Sunday, June 30, 2019

One Last Post for June

Two posts in two days...

I decided I had complained in the last post which really though is the truth of what goes on around here sometimes.

In between all that chaos I read three books this month. I have one to mention. Back at the beginning of June, Diane at Lavender Dreams mentioned the book Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger.  She wrote, "If you only have time to read one book this summer, read this one. It is amazing. You'll never forget it."

So I normally look at the library, but after reading about in on Amazon, I ordered knowing if I liked it that it might be one to pass onto my son. (It was written in 2014, so good chance it is at the library.) My son, daughter, and I are all readers and I usually can tell if they will like something as well. I am the most eclectic reader of the bunch.

Back to the book...yes, it was one I am still thinking about three days later. I enjoyed it and she made a great recommendation. For those of you who know has some strong language in a couple of places but are not cast out there lightly like everything these days. They are part of the character and story.

A couple of months back I purchased a new decorating book. Y'all know my love for those, but I don't buy them lightly these days and this one did not disappoint. I am just now getting around to mentioning it. The book Enduring Southern Homes by Eric Ross is just that...beautiful classic, not trendy homes.

Here a few of my favorite pages...

He is on Instagram and one to follow if you love home decor like me, and I have been thinking I should share it for months. Now, I have:)

Onto other things...

I really really really need to stay off of Instagram period. I have two things I saw on there that are in some form or other showing up in Jolly July stitching, but first....

If you don't read or follow Judy at Halland House Gifts, you are missing a treat. You simply must go and see her finished "Sarah B" Hands Across the Sea Sampler. Simply marvelous, beautiful, amazing, and every other fantastic word you can think of will describe it. Vonna and the Fiber Talk guy have been talking about it for quite awhile on Youtube, but Judy has put the final stitch in it and I am so inspired.

If after July and my Christmas stitching that I have picked out I can stay away from being swayed by all the adorable smalls, this ole girl is going to be a stitching machine on some larger pieces and then just maybe one day I will do a Sarah B sampler.
Go see it!!!!
Then come back for some of my plans.

I have three larger projects that I have kitted up which really when you see here is way more than three.

Here is what I am up to...

Right after this past Christmas, I ordered some patterns that had birds. My plan when I ordered them was to eventually stitch them and make a wall in the master bedroom with these. I had been so inspired by all the botanical prints making up walls on Instagram and I though these would be my version of that. When they arrived all those months ago, I sort of put them on the back burner thinking maybe I had been wrong. They were not true pictures like, but maybe cartoonish. That is really not the word I am looking for, but I second guessed myself, so I stuck them back and started something else even though I had been all about them.

THEN, along came that inspirational lady... Carol at Stitching Dreams and lo and behold she had stitched one of them and I knew then I absolutely had to do at least some  of them, but which ones and how many?! After all, I don't think they will be that quick to stitch. So, I am finally getting through with some things I had started and put together a plan. I will do Faith, Hope, and Love first. If I never get to 8 of them, at least these three will look good together. I have 8 patterns, but two more have come out since I purchased them. They really need a mockingbird and then I will be in business:)

I plan to do all on the same linen.

Have Faith has been started and the colors are so pretty.

I definitely want to do my roses stitch that I have started and I simply must do two more from my space of the Apollo 11 landing and then one of Voyager. I can so see myself starting the moon landing one on the 50th anniversary this year on July 11th.

I will stitch on the roses and the bluejay Sunday and then it is onto Christmas. I will be back soon for that plan!!!

In the meantime, I simply must not buy anything else, cuz wait to see you Christmas plans.

Overly ambitious,


  1. Oh my... you are busy indeed!! I so envy you stitchers and the lovely projects you complete! My passion is home plan books. I would rather look at a magazine full of home plans than any fashion magazine! I had to stop buying them!! I love the pages you shared in your southern homes book!

  2. Thanks for the great book recommendations Sandy. I will check them out. I'm with you on Judy...she is an amazing stitcher who always takes on such lofty projects and they come out perfect. And Carol has tempted me with the bird series too. I love that you are starting with Faith.

    You have wonderful plans my friend and I can't wait to see your inspirational wall in your bedroom. It is going to be gorgeous. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  3. Wonderful stitching plans. I love the pattern too and I like your new start with the word Faith.
    Enjoy the week.

  4. Hey, we all get to rant every now and I am not much of a bird fan, chalk that up to a pet parakeet that scared me to But Kitten Stitcher shared her Prairie Schooler birds all stitched on one piece of fabric and it sure did tempt me to give the tone a try. BUT....loke you I have Jolly July, Joshua's birth sampler and plenty of stash too choose from so I till just work on what I have for now. I must finish Christmas List and Christmas Quaker 2 so those are my big projects for now. A Savior's Praise keeps calling my name but after my Smoky Mountain Christmas fail I am reluctant to start a big project. I will cheer you on however. :)

  5. First, thank you for the book recommendation! I have added it to my list. I saw Judy's finished sampler and it is stunning. Her finish is very inspiring. I like those bird charts you have picked up. I am still straddling the fence on a couple of them. I am here in your corner cheering you on for your bigger stitches along with your plan for Jolly July!

  6. Sandy: We are big readers, I must look up this book, thank-you for the information.
    You have some beauties to stitch, I have a half bath with all bird designs and one stitched cat design, after all a cat loves its birds, Giggles.
    Your Rose design looks like a beauty.
    Have a beautiful week.


  7. I love looking at deco books too, your choice is classic and gorgeous!! I added the book to my list, I used to be an avid reader but I don't do much now since I took up cross stitching. Thanks for the recommendation. I just love the Forever and Ever in that series! If I ever make a dent in all the patterns I have I will buy this series. I just love anything with birds.

  8. I've decided to probably just stitch four of the bird series on the same linen as well, Sandy. I'm still trying to narrow them down and I need to pick up my needle and get started on one. I do love the Faith one and also Merry and Wisdom. I feel like I should do Bliss because that was my mother's maiden name, but, Simplicity with the daisies is also calling my name. Decisions, decisions!

  9. Eric Ross has designed some really beautiful rooms, and I also follow him on IG thanks to you :-). Thank you for your sweet words. Those large reproduction samplers really ARE like potato chips. I think Nicola said that HATS had about 16 reproduction samplers in the works right now. You will have plenty to choose from when you are ready. Sandy, you've chosen some wonderful projects for now. I love how we can be on a fence about something or be feeling buyer's remorse until another stitchy friend changes our mind right back and encourages us. Hurray for stitchy friends and hooray for your stitchy wall. Judy


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