Saturday, January 25, 2020

A Crafty Post

I am popping in for a stitching update.

Here is my progress on Tucker's name.

I think this is going to be so adorable. I apologize for the poor quality photograph. I was just lazy.

Now, for my framing job of the family register. I mentioned that my framing shop which was a chain store went out of business. I really loved the job they were doing, so I am very sad and will be shopping around for a new framer.
Framing can be quite expensive, so for this piece I tried something new.

I ordered a frame on Amazon. It came in the size I needed which was 11x12 with glass and piece of board on the back. The board was perfectly cut but white and I wasn't sure of the quality.  I went to the craft store and got a piece of black which I like to use for stitching anyway. It covers up those loose threads that might otherwise show through on a loose weave linen. Hubby cut me a piece to match the existing piece.

I decide to pin it using this tutorial from With Thy Needle and Thread.

Now when the frame came it was very pretty, but I didn't like the color with the stitched piece. It was just too much of the same color, so Hubby sanded it down for me and used some stain we had to make it darker giving it a much needed contrast.

It took two or more tries to get it pinned like I wanted it. I finally got smart and drew a light pencil line to use a guide.

ALL that to say I will share it next week, because I have to wait for the stain to dry and all.

Real quilters-----STOP HERE----

Go no further!!!!! There is nothing worth seeing and I will be back later for a new more interesting post, but I don't want to ruin your eyes or your opinion of me!

I am not a quilter --- never will be.

***If you have some sentimental items that you have been on the fence about getting rid here is how to lose the sentimental feelings...
You attempt to do a craft project that you are not good at and then choose not to plan it out OR SPEND A DIME on it and you will lose all the sentimental feelings for said item. 

Without further adieu, here is the quilt which may become Gus, the Springer's new blanket:)

I cut some of these shirts out over 4 years ago and they have been in a project box since. For some reason, it has been like a weight on me. It was time to do something with them or throw them away.
I had not cut them uniformly which meant a hodgepodge of sizes and shapes. After starting the project I realized I didn't have enough to do a decent size throw, so I went scouring the sentimental items downstairs and found three more. Perfect!

I pieced them all together.

Then it was time to think about batting. I wasn't in love  and had failed to think about that. This was to be a NO SPENDING project.
Genius here...I remembered a lightweight flannel throw in the bottom of the throws basket that I didn't even like. I pulled it out and seriously it was a perfect fit!!!
IT was MEANT to be!

So the quilt has no in between layer. I just laid that top on the flannel throw and used a decorative stitch to piece it together. It is the perfect weight!

I then used fabric I already had to sew a binding on. We WILL NOT look at corners close up. Nope --- not so pretty.

I honestly can't believe I am even sharing it, but I mentioned I was doing it. All done in a week. All sewn on a sewing machine and no money spent!
Gus  and I have a new blanket which the truth is he has become very fond of my chair so it will be used to keep him from messing up said chair and I will think of my high school play, "The King and I," student teaching, Hawaii vacation, shuttle launch, etc., etc., etc.

There you have it  from the crafty girl who has decided to stick to her favorite hobbies; cross stitching and baking.



  1. That is an innovative-out of the box-quilt. I am assuming that each shirt or square has a meaning to you or someone in your family. Why not keep it and use it as a throw, an object of family memories,d in your home. Who cares if the colors are different...I think you did a good job with items that meant something to you. congrats...

    1. Thank you Brenda... Up close it is kind of sad, but the tees all have special value to me, so Gus and I will enjoy it!

  2. I love the t-shirt quilt and want to do something similar with my Mayfaire t-shirts. Thanks for sharing your project with us!! The TUCKER project is coming along beautifully! Hobby Lobby framed a piece for me and did a beautiful job, but it wasn't cheap... never is.

  3. Oh that's going to be nice, Tucker's name with so many little details.
    Don't worry if it's perfect or not perfect, it looks great and is real handcraft and the main thing is that it is used and not just in the corner. I think that's important alone.
    Have a good time.

  4. Tucker's name will be gorgeous. I love it.
    Yout quilt looks good.
    Have a nice Sunday, Manuela

  5. For someone who claims not to be a "real" quilter, that throw looks pretty good from here. Good feeling to get it done and off your mind.

  6. Tucker's piece is looking so adorable. Good for you on pinning and framing! I look forward to seeing the Family Register all framed up. Sandy, I think your t-shirt quilt throw turned out swell. Enjoy your day!

  7. From a once-serious quilter, let me say you did a fine job with the T-shirt quilt. T-shirts have so much going on with their many designs that I think you can do anything with them and the quilt turns out fine. Certainly useful!! Congrats on the bright idea to use flannel. I have done that, too, when the circumstances warranted it.

    Tucker's piece is soooo cute!

    Thanks for the saga of the framing of your family register . We all need to know the best of plans often need adjusting in one way or another. It's just life. It looks good from what you pictured. I look forward to the finished photo!

  8. That quilt looks fine to me!! Done is better than perfect is my new motto. I see all the flaws in the things I make but seriously others who do not craft at all think I am a genius. It is a bit humbling actually. Tucker's name is just precious. I love that old book and wish I had kept mine. I have looked for it on Ebay every now and then. I am doing the grands 2020 Christmas ornaments in the Prarie Schooler alphabet. I am doing their initials vertically and will do a Priscillish finish. Looking forward to seeing your framing....any hints appreciated.

  9. Sandy: I think your quilt is beautiful, what fun to have so many memories to look at and think about on each shirt in your quilt.
    I love the design of Tuckers name what fun this will be for him as he gets older.


  10. Sandy I love how Tucker's name is coming along...just adorable. Where did you find the tutorial for pinning the stitched piece before framing it. That looks like such an interesting way to do it. I can't wait to see it in it's frame. And I love your memory quilt! RJ

  11. I love that you shared the quilt with us. I've never tried to do THAT much. I am impressed. And Gus is one lucky dog. :) Your Tucker cross stitch is looking terrific. Can't wait to see what you do with KER. And looking forward to seeing the framed Family Register piece, too!

  12. First time here at your blog, and what a great blog it is! Working with children is such a blessing. I was able to be a Sunday school teacher for 14 years. Also did a lot of volunteer work at a local grade school here. My husband, Bill worked with fifth grade boys and I worked with the girls. It's always nice to this day when an adult approaches us and tells us that they remember us from back then.
    I will be 74 come March and have been retired for many years now. Nothing better I don't think, than being able to wake up to a new morning and knowing that the days is yours. Enjoy every day of it Sandy! I love all types of needlework, but I think cross stitch is my favorite. I love gardening also. I miss the beautiful soil that we had to work with in NH, but we haven't given up yet down here in NC.
    So glad that I ran across your blog. Your stitching is beautiful. I hope to be back often and I invite you to become a follower of my blog over at Cross'N My Stitches. I'm now a new follower here. Have a bless week full of stitches and colors!

    1. Welcome Linda. I am so glad you stopped by. I am truly enjoying retirement. I am busy, but it is all good. I am heading over to your blog now.

  13. So enjoyed seeing all of your work. I'm so not a crafter and am so awed by those who are. The Tucker piece will be a lovely keepsake. Thanks for visiting Buttercupland.

  14. I think your t-shirt quilt looks great, Sandy. And what fun you'll have remembering all of these special moments and places each time you look at it. I love how Tucker's name is appearing. I did name stitchings for my boys when they were small (on a smaller scale than yours) and they are in their baby bins up in the attic. Not sure what to do with them, but I will eventually pass the whole bin on to each boy some day and let them decide! ♥


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