Monday, May 23, 2016

Zucchini Anyone?

I am covered up in zucchini. I have learned after planting that it grows prolifically. Here is an great article on how and why it grows so prolifically!!!! You don't have to read it, but it was quite hilarious in light of what is going on in our garden and now my kitchen counter. This is just one part of the article.

Just One Plant Will Do

When adding zucchini to your garden, just one plant should do it. And in fact, if planted properly and well-cared for, one plant may even produce more than you can handle on your own.

Trust me when I tell you we have way more than one plant!!! In fact, one row of zucchini plants were thought to be yellow squash. that means we have twice as much zucchini planted than we planned and less yellow squash.
I have put up quite a bit. I researched how to put it up. I found that you can freeze it. Yep, I have put up all I think I will want this winter.

You boil it for 3 minutes, then put it in ice water for 3 minutes, then bag and freeze. The USDA says in a regular refrigerator freezer you can keep it for 6 months. In a deep freeze which gets colder you can store it for up to a year.
This brings me back to one of my most favorite memories of a children's book.
I discovered this book one year, and it became my all time favorite children's book ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I used it with my students for years with my class.
The book is Love, Ruby Lavender by Deborah Wiles. The story is a great southern story of a child and her grandmother growing up in Mississippi. There are many things I could say about it, but that would be another post. 
The way it relates to this post is the mother of the main character was a county extension agent  (my dream job in an earlier day) in the book and interwoven as a side story were her columns for the newspaper. All of them had to do with zucchini. Obviously Deborah Wiles had some experience with the prolific growth of zucchini.
I have already tired of eating it as well. We have had it tons of ways. Tonight was Mexican zucchini boats from Pinterest. It was just fair. My favorite way to cook them is simply sautéed in olive oil with garlic salt and pepper.
Just ok, so no recipe to share.

I would love to share my zucchini with all my blog friends, but for now I am trying to unload my counter. I am not wanting to go back to the garden to see how many more are there.
I have also harvested broccoli, cabbage, and lettuce in much more manageable amounts. The tomato plants are loaded. That I can handle. Besides the wonderful salsa, I will can them and use them this winter.
In other garden news, my roses I planted in pots downstairs are lovely.
Chrysler Imperial on the left and Oklahoma on the right.

I have already cut some for the house. I hope they continue to grow well. 

I guess if the apocalypse happens, I can count of zucchini.

Kind of sick of zucchini though,


  1. Yes zucchini is a one plant vegetable. I only like it in Zucchini bread. My friend, Deborah, gifted us with some broccoli. I like it raw but not cooked so Marvin enjoyed steamed broccoli with his meal last night. I can remember our county extension agent. I thought she was so pretty. She was young and dressed so stylishly( at least for our neck of the woods). I can see why you wanted that job!!

    1. Oops, I meant to add that Garrison Keillor says in MN when they have too many tomatoes they leave them on someone's doorstep, ring the bell and RUN!! Maybe that would work for you.:)

    2. I love the drop and run. I wonder if that would work with zucchini too?! Jeff said he was pulling them up this weekend.

  2. How funny! My mother actually makes zucchini cookies to use up her abundance. I won't share the recipe because trust me, you wouldn't want it. I've actually been thinking of writing a story about zucchini, so I'll look up the book you mentioned. It sounds hilarious! Happy eating!

    1. I don't think I could do cookies at all. I have trying to pawn them off to everyone!
      The book is a great book for even an adult. Cute as ever. Reminded me a ton of my childhood. The format is so cute though.
      Can't wait to read YOUR story of zucchini.

  3. Zucchini is always available in abundance. I remember my mom and dad growing it and it was like you could just watch its size increase! So glad you shared this book. I've not seen this one. Your roses look great!

    1. It is a great children's book, but I think any adult who grew up in the south might like it too. I am currently reading Mary Alice Monroe's, The Summer Girls. Good summer read.

    2. Stacey, I had to do another reply since I mentioned the book I was reading. It was going along pretty good, but it is a bit racey at the end. I haven't quite finished, but last night's reading made me think I shouldn't have said anything about it until I finished. Don't get it yet. I am uncertain about recommending it at this point.


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