Monday, January 20, 2020

Lemony is 11

Happy Monday

Did anyone catch that I did a #throwbackThursday on a Wednesday last week?

That was my state of mind last week. Mother had a rough week and I just went back and forth a good bit. We got her to the doctor and got her an antibiotic, but she has GREAT trouble taking them, so ...we had a throwing up session one day. We are now on the second one and she seems to be on the mend. Now, I am just hoping that one round clears up an infection in both ears. She is lots better but still feeling poorly.

In better news, Lemony had a birthday yesterday. She is 11. She seems to be in great health although she does get around slower which means she is a probably a bit heavier than she needs to be. She just can't chase those tennis balls anymore and is relegated to walks in the neighborhood. She is Miss Social Butterfly and everyone knows her.

Sweet Girl

Gus trying to get in the picture because he is so jealous.

Yesterday afternoon, I made the Double Chocolate Biscotti that Carol at Stitching Dreams mentioned in this post. It was quite tasty. I had such a chocolate hankering and it did the trick. The recipe is here.

 I found some pink candles on the cheap at Hobby Lobby.

In stitching news, I finished another letter in Tucker's name and ordered a frame for the family sampler. I will share pictures of both later.

I have also started a project that has been sitting in my sewing room for-E-V-E-R. It is a t-shirt quilt. It is a hodgepodge mess. I have made one for Lindsay before and with all of her t-shirts I was able to cut them in the same size squares so it was an easy peasy quilt. This is not the case with this one. It is going to be an assortment of odd size pieces all put together with just whatever is in my scrap boxes. I do have some fabric for the backing in my stash so stay tuned for the finished product which will not be cute at all, but meaningful to me. More about the pieces in a later post.

I still have not figured out the solution to the Safari comments which is quite annoying. Hopefully, I can find some time to hunt down a solution soon.

I did work on my header. I am a picture header person, so a quick new header is up. When I have some time and motivation I will try to make it fit my liking but for now ...

And that is all I have to say for today:)

Happy MLK,Jr. Day,


  1. I noticed your header right away and I love it! What a beautiful dog! I had Golden Retrievers for years back when my kids were growing up and they are such wonderful pets! Enjoy your day!

  2. Happy Birthday to Lemony! She has such a precious face. Love the new header, Sandy! Well done! I hope your Mother is feeling much better and the double ear infection is going away. Look forward to seeing your t-shirt quilt come together along with the frame you picked out for the family sampler. Have a good Monday!

  3. Happy Birthday to Lemony....Amelia keeps saying she is going to get a Golden. She has wanted one for a long time. And the header is wonderful. I wish I was more Tech savy in this area. I have to use the Blogspot template. I have thought of hiring someone to help me spruce up my page but I am using Google Chrome to leave comments now and it seems to be working but I hate switching between Safari and Chrome.

  4. Happy Birthday to Lemony! She is a beautiful dog and so sweet.

    The header is beautiful, Sandy. Great work.

    Hope your mother feels better soon and that the antibiotic does the trick with no problems.

    14 degrees up here this morning but feels like zero. All we got out of the hyped-up winter storm Jacob was a few inches of soft fluffy snow that was easily moved. So thankful for that type of snow!

  5. Can't wait to see how that quilt turns out!! I need to make one of these really bad wiht all my running shits! Have a great day!

  6. Lemony looks like a real sweetheart! I have Mayfaire (art festival) t-shirts that I keep saying I am going to make into a quilt someday. Can't wait to see how yours turns out!! Glad your mom is doing better. Always a worry. Hugs!

  7. I did notice the new header - and I like it! I'm glad your mother is better. Hopefully, she'll be back to whatever her normal is soon. I look forward to seeing your quilt (in progress and finished) and hearing about the meaning the t-shirts hold. Happy Birthday to Lemony!

  8. So glad to hear that your Mom is doing much better Sandy. I love Lemony. He is such a special dog. I could just hug him all day. We had a Golden for 15 years named Sunny that was such a joy too. They are great dogs. I'm very curious to see how your quilt turns out...sounds great. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  9. Your lemony is really a sweet one, but with age they slow down, just like we do, but the main thing is that she still enjoys going out and is otherwise fit and healthy.
    A t-shirt quilt is something great, I've seen it before, so you can also incorporate beautiful memories.
    Collect something from Tucker on every occasion.

  10. A great idea to make a t-shirt quilt.

  11. Your current blog header is great. I spend no small amount of time whenever I change mine up. I like what you've done.

    Happy Birthday to dear sweet Lemony!!!

    Beautiful post. Hope things with your mom improve. We just don't have the stamina and ability to cope with [everything] as well as we did when our bodies were younger (whether we are humans or dogs!!!).


  12. I like your new header, Sandy. I re-did mine for the new year, too :) And I'm so glad you enjoyed the biscotti. We froze some and are rationing it, but my husband said he wants to take some up to his parents in their assisted living home so I may have to just break down and make another batch :)

    Happy Birthday to your sweet Lemony... I'm sure 11 is old for a bigger dog.

    I always planned on making T-shirt quilts for my sons, but gradually realized I would never get around to it, so I gave the T-shirts to Goodwill. Just trying to be realistic at how much I can do these days. I'm definitely slowing down... sigh!!

    Hope your mom feels better--I do think winter is very hard on the elderly! Hang in there ♥

  13. I’m sorry your mom is going through a rough patch. Antibiotics can be so hard on some people and not affect others at all. If you’re like me, it’s really hard to see your mom suffer, so I’m really sorry. Sending virtual hugs to you both.

    Happy birthday, Lemony!

    I think your tshirt quilt is going to be awesome.

    Good buy on the candles, and the candle holders are really pretty. Looking forward to seeing your next stitching post.

  14. I will pray for your Mother to feel better. I know how difficult that can be. Your "Lemony" is beautiful! Happy Birthday to her! Good luck with the t-shirt quilt. Sounds like a great project. I do love your header. I guess I am lazy in that I don't change my header very often. Perhaps I will think about that in this new year, as I see many other bloggers also change theirs frequently. You've given me some inspiration to think about this!! Love your candles, etc. Hobby Lobby is great. I wish they were closer to me. I have to travel over an hour to get there, so I don't get to see the great bargains!! Have a lovely day!! It is 31 degrees here in my neck of the woods this morning in northern central Florida. That is pretty chilly for us!

  15. Sandy: I am happy your Mother is getting better.
    Krissy says Happy Birthday to Lemony.
    I love the idea of a T-shirt quilt, I have seen a few and love the look of them.
    So happy you found the pink candles.


  16. Happy birthday to Lemony! Cheers for many more. Hope your mother is on the mend. It took me two weeks to (just about) kick a cold, but thankfully it's coming to an end. I need to appreciate how blessed I am when I feel well.


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