Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

Hubby and I had a busy but relaxing weekend. I tried to kill two birds with one stone this weekend. I felt like we BOTH could use a weekend away from the routine by OURSELVES, and the I knew the cabin needed attending to around the outside at least.

Hubby finishes up at the high school on Thursday, so basically he has been running to both jobs each day. He won't ever admit it, but I know he is tired. Baccalaureate is tonight and graduation on Thursday, so I think he will be out of there on Friday morning and only at his new job.

I worked on his new office a bit last week.

I on the other hand have been stretched mentally a bit with Mama. I really thought she would have bounced back by now, and to anyone who sees her they think she is just hunky dory... but friends she is not. She complains a ton! I love her, but she has got me worn out too. We go and get a colonoscopy at the end of June. That is the last think I can think of to take her to test. She says she never feels well. There is more..

Hubby and I got up Saturday morning and drove to the lake with a stop in Montgomery for lunch and a quick trip in J Jill. I bought a cute pair of white pants and a summery top.

Then off to the cabin where he fired up the weed eater, and I started washing all the linens. I try to give the cabin a real deep clean once a year around this time. It is amazingly tight in there so means it never gets too dusty. I cleaned floors, and he made sure he got it cut so I won't see any rattlesnakes. We have some friends staying next weekend, and I want to go midJune for some time away.

We headed into Auburn for supper with our really good friends. This time we ate at Live Oaks. It was good, but not close to the meal we had at Acre last visit.
 These friends used to live in FWB and Hubby went to junior high with the other Jeff. In fact, my Jeff has two best friends who are Jeffs and they all went to Auburn. Our gang of friends all called them by their last name. It was really hard for my to call Hubby by the name of Jeff when we stared dating. I still use his last name when we are around any of the Jeffs. I digress...the friends had to move to Tullahoma a few years ago. Their kids still think of FWB as home and never want to go to Tullahoma. The boys all went to Auburn, so they bought a second home in Auburn thinking they would see their kids more.

We had a nice time with them as always. Sunday morning we finished up a few chores and ate breakfast in Opelika while making a Home Depot run.

On the way home, we drove back by the farm via all the back roads. It took a while, but we had time on our hands. We got our first tomatoes and a few other veggies. I had pulled up zucchini earlier in the week, so that would be manageable. We shared with friends too.

On Monday, Hubby got up early and took Lemony to fish with him. He did not take Lucy who is not as calm on the fishing trips, so that meant she was standing on me mourning the fact quite early.
So much for the idea of sleeping in!

Lucy knew they were coming in. I think she either was jumping on me or looking out the window the whole time!

We headed to Mama's to put up some pegboard in her garage. Her HOA has had to hire a new company to do the yards at her place. Oh MYLANTA!!!!! There are quite a few old ladies in there and they do nothing but complain...fits in with Mother. She has complained about her yard which BTW looks great. Hubby had to go back to Lowe's for some different screws, and I thought any relaxation I had found over the weekend had taken legs and sprinted out the door while he was gone.

Bottom line...I have got to find a way to let the complaining not bother me!

I made homemade ice cream last night. I used to do it all the time on Memorial Day, so I thought it was time to bring back the tradition. It was so good. I said I wouldn't just eat any old dessert...only the good homemade ones. Y'all it was so good.
I will share the recipe tomorrow.

Homemade fudge topping too!

As for today, I have quite a few chores to do and other various things so I will busy the rest of the day.

I do hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend.

Praying for Mama because God is good!


  1. Sandy, I think all older ladies like to complain. I keep telling myself do not be like that when you are older. I think it is part of the process of leaving this world behind in preparation for heaven. My sisters deal with many of the things you are dealing with I owe them a lot!! Your garden produce looks great! Y'all did good!! And that ice cream looks yummy!! I have not made any this year. Maybe on the 4th.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I hate the feeling that she is just kind of giving up and quitting on living life, but she seems to be withdrawing.
      I think we have learned quite a bit about how much to plant. We will do some beans and peas soon. I love those little green limas. Those I will gladly put up. AND I did enjoy my treat of ice cream. If I am going got ingest extra calories it has to be really good:)


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