Friday, February 23, 2018

A Little Easter Planning and a Final Cross Stitch Finish

I have had a little head cold the past few days. I am feeling a tad bit better today, so I thought I would take it easy and do some fun things this morning.

I am planning for my Easter dinner whatever day my kids can do it. You can read about my thoughts from last year on holiday dinner times here.

One thing that is tradition for me and that I have held on tight to is using the good dishes for holidays. I was toying with the real china for Easter this year, but I have so fallen in love with my linens that I put out for Valentine's Day.  I love them so so so much, I simply can't put them away. The linens are from Jenny's Everyday Occasions online shop. I think she has sold out of the pink linens, but she has new stuff with every season.

I first put out the good china.

Slightly boring.

Then I put out my not necessarily good china, but one I only use on special days. I fell in love with this blue pattern from Southern Living at Dillards a couple of years ago. I just had to have it. It is so versatile. The bunny plates are from Pottery Barn.

Anyway, I think the blue will win out for Easter this year. I will share the final look closer to Easter.

Then, I decided to finish up my spring pillow that I stitched a couple of weeks ago. I want to get it out for spring which is not quite here, but my mind is definitely on it.

I used the thread that came with the pattern. It was Classic Color Works Weathered Vine.  It is definitely a muted green with an olive undertone. I simply had n-o-t-h-i-n-g in my very l-a-r-g-e stash that matched it. I decided it wouldn't have to be something that contrasted rather than matched, but I still had nothing in my stash. 

I headed down the road to the expensive quilting store and found the perfect piece by Moda. I just love the little bees. The leaves are a perfect match and the muted and soft blue is perfect. 

Such a perfect match that I plan to finish the "Summer" pillow in the same fabric.

See it will be perfect for it too.

This is also a great match for foyer which houses my new church pew.

I am in love with it.

It all pairs well with my foyer decor that stays out from January to late September and fall arrives.

The table is opposite the pew.

A better opposite view.

In search for the perfect rug...until then this small one will have to do.
I would so add a small book ...Bible or prayer book to the pew, but sweet Gus, the puppy Springer, likes books as much as me!!! Just not to read, but to chew on.


  1. Beautiful pillow and love the bee fabric too! Also beautiful decorations!

  2. Oh Sandy, what perfect fabric you found for your pillow! I know you said it was by Moda, but would you happen to know the fabric line. I think it looks fabulous on your pew bench in your entry way. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. IT is called Garden Notes by Kathy Schmitz for Moda. I fell in love with it and got a little extra. So glad I did, because it will be perfect for the Summer cottage and maybe even a little something else.

  3. Oh, those bunny plates are too cute, Sandy! I love anything with bunnies on it :)

    Your pillow finish is so sweet and I really love the fabric you found for it. That is so funny about your pup liking books a little too much--he would LOVE it at my house :)

  4. Sandy your table settings look so pretty. Love the linens and the pretty plates. I am so in love with not only your stitch but that gorgeous fabric. It was worth every single penny. How I wish I had a quilt shop near me but no luck here.

    Sweet little Gus has the knack for finding trouble!!! LOL!!! But he will be well informed with the best book. RJ

    1. The fabric was worth the extra. It sewed well too. The quality is apparent for sure. I might have to shop their remnants for more of my projects.

  5. Your foyer is unique and so beautiful. I would go with any of the place setting views you gave us, but the bunny against the blue is really striking! Great post! (I hope that cold vanishes soon!)

    1. Thanks Barbara. The entire house has some unique rooms and corners. If you dig deep in the archives, you will find that our home was his parents dream home built upon retirement. When they passed away, we moved here. I honestly didn't like it when we first decided to move in, but you can't turn down waterfront living. It has grown on me over the years and I changed as much as I could and learned to live with others. My mother-in-law drew the plans up and so it has lots of hexagonal rooms. The foyer is an octagon though.

  6. Love the pew. Love the peacock lamp. Love the table settings. Love the quilt fabric and Ocean Blue floss. All so beautiful. Judy

    1. Thank you Judy. You love all of my favorite things! That must mean we think alike:)

  7. Sandy, I LOVE the monochromatic colors of the Spring stitch. YOur finishing is perfect!! I am envious that you have a quilt shop nearby! I wish I had one close. I find the moda fabrics have the nicest quality and their designs are wonderful. I am so glad Robin asked about the fabric, I'm sure you will be seeing this on one of my projects, I am in love with it!!

    I enjoy setting a pretty table for holidays and special occasions also. I love your tablecloth and napkins and your setting with the blue glasses and bunny plate is wonderful. I will have to check out Jenny's everyday occasion site. I hope your feeling much better soon. Mary

    I hope your feeling much better soon!! Mary

    1. Mary, I am going to visit that quilt shop again when I need more fabric. It sewed up so smoothly. My machine didn't sputter once. They don't have a lot of notions, but the fabric was so pretty. I will have to watch for their leftovers pieces.
      Thank you. I have fallen in love with Jenny's linens. They are kind of pricey, but the quality is so nice. It is my splurge.

  8. The bunny plate could not be any more precious!!!


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