-stitching, but machine embroidery.

You see I had to put my cross stitching away until next week. With Hubby home and the Christmas scurrying I had to take a break. As badly as I wanted to finish those Christmas cardinals, it just wasn't going to happen. I am so close, but yet too far away to finish, so I stored it away and called it quits until next week.

I have three projects going and I really do think I am going to finish the two Christmas things next week since I am so close and then get back to my samplers for the farmhouse.

My project bags with my stitching glasses which had to increase in strength.

Hubby decided that I ought to get a Boykin Spaniel pattern for my daughter and do some towels. I almost said no that time was an issue, but I found a pattern and downloaded it.

The colors from the pattern were from another brand of thread, so I was trying to match it and make it work. After 3 attempts on scraps, I think I have the colors.

This is not quite the colors.. next one will be a little darker as Boykins are known as "little brown dogs."

Then I proceeded to do it on the towel. Doing it on a towel means layers on top of towel and stabilizer on the bottom. The multiple layers caused the tension to be off and really jammed up the machine.

I just had to walk away.

I am now back in the sewing room and hoping for success.

Much better base color.

We shall see.

Tomorrow I have a little baking to do which is actually therapy to me and then to mop my kitchen and family room. Then it is wait for Christmas Eve.

I thought I would share my early present. I won the giveaway over at Talk of the House. I love Kelly's blog. It is absolutely one of my favorites.

The girl can even do up a package in the mail cute. I cut out my label to show you how pretty her handwriting is.

I posted earlier that this hadn't been my best year. I am possibly looking at it wrong. I have won two giveaways this year on my favorite blogs. Thanks Arlene and Kelly.

And one more thing....I have a great handwriting...won a contest in 6th grade, but even my name has never looked cuter than this.

I am not done blogging for the year, so I will be back at some point. Have to find times when Hubby is busy!!!

Stitching and hoping,

Little update: Not sure if I have a winner or not.  Not convinced it is all my error, but hard to do a tight pattern on a towel. Lots to learn.


  1. Sandy, your machine embroidery is amazing. I am looking forward to using my Desert Rose in the New Year with my perfectly matching napkins. I have finished two small cross stitch pieces. I may post them tomorrow as I need to iron them before taking a picture. I am going to just take one project with me to Georgia next week. I have so many patterns that I need to join the Stitch from Stash group on Stitch Maynia on Facebook. But I find myself gong over to 123Stitch and looking at patterns.:) I now have enabled my sisters by introducing them to that site!! I may blog one more time before taking a blog break. We do not have internet at Grimmwood. I hope you have a great Christmas with your family!

    1. Can't wait to see your stitched pieces. I THINK I am going to finish the Christmas pieces since I am so close next week. We are headed to our cabin next week as well. No cell phone barely works in the cabin. Sometimes that is good.

    2. Oh and I meant to congratulate you on winning the give away!! I have won two giveaways also this year. It is a fun part of blogging.

  2. I'd love to see this machine in action! What fun it must be. The dog pattern is so classic and sweet.

    I've won a giveaway from Kelly before and also noticed what beautiful handwriting she has. Congratulations on the win, and here's hoping 2017 bring more fabulous surprises!

    1. Thanks. The towels actually turned out pretty good. I am always a little hard on myself. Have a great Christmas. Congratulations on the front page story. I have been busy today and didn't comment. My mom always got the Mobile paper. I convinced her she wouldn't need it here, but she wasn't sure:) She and my grandmother (her mother) loved a good newspaper and read them from cover to cover.


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