Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Pondering the Year


I don't know if I would call it a good year or not. I have been quite reflective with the month of December. I can tell you above all that the years are flying by the older I get.

Maybe the feeling of "time flying" makes one feel they need to pack more into them, therefore, you can feel let down when you can't accomplish it all.

Anyway, y'all are going to get one of those pondering posts.

I think everyone has switched into high gear with Christmas and quit reading blogs for the month anyway, so if I tell it like it is maybe no one will read until I post again with happy thoughts for a promising 2017.

I am so blessed that I always find it hard to write anything less than positive, but do you ever feel like you are striving and getting nowhere.

I have basically written the same goals over and over the past few years. I know because one of my splurges in life is an Erin Condren planner. I write my goals in the back every year. They are basically the same, and for the most part unfulfilled.

I been pondering how Solomon must have felt when he wrote in Ecclesiastes about there be nothing new under the sun and us striving after wind. I realize I am taking those particular words out of context, but I feel the book of Ecclesiastes is a reminder of pursuing earthly goals in and of themselves never leads to satisfaction.

With that said, this year I am pondering how to make those earthly goals tune in with following God.

Honestly, my not reaching my goals each year maybe something as simple as writing them in a more simplistic attainable fashion. I could possibly be writing them as lofty ideals and not goals.

That is an easy fix.

However, that feeling of not achieving and always striving is more of a soul issue. Issues like that require peace that only God can give. So this year, I am doing a bit more praying about what lies ahead.

I realize that much of my 2016 feeling of yukkiness comes from trying to adjust to having Mother around everyday and dealing with her grief and unhappiness. That is a whole story unto its self.

One that I may not be able to change, because we have to find in ourself and with God to move forward even at 81. I have been doing a lot of praying for her as well. I do have a wonderful support system with my husband and two kids as well.

She has sucked a ton of energy from me, so that could be the reason for my lack of getting much done too.  I love her dearly, but I must find a way to live without letting her wear me down.

Down the road, a woman not much older than me has a husband with early onset Alzheimer's. It is so sad to watch, so I know I have many blessings. Her next few years are going to get tougher with each passing day.

Lucy, the Springer is having seizures still and had some other very tough issues last week. We think she may have had just a UTI, and that aggravated things. Only dog lovers would understand why we put up with what we do.

Yes, I am pondering, but hopefully, it will lead to some good changes.

I am looking forward to Christmas Eve and Day. I am soaking up God's love for me and that I will have my family close to me. I only have a little bit more to go out for today and then other than church of Christmas Eve, I should be home for the remaining days. It is getting crowded around town. Lots of scurrying.

I am also loving my tree this year and the simpler decor. One of my favorite Instagrammers - Lisa @ lisa_buttercupblissblog had this lovely photo up the other day. I agree whole-heartedly with her. I do wish she was still blogging, but I understand that blogging is probably a dinosaur. I have some thoughts on that too later.

That is enough pondering for one day, but I am not shut down for the new year yet. I have a stitching update (not cross stitching) to share. It will either be a good share or a flop, but today is the day to make it happen or not. Stay tuned for that one.

I am off to finish a few chores and try and do that stitching project.

Trying to not scurry though...slow and steady,


  1. I understand what you mean about your sisters struggle with the same thing with our mother. I hope when I am old I will try to be cooperative with my children. I do not ever set goals but this year, Marvin and I plan as our life is changing with retirement so we are setting aside a day to plan for 2017. I am going to sit this afternoon and do some stitching just to calm myself down a much going on right now. Prayers going up for you Sandy....

    1. Thanks Arlene, I don't think Mom is even aware that she gives me grief. She always used to say to me when my grandmother got down that she hoped she never was a burden to me. I love her, but whew...she wears me out sometimes.


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