Thursday, March 29, 2018

A New Washer and an Updated Laundry Closet

I shared earlier in this post that I was participating in the Simple Organizing challenge held by Melissa Michaels for the release of her new book. I really had no idea that I would get to update things when I wrote that post.

Well, one week to the date of that post, my washer burned out. I had one of those fancy front loaders that I will admit was one of my worst purchases ever. It lasted 10 years and has been worked on multiple times. I have complained about it for a decade in which Hubby said it cost too much to get rid of it, so I dealt with it. Other than having to spend money on a new one I was ecstatic that it died. A common problem is the fast spinning wears them out. It had smoking bellowing from it a week ago.

My new Maytag top loader!!!

With the old one out and three days before I would get the new one, I had time to paint the closet which honestly was what it needed more than anything! I painted it the color of the hallway and got a new shelf. It made all the difference. I also added a couple of cross stitch pieces. I moved the things that were sitting on the dryer right outside the door to the shelf on the garage. That was mostly my dog towels (they stay wet from the bayou) and old sheets that I use in the truck for them when we go places. Those were easily moved to the shelf right outside the door.

New shelf. I kept the white baskets. Easy to wash out when they get dusty.

I have no plans to put the curtains back up. The rod is there if I ever need it. The closet doors will remain off. This should all motivate me to keep it tidy. I honestly think I will. It is just so nice to have it clean. I didn't start out with a clean closet, so that made it hard to get it clean.

Much better. Feels a bit more open without the curtain.

Oh, and I got a new light too. The ceilings are really high and the fluorescent light's ballast was out so I haven't had a light in their for years. We just replaced it with a new light, not fluorescent so it will be easier to change the bulb.

I walk by this area hundreds of times a day so I moved my rules here. I plan to take note of them more!

I stitched this back in the 90's and it was in my sewing room where you really couldn't even see it. I love that I will get to enjoy it daily too.

I mean win win y'all!

I will be back next week with some more of the challenges. Catching my breath from the last couple of weeks. Whew.

I did link up with Imparting Grace's linky party this week.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend. I am looking forward to Easter Sunday with church and my family.

He is Risen and I Stand Amazed in His Presence,


  1. Oh Sandy, your "new" laundry area is so warm and I know you are pleased with how it turned out. I hope your new washer brings you the happiness that your old machine didn't. I like both of your stitched pieces. Love the floral mat for the LK piece. Have a blessed Easter weekend!

  2. You and I could have written the same laundry story, Sandy. I had front loaders that I despised for so long. We actually bought two different sets thinking the second set had to be better. It wasn't. They are hard to work with because of the squatting and tugging. They smell terrible. Just not all they are cracked up to be! We bought the same ones you have when we moved to this house and I love them. Your laundry room is cute and efficient which is exactly what we want. :)

  3. I'm glad you got a new washer that makes doing laundry easier. I like doing's my favorite 'chore'! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs, Diane

  4. I am glad someone's laundry room is clean. I am inspired. It looks great!

    1. Thanks Whitney. I am working on a new area now, but I can tell you I am loving the new laundry space.

  5. So glad you are enjoying your new washing machine and newly painted and organized laundry room, Sandy--it looks great! And your cute stitched pieces add such a nice touch. I keep my laundry room very neat, too, as it is in the center of my back hall. I can always close the door, though, if it does happen to be cluttered...

    Wishing you a lovely Easter with your family!

  6. Standing with you in His glorious Presence.

    Beautiful post. I really like all that you've done with your laundry area. CONGRATS on the new washer!!!

    Happy Easter!

  7. Looks wonderful Sandy! I agree about the curtains. It looks great as it is and I would keep it neater if it was open to public view.


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