Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Stitching and More

I am finally getting around to the stitching update, but we will talk about more than stitching.

I have been a bit distracted where stitching is concerned. I think sometimes there are just too many choices and that kind of got me to where I am. I just had to take a step back and do some thinking and focusing on what Sandy really wanted to stitch. The end result was I had a lot of things I wanted to stitch, but I also had a lot I didn't.

I want go into all that, but some of the fall things will just have to wait until next year, especially the Thanksgiving ones.

I am going to plug along on Bittersweet September by Blackbird Designs but it is going to be different than the pattern. I think the colors ware what drew me to the pattern, but I am changing it as I go. I plan to finish it this fall, but it may only get a week or two of display time before Thanksgiving. We will see how the changes take shape as I go.

For now, here is where I am...

The house looks light, but I think it will work.

I am not very far, because while at Auburn I just HAD to start this...

My photos are so dark...the light is fading fast these evenings.

I am not going to show you a pattern picture just yet. IT is coming and I am hoping to complete this one by November 1st.

Then I decided I needed to maybe do an Advent number a week if I was going to get this finished by next Christmas and have it done up in some form for Tucker and family.
The first one is done. I am doing them on a sparkly white that I have done some Christmas ornaments on before. I ordered some more of this and really think it will be perfect.

Doesn't look sparkly in the picture, but is is...promise:)

I never showed you where I hung the "cotton" stitch. I ended up putting it in the Auburn house living room. I had a Blackbird Designs sampler there.

I don't think I ever made a picture of the sampler in the place above, but anyway it hung where the cotton is now.

The sampler moved to the downstairs bedroom which I plan to make a gallery wall of my stitching.

I loved both in their new home.

I cleaned out a closet this week in my quest to survive the long hot summer. I got rid of shoes. Too many shoes. I had cleared out lots of clothes after retiring, but never addressed the many shoes I no longer wear. So yes, I am still trying to make lemonade out of lemons. It hasn't rained here since August. It sprinkled the other day for all of 10 seconds. I got so excited only to be let down. On a happy note, it was cooler this morning early.

I am now moving on to grandson pics. Tucker visited the pumpkin patch over the weekend and got some pumpkins.

The Methodist church is the place to get pumpkins!!!

Then Lindsay sent me these earlier tonight of him out front with his new pumpkins in place.

No smiles for the camera. However there are lots of them these days.

In just a couple of weeks we will be celebrating his first birthday. Time has flown by. He has changed so much and is looking like a big boy these days.

I finished the book that I mentioned the other day when referencing the seasons. I enjoyed it. That is one reason there is less stitching. I decided I had become a bit obsessive and needed to read as well. After all it is one of my favorite things too. The book, Dollbaby by Laura Lane McNeal was the book I was reading. I picked up the book our of the trading library in the Auburn house neighborhood. I actually pulled it out for Mom to read one weekend when we were up there. She read it and gave it back for me to take back. I don't think she was too sure about getting a book out of the little book house. I assured her I had put three in on another visit. I just love this idea.

It was a good read. I read it slowly until the last third and had to read to find out the ending. I will be honest it was predictable but had a little twist. It is not good enough to go out and purchase, but definitely worth picking up at the library. It is older with a 2014 copyright.

That is all that is worth mentioning in my neck of the woods for now.



  1. Thanks for catching us up with your stitching, reading, and with that adorable Tucker!!

  2. The beginnings of your embroidery looks very interesting. I am very curious what is to come.
    Tucker looks so cute, and is soon one year old - yes, time flies and they grow so fast.
    Have a nice time.

  3. Your stitching looks wonderful.
    Cute photos from Tucker.
    Enjoy the day. Manuela

  4. I had to chuckle at the name of the book. I call Audrey( and all my grand girls) Doll Baby. Audrey is very literal and she tells me is is not a doll and she is not a baby. Charles tried to explain it to her but she was not buying it.:) Love all your stitching. And a Gallery Wall. I would love that. I was thinking of doing something similar in my bedroom. BTW, I got the Thanksgiving Hoopla so I will send it to you when I am done. Fortunately those stitch up quickly. And that Tucker...he is a big boy. Hard to believe a year has passed!

  5. The cotton piece looks fabulous where you hung it, Sandy! I enjoyed seeing the projects you are currently working on. Love the pictures of Tucker; he is a cutie! I can't believe he will be celebrating his first birthday soon.

  6. Hi Sandy: I was like you I had to get rid of work clothing and shoes, it felt good to purge my closet.
    I am loving the designs you are working on, that bird is amazing.
    Your cotton stitch looks perfect where it is.
    I wish I could send you rain from here it has been very rainy, sunny today and yesterday more rain on the way.
    Tucker is way too cute.


  7. So many beautiful cross stitch projects, and so much optimism you'll get the done in time to enjoy them this year. I expect you will, too! I love that bird picture too. What I can see and imagine it's going to look like. :) Tucker's a cutie!

    1. Thank you Becki. I try and stitch most every day. IT is my relaxation in the evenings and my treat for working hard when Tucker naps IF I don't have to lay down.

  8. Sandy, I think Bittersweet September is coming along nicely. The house color is light, but when you put in the window trim, the windows, the house trim and the roof, it will be more defined. Have you decided what you're going to do on the side where the alphabet is?

    Tucker is such a darling. Thanks for sharing the photos of him! And yeah, some days they just won't cooperate with a smile, but that's ok because it's a snapshot of who they are at that moment. Some of my favorite photos of Thomas are one where he is red faced, sticking out his bottom lip and pouting like you can't believe, and another where he's crying. It's not that I like it when he's pouting and crying, but they're reminders of who he was in real life. It isn't always smiles and sunshine!

  9. Looks like a pretty piece you are stitching, Sandy! I do think you should always stitch what YOU want to stitch. I am rarely stitching any of the "popular" things that we constantly see on Instagram--I tend to not want to stitch them because you see them SO, SO much :) I know your stitching time is limited more with Tucker but how wonderful to be able to spend so much time and influencing the man that he will some day grow into! My time has been very limited lately as we've moved my inlaws up from FL and are doing our best to move them into assisted living. Exhausting and sad--and I'm really not convinced that they will do well there. They need to be in nursing homes :(

    Your cotton piece looks lovely hung in the Auburn house and that is a nice start to a sampler wall. Thank you for the book recommendation and I'm so happy to read you got it out of one of the little libraries! That is so great!

    Love the photos of Tucker with his first pumpkins--amazing that he will be one so quickly. Give him a hug!! ♥

  10. The Advent numbers are going to be wonderful!

    And the Bittersweet September is going to be so nice. I was just noticing today that the bittersweet along our walking route has popped open. It is growing on a stone wall and looks so nice.

    Tucker ... he is so cute and I love the ones of him with the pumpkins!


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