Saturday, June 6, 2015

School's Out Party

My hubby is a principal of a local high school. Graduation was scheduled for Thursday evening for two of the high schools in our district. Well, one was able to do it, but not Hubby's school. Rain is one thing, but lightning another, so Hubby tried to postpone, but to no avail. Thursday evening ended up being a long and tense one trying to make the call when 4,000 people are in the stands waiting for your decision. One of his best friends was able to pull graduation off at the other high school with just rain.

Yesterday, they met again for the event. No lightning, but a deluge of rain. There is no space in the area large enough to bring it inside, so 450 graduates with Hubby and his administrative team got soaked. It was if the cloud of rain both nights was one spot off the radar....right over the high school.

To celebrate a year of hard work from his administrative team, we celebrated with a day outside on the bayou.

He has one of the best teams ever. They all get along so well. Such camaraderie is rare.

All of their children are elementary aged except for one, but she was a fish in the water. The kayak, paddle board, and floats were put to good use today, topped off with tubing.

The menu was spectacular and everyone ate well.

Grilled Pork Tenderloin (Hubby is quite famous for it in our friend group.)
Barbecued onions
Homemade sauce
Baked Beans
Corn Dip
Pound Cake
Homemade Whipped Cream

I will be back on the diet tomorrow.

I think all really relaxed and enjoyed their time on the water. Cloud cover was intermittent all day, but I think that kept it from being too hot, so I was ok with that since we were all outside. The kids only came out of the water for eating. Even the adults all took a kayak or paddle board ride. 

All of the wives of the male administrators are teachers, so I know it was a great release for them too, as the last day for students was just Thursday. I was glad to kick off summer for all of them.

Looking forward to many more sunny summer days,

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