Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Daughter's Bedroom / Guest Bedroom

I am sharing my daughter's old bedroom today. I am slowing changing it over to a guest bedroom. I am guessing it will always be Lindsay's room to us. My mom visits with us more now, and she stays in there, so I have made a few changes to accommodate her.

I have many things I would love to change out, but budget says it will be a long time before that happens. One of those is the white bookcases that flank both sides of the bed. They are great solid wood pieces that we have had since she was very little. 

It is interesting to look back at pictures of her bedroom as she has grown up. The bookcases tell the story. From dolls and stuffed animals to more books and TONS of framed photos of friends in high school.

I have changed out the two bottom shelves on the one above to hold many of the books I have not allowed myself to part with from the days of teaching. Oh, and two of the framed Barbie clothes were mine from when I was a very small little girl. Sometime in middle school, we framed them for her room

Like every girl her age, American Girl dolls were the thing. Her favorite was Molly. The shelf with the birthday girls were gifts from Nana. When Nana passed away, I found that she had purchased them all (goes up to age 16). Every year, I gave them to her on her birthday. These shelves were literally covered with photos, so I took them out of frames and tidied these up just a bit. She doesn't want to get rid of any of the books, so they will stay. Much like her Mama on that one.

Moving on...

The framed bird picture above the bed was actually a gift from my daughter last Christmas. I love birds, so she surprised me with it for Christmas this past year. I had seen it in a gift store in Destin and raved about it.

Added the birds from Hobby Lobby to match the painting.

Another favorite thing in the room is the barrel chair. It was left over from Nana's furniture when we moved into the house. It was pink, so we had it recovered. I absolutely adore pink, but my daughter does not. She is quite girly, but doesn't like pink or bows. Imagine that. It was quite distressful to me when she was three. I have moved past it.

The quilt is her crib quilt that her Grandma gave her.

I have added the glider for my mom to sit in when she comes.

I will tell you I wasn't at all crazy about the gold in this house when I moved in, but you have to love mirrors like this in all bedrooms. The gold has grown on me, and I am actually seeing a return of it in magazines.

Above the closet is one of the things I cross stitched Lindsay when she was born. 

This is the entry to the bedroom. There is an alcove that begins the room. Out the door to the right is the octagonal shaped foyer

Here is the remainder of that alcove.

The batik she did in art when she was in 8th grade.

I love my little chalkboard. My addition. Do you see that old fashioned teacher chalk holder?

Her dresser is an antique. It matches the nightstand. It had a bed, but the bed didn't survive. The dresser, however, is another thing. It is extremely heavy! There will be no moving it around to change up an arrangement. Even with the dovetailed drawers out, it is still unbelievably heavy.

The wall next to the dresser and at the foot of the bed contains a very special painting. It was bought in Germany in the early 1960's when my dad was stationed there. I am sure it was a sidewalk type vendor, but I have always been fascinated by it. I actually asked to have in my bedroom as a teenager and begged Mama for it along the way. 

I am not sure why I still like it, because I am definitely not a mountain girl. As a kid though, I just loved to imagine what it would be like to sit on that grassy area overlooking the water.

The bedroom opens into the bathroom. The door on the left goes into the bedroom. The door on the right back out into the foyer hallway, and behind me is the entrance from the kitchen hallway. So yes, guests have to close three doors to use the bathroom.

I would love to change out those white bookshelves, but let's face it..I am a book lover, so I have to have places to store books. I would love some dark stained book cases. It will be awhile before that happens, because when we moved those white bookcases into that room through that alcove, Hubby said they would stay there forever!

AND to boot, he actually struggled with me taking down all her photos of friends in there and homecoming ribbons, etc. that adorned the corners of her dresser mirror. 

It is way busier than I would like in there, but it is a process especially since her closet is still full! Not really room to box up more of the bookcase stuff and store in there.

I wouldn't really change all that though... She is my girl, and I am pretty much having trouble letting go the look of it being her room anyway.



  1. Enjoyed the tour of the guest room. We have two daughters (now in their early 30s) and they each have a set of birthday girls. One of them is the same set as your daughter's. They are still packed away at our house because the eldest has two sons. So much for passing down baby clothes and girly things!

    1. Oh, that will be my luck... I am so sentimental and have way too many things stored in her closet to pass down. Thanks for visiting.


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