Wednesday, January 29, 2020

All Framed Up

I have had some C-R-A-Z-Y days. Mother has simply not felt well and it has resulted in doctor visits and such, but before I do the life update let's look at my framing job.

Of course, it is cloudy today.

I tried to put it on my kitchen counter with the under the cabinet lights for a better view.

You can see that it is not perfectly straight. It was much harder than I would have thought to get it straight. With  the border it made it so that you have to a ton more careful than just a pierce with stitching in the center.

It was half the price of framing, so will I do this again? I think it all depends on the stitch.

This one will heading to the Auburn home. It is a sweet family personalized piece. I think I will add in my own handwriting a piece to the back with full names and birthdates.

Now, for Mother. 
She goes through these spells where she will get really down with her sinuses or ears and it just puts her down. Then, she gets all sad and thinks worse things are going on. After rounds of tests, which we are doing now and everyone telling her she is in tip top shape and time for antibiotics to work she usually bounces back. I think possibly she will need another round of antibiotics this time. 

I say all that to hope that this is the case this time. She has just felt awful and I couldn't get her to go to the doctor early. Then when she consented to go...well, the doctor that we had just started seeing left. The clinic where I have gone for more than 30 years has been bought out and it is a total revolving door mess. None of that helped this situation.

Sunday morning she didn't want to go to church. She ALWAYS goes, so I knew she didn't feel well. She had a dizzy spell which seemed a lot like vertigo. Anyway, to make a long story short, she had a scheduled appointment with a new neurologist and an MRI. Her normal neurologist is in Pensacola and that is an hour drive. We couldn't get in so we agreed to try something here. IT WAS THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. I won't go into details, but this guy may be smart but not good for elderly. 

MRI is done. IT was an open one and it took forever, but hopefully it will shed some light on things.

Lindsay and Jeff took turns watching Tucker which meant they missed work. I love keeping him and hope that I don't have to give that up, but we will just see how things go.

In between all the craziness, I have had some good days at home. IF things settle down, I will pop in later this week with some of that. I have not done much stitching. I should have taken it with me yesterday for that very long MRI, but I was about half crazy so I just sat there. I didn't read, get on the phone...just sat and closed my eyes.

Make the most of every good day.


  1. Sometimes just sitting is the best decision. I'm guessing you rarely do that. But it can be healing to just be, instead of doing. I think we all pride ourselves on making good use of time, getting things done, and sometimes that's very expensive on emotional stamina. I admit I'm still learning this!

  2. I think it was best that you just sat and closed your eyes, Sandy. You needed the rest and inactivity. I learned that as a caregiver -- to take those opportunities when they came. It might have been fun and even a bit relaxing to stitch, but you probably needed the stillness more.

    Your sampler came out so sweet. It will be a family treasure!

    Will certainly add your mom to my prayer list. As you know, I have been there, so I can absolutely relate to your situation.

  3. I hope things slow down for you a little - prayers for your Mom...have a great week! HUGS

  4. Sandy: I understand about the dizziness, when I had a ear infection I had vertigo, it was hard to stand and not be dizzy.
    The open sided MRI's do take longer, I cannot be enclosed so an open MRI is for me.
    Your design looks straight to me, I love the fabric choice it is beautiful.


  5. I sure do hope your mother gets some answers to her health issues soon. And that the dizziness stops. A sometimes vertigo sufferer, I offer my utmost sympathies. I think your stitched piece looks lovely. I've never done anything on linen (and think I might be afraid to try). I wonder if it is harder to get straight? That said (and I mean this in the best way), with the subtle colors, and the linen fabric it looks so very old fashioned. And will long be a treasured piece, I'm thinking. I love it.

  6. Sometimes just sitting with our eyes closed is the best thing for our bodies and minds. Prayers continue for you mom AND for you.

  7. Oh, Sandy, it does sound like you have your hands full right now. I sure hope they can figure out your mom's issues very soon. I had vertigo once, but it was so bad I ended up in the hospital... an awful feeling. I bet you miss Tucker, but I'm glad you can be there for your mom.

    Your framed sampler is lovely and will be a wonderful addition to your Auburn home. I've been framing my own things and some are definitely easier than others :)

  8. Hello Sandy,
    I hope your mother will be better soon.
    The frame is beautiful for your sampler.

  9. I hope your mom feels better soon. I understand issues like that. My sister and I are working with our mother (age 95).

    Your stitching is beautiful and will look so good in the Auburn house.

  10. I’m so sorry things are going badly with your mom, Sandy. Hoping you start to have more good days than bad. I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about my mom’s advice to me: when you have a good day, enjoy it. When you have a bad day, hunker down and wait for a good one.

    Good days are ahead.

    Framing and stitching are lovely. Well done! I think adding names in your handwriting on the back is a great idea. A great heirloom piece.

  11. Your family register sampler looks incredible, Sandy. I think you did an super job with the framing. I do think you should add a blurb to the back about the people/initials on the piece.

    I am sorry your Mother continues to feel poorly. I hope the MRI rules out anything bad issue. It is hard to develop a relationship with a doctor or NP these days as it is like a revolving door.

    Thinking of you!


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