Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My Week

Last week was a great week, so much so that I just soaked it up and stayed off the blog. Those weeks when I don't have a million errands are few and far between, so when they come along you have to make the best of them.

My daughter works close by and comes for lunch most days. I love it and miss her when she can't come, but she had to go out of town for a good bit of last week, so no lunch prep. I used the time wisely.

Most of my days last week began with morning walks with Lemony. She is enjoying them immensely. I bring her back home and then go for a more vigorous walk afterwards. I love strolling with her down the street. We have enjoyed the birds and morning time so much. I need to be a great photographer to show y'all the beauty, but alas I am not one.

Speaking of walks, I have just so enjoyed spring this year. I know the serious summer heat is coming, so I am trying to get outside now as much as possible. I got half of my outside windows done last week. I have puttered in my flowers and roses. Lemony has enjoyed the water and has been swimming everyday.

I did lots of housework, but I did pop into Instagram for eye candy a few times. I fell in love with this porch picture that James T Farmer posted.
Source: https://www.instagram.com/jamesfarmerinc/ 
It is not his porch, but his is pretty great too. I love this porch and could seriously relax there. I love all of Farmer's books. He graduated from Auburn in horticulture I think, but he is amazingly talented at putting those beautiful gardens together. He has a two Instagrams. The picture is from his more business related one, but I love his personal account as well. https://www.instagram.com/jamestfarmer/?hl=en

The garden at the farm had to be attended to as well as the beginning of the week had been so dry. We went up Tuesday evening just to water the garden. The small amount of squash plants are doing well and I will have a reasonable amount to deal with this year. I still have some yellow onions to gather as well. The tomatoes are not looking so well. It had been so dry. That has changed with the end of the week, so hopefully that will help them.

Thursday night, our local Auburn club had their annual big dinner with a coach visiting. It was one of the better ones I have been to in a while. Paul Allen and Katie (the girlfriend) and Mama went with us.

That was my boring week, but fun week.

On Saturday, we went to the farm to mow grass. There were three of us mowing, so we got a ton done. Jeff was weed eating around the pond and was sort of "ambushed" as he calls it by a large water moccasin. He was holding the weed eater way out and the snake came up from the area he had already done. He looked down and said he still has his younger day moves, because he was back peddling up the bank despite pine straw trying to make him slip. It unnerved him to say the least. The snake crawled out into the water. He grabbed his gun which was loaded with snake shot and started looking out across the pond because he thought it probably swan out to the middle. As he is scanning his way back to the bank, he realized it had only gone out about a foot and had just its nostrils out of the water. He was waiting on Jeff to come back to strike. Jeff shot him three times in all. He was 4 feet 2 inches long and as big as his arm according to Jeff. Since I do NOT look at snakes at ALL. I had to take his word for it. Everyone who saw the picture, said something to the effect ..."Oh my goodness!" I took their word for it as well. They are moving!!!

We also went to our lake cabin near Auburn after church on Sunday to do a little yard work on Monday. We are going up in a few weeks for a few days, so we thought we would get a good bit of work done early so we could relax in a few weeks. We got only weed eating done and the porches cleaned before rain set in. I must say it was a beautiful rain, but hard and steady enough that no more work was getting done.

I love the cabin in all seasons, because you really see the seasons there. We don't see seasons here along the Gulf Coast. Maybe a little cool weather in the winter, but not the tree changes. I love all of the trees there. There are so many different kinds. Here we have live oaks (which I love), palmetto bushes, long leaf pines, and transplanted palm trees (they are not so native to our area). You see palms everywhere on the famous 30A, but they have all been planted there in the last 20 years.

In stitching news, I have yet to frame or do a finish on Freedom, but I will handle that this week. I have been working this week on a sampler.

This will go in the gathering room at the farmhouse.

I have lots of mending to do this week, so I will spend some time in the sewing room, but not on fun stuff. I have to take up a dress and hem a skirt for my daughter to name a few.

That is all the goings on in my world. I will try and post a bit more this week.

P.S. Two other random pictures from my phone.

A hawk on the boat house last evening.

Auburn's softball coach was eating at the same place as us at the lake. Sly picture huh?! Anyway, he spoke later and was so nice. He had a game win earlier in the day, and they were looking at film on a laptop with the owner of the restaurant. 


  1. Loved seeing all the pictures. Our neighbor in GA killed a copperhead last week. I have told Marvin to be careful when weed eating there. We are taking a gun with us this time and it will stay there. Like you, I want no part of snakes. I love the woods around your cabin. That video you put on Instagram is just so calming. Cute picture of Paul Allen and his sweetie. And you are as sneaky as me...that picture taken on the sly...oh my goodness.lol So glad you had a restful week.

    1. If you get two replies then just ignore one. I thought it sent it, but then I wasn't so sure. Snakes are definitely moving. That is the bad part of spring. We sat on the porch for quite a while just listening to the rain. It was so relaxing.

  2. You sure have a lot to take care of ....especially this time of year. How nice that your daughter can come home for lunch most of the time. I remember my oldest son did that...years ago. His birthday is this week so I am thinking of how nice it was when all of my boys were growing up. Enjoy your day! It's HOT!!!! heehee! Hugs, Diane

    1. It is quite a bit, but the lake cabin is not as much as the farm. Usually you just weed whack and trim the hedges a couple of times in the summer and that is it. We have thought of selling it many times. It is sort of our go to Auburn for games cabin and none of the family wants to part with it, so we are distributing out some of the maintenance to the kids:)


  3. Fun week, fun post. I do envy you that lake cabin!

    I detest snakes and that is one reason I could never live in Florida. Here in NH we have very few poisonous snakes -- just timber rattlers, and they are an endangered species with only one known population in the state (an area I plan to stay away from). Apparently they are also docile unless provoked or stepped on.

    1. Thanks about the lake cabin. It is a sweet place. Now, I would move to New Hampshire to be away from snakes. I am petrified of them...no matter the kind. They definitely begin to move around in spring and you have to be on the look out for them.


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