Friday, December 30, 2016

A Couple of Days Away

I always love when Hubby and I can get away even if for just a night. We left on Wednesday morning to head up to our cabin near Auburn. We made a quick stop by the farm to drop off a few things and let Hubby and a friend shoot a new gun.

I brought the pillows that I finally made for the couch. They looked even better than I thought. I have thought and thought about that picture above the couch. I kept thinking that the picture I have at the cabin of a red barn would look better there, but every time I get to the cabin I can't bring myself to move it from the cabin.

I thought and thought on Wednesday morning about bringing the picture to the cabin with me, but ....

Well, I just decided that each will stay in their respective places.

The one above the checked couch at the farm house has a pond that really looks like the pond at the farm. It is hard to see from the picture above. It does have a red mat as the secondary mat as well.

The final thought is it will stay there, and I will get this room painted soon which will bring out the painting and the curtains.

I also am thinking this basket needs to be filled with cross stitch smalls. I need to get busy and finish the two samplers I have planned and then start filling those baskets.

I added some cute read dish towels to the kitchen as well.

I will share some photos I took of construction going on near our cabin tomorrow evening. Several new cabins around the corner are being built.

We took in a basketball game and ate in Auburn with some good friends.

In the meantime, Hubby and I had such a great two days. Lots of talking and thinking and planning. I am in the process of painting some bookcases at home, so I will be working on that tomorrow.

I have plenty to share for awhile.

For now a little football watching,


  1. Love all the little changes you have made Sandy. I am telling myself that I need to let things evolve at the little house and to not be in a rush to decorate but it sure is hard. I am still looking for a shower curtain, curtains for the bedrooms. I agree that when you paint at the farm, you will be able to decide on what you want there. I am very happy with the color I chose for the little house. Just warm enough without being too dark. Marvin and I plan to sit down on Monday and make some plans for the year. With retirement we have to rethink some things. Hope 2017 is a great one for you!!

    1. It does take time, or you will just be redoing stuff. Just enjoy the process and the fact that you can go somewhere different and relax. I just love it.
      I can't wait to hear about those plans. New and exciting stuff...scary too.


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