Sunday, June 24, 2018

A Little Stitching and Flower Gardening

Flower Gardening
I am starting with my flowers. If you are not as obsessed with growing things as I am you can skim over this part😏

I know why I didn't buy petunias anymore after watching them this year as the hot of June came in. They were unbelievably beautiful all spring, but once the heat came I couldn't water them enough. I think they would survive around here in a part shady place, but my pots on the stone wall are a no go. Because it is almost full sun on and on a stone wall, my pots need plants that are somewhat drought resistant. Geraniums will survive although they might not bloom as well or the blooms don't last long. I have used Lilies of the Nile during the summer in many of the pots, but the cold actually got them this year so that sent me trying some flowers again. I did discover a new flower called Millions Bells (I think) that have done pretty well and some snap dragons have done fair.

However, I will be going to buy some lilies this week sometime to replace some of the plants that are just plain fizzling out.

I left one petunia in to try and learn from. I said last post that I was deadheading them all wrong. I watched a video and learned how to deadhead and prune, so I am trying to save one. I am like that in regards to flowers and plants. Quite tenacious!!!

Here are some photographs to share with you what I learned.

I was pulling off the flower head only.


I learned that you must pull off the flower and the green piece with it. This keeps it from getting to leggy and produces new growth right where you removed the piece keeping the flower full. Much the same way as geraniums. You remove the entire stem of the flower and that will produce new leaves.

When you go all the way down the stem of the spent geranium to break off... 

you get full pots of geraniums. This big pot is only two small geraniums. It has lasted for several years. I cover it in the winter.

Now onto

Cross Stitching

I finished the Christmas ornament this weekend. I did not use the called for colors, but what I had on hand.

The white of the church doesn't really contrast with the color fabric I used. I am thinking of outlining it. I plan to wait until I get ready to fully finish it to see if stands out after I choose the finish technique. It calls for a cardinal button to go on the top of one of the trees. I may see if I can find something to put there.

I am going to do one more small before I take a blogging break in July for my mission trip and just time away. 
I began my Halloween piece that I won from Mary and RJ of Stitching Friends last year. I did quite a few fall pieces last year but not Halloween. I would like to do a couple of smalls for that.
Hopefully, I will do better than I did on my patriotic plans.

I usually fully finish things as I go, but I am putting me a stack together to do one day in the sewing room over in July.

I feel like the year is just flying by.


  1. I love geraniums but never have any luck with them. Yours are beautiful. I love your smalls!! I wish I could bring Amelia's tuck pillow to you to finish. I am going to put the piping on it today. Fingers crossed it turns out ok. I am stitching on Knee High by the 4th of July right now. I think I will focus on it for a rotation is not in

    1. I seriously love pink geraniums, but some odd reason that I have not found an answer to, the red ones are much more prolific bloomers.
      I hope your piping works. I really had a lot more luck with the store bought piece and wrapping my fabric around it. I guess it provided a little tension for sewing. Rotations are never in stone. I just felt with the trip coming that all I could focus on was the smalls. I hope to maybe do some rotating after the trip.

  2. Your geraniums look fantastic, Sandy. I need to replace mine as they didn't survive the winter. Good tip on the deadheading of the petunias. Congratulations on getting your ornament finished.

    1. It is crazy how different things grow across the country. That is one reason I love reading blogs from all over. I bring my geraniums in as much as I can in the winter, but I have a bottom floor that still gets light so they often make it from year to year. Geraniums are in our local stores as early as January and are almost impossible to purchase after February.

  3. Such a cute ornament finish, Sandy--love the colors you chose. I can well understand you taking a blogging break in July with all you'll have going on. I hope you are getting excited about your upcoming mission trip!

    I am not much of a gardener as we have such a problem with deer that I have officially given up. What grows in our yard are ferns, hostas, and a few perennials for color. I sure wish I could have more flowers, but the deer just are impossible... And yesterday I spied a mama and two little spotted fawns chomping away on our bushes back by the pond! Darling, but...

    1. But deer...they kind of make up for flowers...well, maybe. Sometimes, I wonder if I need to have less flowers. It takes me a good bit of time to tend to them. I say every year I will have less, but somehow I end up with as many as the year before.
      I will have quite a few things to fully finish later in July. I will have to take a day to spend in the sewing room:)

  4. Two wonderful new stitching ornament.
    The finish Santa from the last post is beautiful.
    Best wishes Manuela

  5. Your stitches are coming along beautifully Sandy. The church is so pretty. Will you be making a similar finish for it? So happy you like Batty...I think it will be a quick one to stitch.

    You are a good gardener. I try but I just don't have that green gene. Somethings grow well but than others?!?

    Enjoy your time off. RJ


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