Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

It was a pretty quiet weekend around here. I spent a good portion of Saturday helping Lindsay with a project, while the guys were all fishing. Lindsay is in charge of a seating chart sign for Tyler's twin brother who is getting married next month. Her mom-in-law asked her to come up with something. I think we have a pretty good thing going, so I will share it with you when we are done. She scoured Pinterest of course for ideas and we thrifted a few things and got the rest from Hobby Lobby.
Sneak peek...

Memorial Day is a aways a holiday that sparks emotions. One of which is just the sheer gravity of how lucky we are for the sacrifices of so many. I always tried to teach that to my students even though they much like me had summer on their mind. It is not a holiday to be taken lightly in my mind. We are so blessed!

On the other hand, it does mark summer for me. Even though, the official start of summer is later in June. Here in the deep south, the warm temps are in full swing. When I was a kid, I looked forward to summer and beach trips or just the free time to listen to records, play with my cousins, or read.

Later, when I had children, I could not wait for school to be out to be with them. Jeff and I were looking at photo albums this week. I took so many pictures of them in the summer. We lived for that time together with no schedules. Time flew too fast.

Now days I get to enjoy all the seasons, so I can't really choose a favorite season anymore. Summer is hot as blazes, and we will be drenched in sweat very soon just walking out to the front yard, but it still holds the promise of a lazier schedule.

The cows arrived at the farm this weekend. I have not seen them in person yet. I will go up on Wednesday to see about the garden and meet them. Jeff couldn't stand it, so he went up today and sent me the following pictures.

One of them is expecting any day now. I can't really tell from this picture, but maybe the middle one.

They are miniature cows. I have never seen any in real life. 

Jeff titled this above photo "French Kiss" when he sent it. No, thank you! 
Below, is "Captain Morgan," the bull.

I can't wait for Lemony to see them. Wonder what she will think?!!

I made a top today. I didn't put a ton of effort in it, but I did cut out a skirt that I plan to sew carefully. I also want to make a shift like dress, and then I will go back to just crafty sewing for awhile, or at least I think.

I will most likely just wear it around the house and on the dog walks this summer. 

Jeff made some fresh salsa tonight and brought home these from the grocery store.

Oh my word, they were delicious. Yes, the bag was full and we ate them all. That didn't help the diet, but they were all things I can eat. I mean they were yummy!!!

Let's see, I finally took my Freedom stitching to the framer's. I haven't gotten it back yet, but I am so in love with the frame I picked out. I can't wait to show y'all.
I have two things I am working diligently on. Alternating days... I will share soon. I was hoping to finish the two I am working on by the end of May, because I have some Christmas stuff I want to work on. 

That about sums up my weekend,


  1. You are a busy lady, even when you claim to be taking it easy! Cows are so photogenic! Those big eyes! I've been eating bean chips too and they really are good!

    1. Who can't love cows?! They are indeed photogenic.

  2. Those chips look wonderful, Sandy. We need to see if we can find some of those ... way healthier than regular chips, I'm sure.

    I've always been fascinated by cows' eyelashes. They are so long and thick -- I suppose to protect the cows' eyes from flies and so on. I'm sure there's a reason.

    The top came out so cute. It's been years since I sewed anything for myself. Maybe I'll get back to it ... we will see. The next few weeks and months look like they will be too busy to fit in much crafting.

    1. Sewing is a little harder to me to make time for. I want to finish it once I start, but my problem is I proscratinate on cutting it out. I hate to cut out a pattern. It seems once I get that I accomplished I can break up the sewing into bite size pieces. This was a quick pattern I got from an Indie online site.. no facings, just bias tape finishes.

      Cows are cute. They have big ole cute faces. I will enjoy watching them.

  3. I love your is rather ala Matilda Jane!! I can't wait to see what y'all are working on for the wedding!! Those cows are cute...are they beef if will you make them into hamburger or are they just going to be pets? Bruce has a bunch of cute calves at the farm right now but he told us not to get attached as they are going to the SALE next week. Those chips look yummy....I have to be careful having those kinds of things around as I want to eat them all. Enjoy your summer days...retirement is agreeing with you Sandy.

    1. The cows are for beef. We are letting the guy keep them there as it will be great for the pasture. Something else eating grass instead of us on a mower. I will have to try not to hang around them much because they are for food. He has 6 total with the bull for now. This guy works for our school system, but lives up there close by, so it will be a win win for both of us.
      I will share the wedding thing with everyone. It has to turn out or Lindsay's mother-in-law will be back to square one. Lindsay will make it cute. I am the coordinator of ideas, but Lindsay makes them work. I have the good handwriting for the names.


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