Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Ordinary Days

The pictures give you a glimpse of daily life around here. Nothing to special, but the ordinary days are truly the best days.

Walks with Tucker. 
Gus, the Springer had been outside and had gone and jumped in the water when I told him not to so he got locked up on the back deck to dry. Lemony, the Golden was rewarded for not getting in the water and went on a walk with us. She was very good as usual. Stayed right out front and led the way. 

Tucker is moving and grooving these days. He was quite proud of himself for pulling up to the bookcase. This was the beginning of pulling and cruising the furniture to get where he needs to go even faster. 

He was like, "Look at me, Grammie!"

That face!!!
Grammie is smitten but on her toes keeping him out of stuff.

It rained yesterday. It hasn't rained since August at our house. Two times last week, it sprinkled for all of 10 seconds each and just like that --it quit. Yesterday's rain was a wonderful slow and steady rain. A good rain.

I finally planted some flowers this weekend in the garage wall pots. They had geraniums that were basically sticks left from hot baking sun in the 90s since forever. Next year it is back to lilies of the Nile and grasses for just green color in the summer. 

The pots got some pansies in two of them and some dusty miller and dianthus in the other two. They are more Christmas colors than fall, but just happy to see something in them at all.
I can't say I do much for fall outside anymore. When the kids were younger we would go pick out some pumpkins about a week before Halloween and carve one of them. I don't go to the trouble anymore. Mums just don't well here, so I absolutely love seeing them in pictures from others though. 

It is still warm. I put on some pants for a baby shower on Saturday and nearly died. It has cooled in the mornings some and not sweating so much for the early walks. I think the worst of the heat is slowly dying and that is all I need. No cold --- just not oppressive heat and humidity.

I am stitching away on the three things I shared last week. I didn't get #2 on the Advent calendar finished. I started it on Sunday which is my plan each week, but I should have some time to stitch later in the week to finish it.

I am plodding along with the other two kind of dividing the time equally between the two. You would think the fall stitch would be a quickie, but that border has taken some time. It calls for filling in the middle of those diamonds with a darker color, but I am thinking I will do some satin stitches there. Just haven't decided on the color yet. After all, I am butchering this pattern, so why not change something else?

As you can now probably tell, my bird is a mockingbird. I am really enjoying him.

Tucker will turn 1 this week.
Last week was the anniversary of Hurricane Michael. I saw on the news in Bay County alone, they have collected what has been 36 years of debris. They took it mostly to parks to begin with and have about 10% more to deal with. That is staggering to think about.
It is still quite a mess over there in so many ways. It was truly devastating to the not only the people, but the environment.

I took this yesterday morning when I got up. I think about how many trees this size were broken in half by that storm. It is still so hard to think about how scared I was a year ago. Lindsay being 9 months pregnant and that ferocious storm headed right at us. Even though they kept saying it was going to turn a little east, one little wobble could have it sitting on us. I still have a hard time thinking about it.

Well, that is all I have for now.
Grateful in so many ways,


  1. Poor Gus! I guess the water was more tempting than the walk. Lemony looked like she enjoyed the walk with you and Tucker. Tucker is one cute kid. Hard to believe that he will be turning a year! Your stitch projects are looking good. I love the morning shot you featured in the last photo, Sandy!

  2. You are right...ordinary days are best. A good friend lost her husband suddenly yesterday. So very sad. He is a local farmer and was in the midst of harvest. His sons work on the farm with him and they are totally devastated. So yes, ordinary days are a blessing. I love that picture of Tucker standing on tippy toes....what can I reach from here? My grands loved to push buttons of the tv and the dvd player. And that picture from your deck....frame worthy.

  3. Grateful indeed. We all have so much to be thankful for. That last picture you shared is beautiful! Tucker is on his toes and keeping you one yours! What a cutie!!

  4. It was a pleasure reading about an ordinary day. Tucker sure is a cutie. And that mocking bird is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you. I am really enjoying the mockingbird. They are in abundance around my home.

  5. Oh, your view is just so calming, Sandy! I'm so relieved that the hurricane bypassed you last year... I guess that is a constant worry when living in Florida. I don't think my in-laws ever truly recovered when their home was hit by Irma in 2017...

    Love that mockingbird piece you are working on and Tucker sure is adorable. I bet you have no trouble getting in your 10,000 steps each day when caring for him :)

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead!

  6. Hi Sandy: I love seeing Tucker and on his tippy toes so adorable.
    I love the designs you are working on the bird is my favorite.
    I understand about being thankful, we get tornados here and straight line winds, nothing like the hurricanes you get.


  7. Happy Birthday to Tucker! I remember your concern last year when the storm hit and Lindsay was due to give birth. So much has happened in our lives since then, and yet the devastation from the hurricane continues to be a big problem.

    Your cross stitched mockingbird is beautiful. And the last photo, taken in early morning, is so peaceful.

  8. What an enjoyable post! I love that last photo in particular.

    Your cross stitch mockingbird is lovely. You do such beautifully detailed work!

    And Tucker ... he is just growing by leaps and bounds, isn't he? He is taking on a definite little boy look and less of a baby look. Happy Birthday to him!

  9. Sandy, your sunrise photo is stunning. I'm grateful that the storm missed you. We are lucky in Idaho to rarely experience weather events. Earthquakes are another story, though!

    Tucker is such a cutie, and I remember those days of constant watching and worrying. When my son was at the stage of pulling himself up to standing, he said his first words. He tried pulling himself up to an ottoman, but he slipped, and as he was falling back to a sitting position, he blurted out, "Help me, Daddy!" My husband and I looked at each other, jaws gaping wide open, hardly able to believe that his first "word" was a complete sentence. Amazing how those milestones come when you least expect them.

    Your stitching is lovely. I'm loving the mockingbird - the colors and details are stunning.


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