Thursday, December 15, 2016

One of Those Random Posts

Thought I would pop in today. It has been over a week since last I shared.

Tis the season that you have to work extra hard not to be too busy.

While I ramble I will just share a few photos... no particular order or pattern.

You know how I said I didn't buy anything new for Christmas this year, but the ornaments for the lantern, well seeing this picture reminds I bought this pillow.

That cute Merry Christmas pillow has spent more time either on the floor or with Lucy, the Springer on top of it. She has taken a shine to it for some reason. It will most likely have to have a good washing at the end of the month.

This past weekend I decided my sewing room needed purging. I began to think that there was too much stuff in there and just maybe that could be the reason I was not going in there and being creative.

First up I got in there and took care of making the pillows for the farm that I have put off for far too long.

Then I did an overhaul of my cabinets and have a huge pile that I have yet to take to Goodwill. That is on my list to do today though.

I have sworn off any trips to the fabric store until I do something with what I kept.

I am not so good at throwing things away, but I had just bought so much fabric and really lost all interest in it. I am hoping a quilter will make a stop at Goodwill one day and be so excited at the bargain. I know my Grandma would have been thrilled.

I have lined up some projects and hope to tackle them after Christmas. Something to do on the dark evenings.

I know I have said it before, but I crave light which is why I think I am not fond of winter.

I have also been very reflective this month trying to think of things I need to improve on and what I am doing that works well.

As a school teacher, I always did that in the summer. IT helped me improve each year. 

My work is my home now, although I have been pondering taking on a part time position after Christmas.

See that has been baking cookies galore.

You see, dear Hubby came in last week and said he needed cookies to give to all his office. New job, new office, new procedures for Christmas, etc. 
SOOOO.... I baked 60 peanut butter cookies. The secret to not eating what you bake is to bake what you won't eat!!!!

He then proceeds to tell me that he can't take them, because the entire office will be out in the field observing schools. 

Two things happened here...

The first being a former teacher myself, my thought was - "what in the world would you go observe classrooms at this time of the year. Are you NUTS? The kids' brains have already left school for Christmas break."

Then, I had a decision to make....would I be angry at him, or cut him some slack.

I actually had to think hard on this one😆

I chose to be nice and took them to church on Sunday morning for the volunteers. I didn't even tell anyone I had baked them.

Yesterday, I baked him 60 more to take today.

He also got burned because he grilled a whole bunch of pork loins for a party yesterday, only to find out that the decision had been made to cater it.. I guess the big boss forked over the money.

Now, I have lots of pork loin to eat for the next couple of nights. 

I am enjoying my real tree immensely this year. I probably wouldn't if I had carpet, because I remember taking it out was the worst. 

One thing I have learned though is there is a reason why all of our ornaments were lighter weight. Even though it is a Frazier Fir and pretty sturdy, I lost one of my most favorite ornaments because it was too heavy.

I have enjoyed my simple decorations this year too. You can be overwhelmed with all you see out there on the blogs, but as I get older I am just thinking....poor is going to take them forever to take all that down.

I have got mine down to a pretty good system I think.

I simply love this girl's home though. 


She has just the right amount of antiques mixed with all that white that you see these days.
The blog is called Nine+Sixteen.

Well, I will close it with that.
Need to get busy,


  1. You have been busy!!! I am sure the volunteers at church enjoyed your peanut butter cookies. I love the cushions you made to take to the farm. I am going to try to resist filling our little house too full. I did see some mugs at Anrthropologie yesterday that I bought for the coffee bar...they were old time blue and white with an A and an M. How could I resist that???? Any you are right, putting away is not as fun as taking out!!

  2. Cookies, cookies and pork loin. Now there's a new kind of diet for you! How kind to give them to others without admitting you baked them. You are a good inspiration to the rest of us. Can't wait to hear about your plans for a new adventure next year. Merry Christmas to you!


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