Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sharing Some Cuteness from Church

I always talk about going to volunteer at church on Tuesdays. I thought I would share what I do, but mostly the cool spaces that I get the privilege of working in each Tuesday and Sunday.

I go up each Tuesday morning and unload the bags and tubs we use in our preschool and grade schools classes.

We use tote bags to put each small group's activity materials in kindergarten through 5th grade.
In ages 2-4, we use tote bags and tubs to contain all our supplies. I unload them on Tuesday, and someone comes behind me to load them back for the next week, someone else cleans the room, someone is always working on getting the supplies cut, sorted, etc.

In other words, it is the most amazing group of volunteers and a well oiled machine. I read over my lesson and just walk in on Sunday morning and have fun. No prep!!!! Did you hear that, no prep! 

I also start a load of bed clothes to wash from the baby rooms.

As I was working, I just thought who wouldn't love to see all the coolness of our environment.

So without further adieu, here is some really cool spaces.

Upon entering in the lobby...

Entering in the far right doors leads you to Waumba Land which our preschool zone.

Look up!!! because you are under the sea.

I worked on the wrapping boxes and decorating the tree two weeks ago.

The stage is where we come for out Bible story and singing.
The two's often hang out on the wave benches.

Then it is back around these hallways to my little room.

More pictures from under the sea.

Yes, that whale is huge. I would definitely know that Jonah fit in there, which by the way I do believe.

Through those other doors in the lobby you head to Upstreet, the K-5 zone.

It is made to look just like the Boardwalk out on the beach.

The Goofy Golf thing really looks like the Goofy Golf place that is Fort Walton Beach icon.

We are in the old Daily News Building, so we saved one of the newspaper dispensers.

Oh, and I made those palm fronds on the palm trees!!!

A close up of an article that appeared in the newspaper about us.

This is my little workroom. I am going to spend a little time tidying up after Christmas.

Then on through to the volunteer hangout on Sunday mornings.

Love hanging out up there on Tuesday mornings and helping the most wonderful staff.

I am going to share pictures of my house soon.

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  1. Amazing Sandy!! I love how everything is so organized. And you are right, having committed volunteers really makes the process so much easier. One of the churches we attended in Huntsville worked like this and teaching was a pleasure. Sometimes I miss teaching the never know what they will come up with!!


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