Tuesday, October 29, 2019

A Random Assortment of Stuff

This is one of those random assortment posts of everything in my brain. A brain dump - you might say.

First up is my progress on the mockingbird. I am steadily plodding along. I am purposely leaving the beak until last. I feel like the bird is the star of the show and should be finished last. There is a good bit to do underneath the bird similar to the top.

I am still working on my Advent calendar to be completed for Christmas 2020. I have #2 done and really almost done with #3. I am very excited about this calendar. I think it can be made to be something fun for grandkids.

I read a good book. I often read 2 and 3 books at the same time. I have always done this....nothing new for me. I got this book Thursday or Friday and finished it on Saturday - well let's say early Sunday morning. I had a heartache on Saturday and had to take Excedrin. Kiss of death for sleep, but necessary for headache. I gave up, got up and finished my book.

Richella has blogged at Imparting Grace (in my sidebar) for many years. She has a beautiful home and I have followed along for many years. She hasn't blogged a ton in the recent months as this book has been in the works. I don't often tell you guys about the books I read BECAUSE as I have said many many times before--- my taste in books is eclectic and I might sway you, but this one is worth mentioning.

Richella tackles the problem of comparison that really most of us deal with to some degree. Given today's bombardment with social media it heightens it all the more, but it is a Satan trap that has been around forever. 

I have read other books through Bible studies and just on my own. This one is different. I sent Richella a note that said I thought God has given her "her" story to write this book. The thing that makes it different from all the rest is that I think she gives very practical Godly solutions to help with it AND I think those practical solutions are realistic and doable things.

So yea, this is one is worth reading. It is on Amazon. I like the cover...it is a mirror.
I think this would make a great Bible study. It reads very easily and flowing- hence I read it quickly, but now I am going back to all the pages I dog-eared and looking through the study questions at the end of each chapter.

Now, onto something Jeff came home and shared the other day. He had a workshop for educators and he shared some interesting tidbits from it with me. It was the kind of thing I would love if I were still teaching. I don't know who the presenter was or where the information came from since I just listened about the info. Sorry, I know it came all footnoted.

I think you will enjoy reading some of it as well.

Statistics about phone usage.
People look at their phone up to 110 times a day.
Up to every 6 seconds in the evening.
Overall, 9 times an hour.
Peak time for use is between 5 and 8 PM (homework and family time??)
24% are checking it between 3and 5 AM

This was a slide from the presentation.
The captions says "The Swipe and Feed."

I found this photo on the Internet. Basically, it lets you work on your phone while feeding.

Photo Credit: https://www.swipeandfeed.com/media

Seriously!? I think we might need to put it down to cuddle.

Comparison of phone usage from 2000 to 2013 (probably even worse)
In 2000, people spent 2.7 hours online per week compared to 2013's 30 hours per week online.
In 2000, there were one million Google searches daily, compared to 2013's 4.7 billion daily Google searches.
2000 - 34 billions text messages sent daily. 2013 - 188 billion text messages sent daily.
2000- 0 apps downloaded. 2013 -25 billion apps downloaded.
There are tons more about Youtube views, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 
You get the picture!!!

68% of people said they lost track of time with devices.
28% extended restroom visits at work to look at devices.
75% check phone while someone is talking to them.
53% respond to messages while driving.

He went on to talk about attention spans are diminishing with the use. I don't even think you have to ask a teacher to know this is true!

Food for thought!
It has made me lay mine down more, and I will be purposeful about laying it down more.

I am heading to Auburn for the weekend. When we had the cabin at the lake, we had very little cell phone coverage out there. It made me unplug. We have plenty in Auburn, but I on many occasions try to continue to lay it down and really relax. This weekend will be one of those times, so if I don't respond to a blog post that will be the case. 

I will say keeping Tucker has been good for just that as well.
 I don't like being on devices when he is up, so that has kept me usage down. I am writing this while he is napping, but honestly most days I rest too while he is napping. I ain't a spring chicken any more!

I most likely will not post until next week, so until then may you be blessed.


  1. I love random posts the best, I think. This was so enjoyable to read. I enjoyed seeing the progress on the mockingbird. It will be beautiful! And the Advent calendar -- what an heirloom that will be. The motif you showed is so nice.

    Your book recommendation sounds good. I think social media does lead to a lot of comparison and in many cases people only post what looks good, not reality.

    Those phone statistics are scary. Often when I am stopped at a red light and it turns green, it takes a long time for the first car in line to move. It's my belief that they picked up their phone to occupy themselves during the wait. It's not legal here to text and drive or talk on a hand-held device while driving, but a good many people do it anyway.

    1. I think you can rest assured they are on the phone at the red light. I drive a truck so I can often see down into those cars and it is no surprise about how many are on it while driving. It is quite scary to think about. I just don't want to be a statistic with my phone. I am making a conscious effort to stay off of it more. I kind of have a hard time with Instagram. I feel a bit better on the blog because hopefully with more words my heart can shine through. Quick images are just that and often don't show real life. Even with blogs, we are only sharing the happy. Life isn't always happy. I think it is harder today for young people though with all the social media.

  2. Oh, your mockingbird is so lovely, Sandy--and that little Advent calendar will make for wonderful memories for the grandkids for years to come. My kids still recall certain traditions that they did each Christmas as kids while visiting my parents and I hope to incorporate some of those traditions into my own Grandparent life some day (please, please?!?!).

    That book sounds excellent--I really hate what social media has done to the lives of growing children and teens. The constant comparisons or feelings of being left out make growing up these days harder than ever. And it's not just kids either. I know I feel like such a slow stitcher compared to others which is ridiculous! I love to stitch for the process and the anxiety reduction--sadly, I feel like things like Flosstube have made it a race to see who can stitch/finish the most which is why I rarely watch. I'll give that book a look--thanks for the recommendation :)

    Have a great Auburn weekend--I bet it's lovely down there this time of year!

  3. WOW...crazy statistics about phone. So sad. I'm really sick of mine. Hate what society has become so I am making a conscious effort to put it down. Been at beach all week with my BFF so I really have not been on it all. Feels good!
    I'm whispering now....I know you watched the game....whispering lower...sorry about your loss. But ya know kinda NOT sorry since it was us ya'll were playing!!!!!! LOVEYA!!!

  4. Interesting statistics about phone usage. I am not of the majority. At least once a week I forget my phone when I leave the house. Most times it is in one room while I'm in another. When it is in my purse I do not take it out to look at who might have sent a message. I think it is sad how cell phones have replaced human connections. Very sad. Good post!! Enjoy that little one!! The mocking bird is coming along nicely!

  5. Your stitching looks wonderful. A nice idea to make a adventskalender for your grandchild.
    Have a nice time.

  6. HI, I came to you via Carol's blog (Stitching Dreams). I
    I just had to comment on that photo of the baby feeding, I cannot believe this sort of gadget is being sold! The phone statistics are frightening, everywhere you go people are checking their phones. I recently went to London for the day with my daughter and grandson and as I got on the train realized I had left my phone at home, it was so liberating, I didn't miss it at all. I commented that I will have to leave my phone at home more often, lol.

    1. Hey Maggie, I didn't get your comment on my email so I almost missed it. It is sad to watch how people don't even look up when eating out. They are just glued to their phone. I think we are forgetting how to just converse with people at dinner. We went out of town this weekend and I made a point to just let it go for the weekend. It was actually very nice.

  7. Over the last few months I have started turning off both my phone and my computer earlier and earlier in the evening because I just want to be left alone in my own little world. It's been good for me.

  8. Cant wait to see your advent calendar...it will be a beauty! One of our young friends told us we did not need a pedometer as our phone kept track of steps. Well I dont carry my phone with me constantly so that would not work for me. And yes mama's put down those phones and look at that baby who will be a grown person before you know it.

  9. Sandy: Nice post, the bird is beautiful, I am so loving the snowman, he is adorable.
    I love reading, I read almost anything, I have no particular type I read.
    I agree put down the phones, I think I look at mine maybe twice a day, just not interested in the thing, its just a phone to me.


  10. I enjoyed reading your random posts; they are always enjoyable! Sandy, your Mockingbird piece is looking super. Awesome progress on it! The Advent block #2 is adorable. Thank you for the book recommendation; will have to check into it! Those phone statistics are truly interesting and not in a good way. It is not only the kids, but most people who are tied to their phones 24/7. We do have cell phones, but they aren't smart and are never turned on. Their use is for emergencies only and we are okay with that.

  11. Very interesting post, Sandy. While my phone isn't a problem for me (I don't even know for sure where it is at the moment ;^), I certainly recognize that I can (and do) lose time to the internet on my computer. I lament that for the increasing ability we have to be instantly connected and easily communicate, we seem to be suffering more personal disconnect and loss of real communication. I'm glad people are writing about this crazy paradox we're living. Lot's of good food for thought here. And that mocking bird is just beautiful!

  12. What a darling little mockingbird cross-stitch this is, it will look so lovely when it is all finished! Your handiwork is amazing! The book review you shared was very interesting. I think we will be seeing more discussion of this subject, as our lives are now so inter-connected with the internet, and phones. I wonder what we will be like in ten years? God help us! Yes, we need to start now just being in the now, and not otherwise occupied. Blessings to you :)

  13. Sandy, your stitching always inspires me! Your work is beautiful, and I am so proud that you actually get things DONE!

    I have to tell you, those phone statistics are downright frightening. I have been on my phone SO MUCH MORE with launching a book, and it's just not a good thing. I know it's necessary for this particular season, but it's not good. To be honest, I've even noticed a difference in my posture! It's like my head is stuck in a looking-down position. Ugh.

    Speaking of launching a book, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kind words about Mythical Me. Your message to me did my heart so much good. It's easy to get discouraged when you publish a book, to start wondering if anyone will read, wondering if you should have gone to all that trouble--you can imagine. Your message was definitely a pick-me-up right when I needed it, and reading this post is another pick-me-up. Thank you!!

  14. Good information on phone usage. Your stitches are coming along beautifully. I really look forward to seeing the completed Advent calendar. May the rest of the week bring you peace and blessings.

  15. I think phone addiction is a real problem. My husband doesn't have a phone and I'm not attached to mine. I put it in the back seat when I'm driving so I'll never be tempted to look at it. I havea big pick up and I'm always amazed at how many people are on their phone. that attachement to the bottle is a disgrace!!!! And, I can't stand seeing families out at a restaurant and each and every one on their phone!!! I am not part of this phone generation at all!!

    1. Oh my, I am so obsessed about the obsession with phones I forgot about your beautiful stitches!!! I LOVE the mocking bird and can't wait to see how you finish the advent calendar.


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