Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Front Yard

Since my post last night was so glum, I thought I would quickly add some Christmas cheer to my blog.

Hubby worked this weekend on the outdoor lights. He loves to decorate the yard and loves even more going to see the Christmas lights in town. It is a pretty big deal in our neck of the woods.

I am in no way a photographer, so these are iPhone pics and not the best.

Welcome to the our circle.

Entering the circle on the right is our side yard.

Then the front yard.

The saga of prelit continued with my big wreathes. They finally died. I tried to make them look good and even spent all Saturday morning trying to figure out which light bulb was out.

Gave up and Hubby just put a spot light on them. 

I must say the wreaths and the garland at the top of the windows is daytime decoration. They look great in the day time.

The swans hold poinsettias and the geraniums are still in bloom so I have plenty of red going on for now.

Lucy kept watch as he decorated. Lemony was not interested in any of the lights and stayed inside mostly.

I will be back with some indoor pictures this week.



  1. What pretty outdoor decor, Sandy. I love lights!

  2. Very nice! My son always wants to do more decorating outside, but I never have time. He's going over (driving all by himself!) to FWB tomorrow to help my parents decorate. He's so excited!

    1. Just getting the house done is enough. Hubby does this, but you notice nothing is up high. He has given that up. I know a set of grandparents who will be in heaven as well as a teen who is driving by himself on a road trip.


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