Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Off to a Busy Start

Well, busy I have been, but with lots of interruptions. My plans were to redo my sewing room/office, but my hubby surprised me with a gift of new cabinets in there. Someone is coming out next week to measure and plan it, so that is on hold. I kind of went on a lark and started painting my kitchen Saturday evening. It didn't need it at all, just a whim! It has been a golden yellow for years, and I loved the color, however, I have seen all of these gray kitchens on blogs, magazines, Pinterest, etc., so I thought not...why not?

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The picture above was my inspiration picture. I don't have white cabinets, but she went from yellow to a blue/green/grayish. I like very much!!!

I have only a portion done, because I am physically exhausted from the last year and keep getting interrupted to take care of other things. I really don't know what I was thinking starting this before I had some kind of order in the house. It is birthday week at our house too. My hubby and son have a birthday this week, so in the middle of painting a kitchen, I have to bake a cake today too:)

Anyway, I am loving the color. As I said, I really liked my yellow, but I just thought the gray might be a change of pace. It is amazing how well it looks with my oak cabinets and white countertop. Before, I think you noticed the color on the walls, now, I think you will notice how pretty the oak cabinets are.

I will share B&A pictures if I ever finish.

Sunday was a great day at church. Chris Cauley of the Voice led worship. It was fantastic. I was presented a retirement bucket with a JoAnn's gift card during our Waumba Land meeting (our preschool environment). That was so sweet of them.

Yesterday,  two of my colleagues in this grant took me to lunch and gave me such sweet gifts. I love the necklace.

All in all, I am off to a busy start to the summer...oh no, wait my retired life.

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