Friday, May 12, 2017

A Meaningful Mother's Day Gift

I am sharing a Mother's Day gift idea that costs nothing but time today.

Many years ago, Mother had reached the age that it was harder and harder to think of gift ideas.

Most of my great ideas come in the middle of the night.

For years, I kept a post it note pad by my bedside because that is when all my best teaching ideas came to me. One particular night, I had the idea of a letter with things that Mama had taught me laid on my heart by God I believe. I scribbled down the thoughts that came to me over a good period of sleeplessness on to the post it pad.

I didn't follow through with it right away. I kept the post it note, knowing that when I got a chance I would write it all up in a letter. I think it was probably almost a year later, that I wrote it for Mother's Day, 2003. I know it was in our transition period to the home we live in now. I actually thought about it the other day when I was looking at photographs of the dogs and saw this picture with the drawer open on my bedside table. Post it note location.

I can't believe I am sharing this picture.

Most likely this photo was taken on a Saturday morning, since Paul Allen and I have always been the sleepy heads and Lindsay and Jeff are the crack of dawn risers. I am sure he came and crawled in bed with me.

Anyway, fast forward to the letter.
I typed it up to give her as a Mother's Day gift in 2003. I found my edited copy. I gave her the final copy and she hung it on her office wall until she made the move here. I saw that she had put it a photo album. I know it meant a lot to her.

I scanned it in for y'all to see.

I think that is a great idea. I could add lots more to it now, but either way at the time, those were things that meant a lot to both of us.

She is 82 now, and actually I can think of lots to get her now. She loves shoes. We all laugh at that. Most ladies her age are hoping to find any COMFORTABLE pair, not genuinely get excited about shoe shopping. I took her to the outlets yesterday and she bought two pair. 

We did decide many years ago that I wouldn't buy a present anymore, that we would do something together, so this year our do something together was the Extraordinary Women's conference. For many years we would go to our cabin for a few days when school was out and shop in Auburn and Columbus. 

Just thought I would share the idea this year, so that if you still have your mama you can tell her how much she means to you.



  1. It is a lovely gift to see how your child remembers the things you hoped to teach them. And as you get older I think those kinds of gifts lift the spirits. I send my mom a check so she can order something from QVC. That is her favorite kind of shopping these days.:)

  2. Great reminder for me. I'm at an odd stage with my parents. The baton of control is slowly changing . . . but not quite yet. It's a difficult position, yet I need to remind them both (not just mom) that they have influence. Thank you for this beautiful tribute!


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