Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Blogville Part 2

I am back for another post today. Warning: the last post had ALL the pictures...this one is words.

More of what I have done with my quarantine time and what I am going to do.

I read last night that the peak along the Gulf Coast or at least our area is 12 more days and that is if everyone continues to practice social distancing. I am doing my part. I think a good many are and with that goes some terrible financial losses for our tourist community. More about that in a minute.

I shared we do a lot of texting and sharing photos between the family. Poor Paul Allen is missing his sports. His is baseball and the Atlanta Braves. He was watching an old New Orleans Saints game of football last night. His other team. We all like the Masters golf tournament. I saw where they were planning to play it in November. The Masters in November just doesn't have quite the ring to it as April with the azaleas blooming.

On that note, while Jeff and I were floating in the bay Sunday afternoon we were thankful we hadn't bought football season tickets to Auburn this coming year. That decision had to be made quite a while back and to make a long story short our source was doing something different and we were going to have to pay a good bit more so we decided we would just go to a few of them and buy them like we used to do...one at a time. I think Lindsay was sad but she understood. She was more sad about giving up the superb aisle seats we have had for the past few years. Anyway - I am not sure we will go to any this year. Maybe just go to Auburn and watch on our back porch and listen to the crowd or maybe lack of crowd???

so many things different.

I have gotten to the point where I can think about this thing without trying to analyze when it might end or how bad the fall out is going to be. I am thinking more now about how to live each day, pick up the pieces when it is done, and how is it changing me. I am starting to make a mental list of those changes. I think it will get long so it may turn into a written list at some point on paper. I know it has changed me and will continue to change me.

I want to note the good as well as the bad changes. I want to savor the good ones such as a slower pace and gratefulness for my many blessings both material and otherwise.

I have been cooking lots and exercising so I have actually lost a couple of pounds. That is certainly a benefit.

Let's talk exercise shall we.
I got healthier a few years back and prior to Tucker coming along I was going to the gym regularly. I didn't like it ever one bit, but I did it. I liked the results it brought, but not going every day to the actual gym. I went to a gym that was actually within walking distance from my home. A 24 hour gym but full mostly of men. They never wiped down a machine or even thought about all their stinky sweat on stuff. At the time, I carried a plastic container that looked like Clorox wipes with me, but of alcohol and wiped everything down BEFORE I touched anything.

I am so full of words y'all.

The young man who ran would ask me about it, but he never made any changes or kept his own wipe machines (which were all over the building) REGULARLY stocked. He did finally get one central one and kept it better stocked but do you think any of those old men ever wiped anything down. Like I said- I cleaned 'em before I got on them:)

Tucker came along and I just got out of the routine. I was too tired to go at night and I am NOT a morning person or at least that early.
I walked and even bought me a set of light weights to use, but mostly I was tired and lazy.

Three weeks ago, I decided I had to make sure I was fit so I started browsing Youtube for exercise videos. I have done this before and never liked any of them UNTIL this time I saw one for over 50 ladies and I haven't come across one yet that makes you sit on the floor. That is the kiss of death for me.

Ladies, if you are looking for a moderate workout that will help you stay flexible, a little cardio, a little light weights, and balance exercise ----oh and if you are over 50 then you might like Pahla B Fitness.
I have put the one I first saw and did. I did the same one for a week every other day. I find with my RA that I can't do anything every day. IT is just too much for me. I overdo and then I am not worth a flitter sticks later. I have been doing some of her others. I do what I can. I also walk in the neighborhood.

The weights she uses are the heavier set than I have. I have a set like hers but mine are 2, 3, and 5 pounds. I used the 2 pound ones for this workout. It was all my shoulder joints could stand at first. I will probably build up to larger ones later. I got mine on Amazon same as her, just smaller weights. I really like them.

I am going to try and squeeze in one more thought tonight and maybe come back again.

I saw a headline for an article for which I did NOT read that said churches could be in trouble. I didn't read it because I have had all the negative I can handle. I am looking for some positivity.

I don't agree with the title and don't even know if the author of the article did. I think God is going to use this for good if we let him. IF we Christians act like Jesus. The first century Christians rocked the world and set the stage for us without a building.

We are blessed to live in an age where we can still do church. I miss the people more than I even realized I would. I miss my girls that I work with on Sunday morning. 

I sent a text to our church staff this morning. I am friends with our pastor and his wife. We helped plant our church so this is not that unusual that I have all their numbers. I thanked them for all their hard work to make church amazing online. They are all working so hard to make it work. 

I have met with my small group using Zoom. I have watched my pastor's daughter lead songs on Instagram stories for kids. The leaders have put so many wonderful resources and videos of Bible stories and songs for the kids to watch on Sunday morning. They are having church too online. I have watched soooo many young families sharing that they are watching with their kids on Instagram. God is alive and He is going to move with or without that building because of people.

My own daughter says Tucker loves his "church" at home. I have no doubt these young families will return when they can.

I saw another cute thing on Instagram stories today. I still follow this teacher from Texas and she has a young teenage son. His youth minister and a few others drove by honking and carrying on out the car window to celebrate his birthday. He turns and says to his mom that he can't believe they are doing that for him. His mother states she is in tears. You can bet they have been touched and she even stated how much she loves her church.

That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The article is a little short-sided as I have been too ---God is a big God. Way bigger than my brain can understand.

When I start thinking about the financial fall out from all of this and people not working I am trying to remind myself that the body of Christ and the "church" will have a duty to show up and help in more ways than we can count. If we do that, churches won't be in trouble. 

Revival in America and around the world can happen.

I am scared. Yep --- you bet. I am not for one minute gonna tell you I am not. I have a big God and He is faithful, but it is ok to be scared. 
Shoot---that may be why there are so many verses in the Bible that say Do not fear....cuz it is real hard!!!

Anyway, I sent that text to thank the staff for what they are doing and to reassure them. I think it was very much appreciated. You might not have your staff on speed dial, but I am sure your church has an email. Send them a note and let them know you are thankful for their efforts...just a thought.

We will observe Communion online Friday. I know several did it Palm Sunday.
I think that is awesome.

I also read from Pamela on Closed Doors, Open Windows and was reminded about having my own sunrise service. Jeff and I are going to get up and watch the sun come up Easter Sunday from our deck and then later watch our church online. Who knows?! maybe I will wake up the bayou singing 
"Up from the grave he arose;
with a mighty triumph o'er his foes;
he arose a victor from the dark domain,
and he lives forever, with his saints to reign.
He arose! He arose! Hallelujah! Christ arose!"

Well, that is it for another night.
I told y'all I was wordy. I will be back again very soon.


  1. You did a great job of explaining how so many of us feel right now. I am changed....that's for sure. A few days ago I started a list of things that have helped me through the pandemic. And now I look forward to adding to it every day. It's so hard not to walk around with a frown on your face or not paying attention to what you are doing, you are so deep in thought. Anyway, I'm glad you're my friend. You have such a beautiful attitude! Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. Well said. Well said. Some here in our community are trying to get people to stand at the end of their driveways and sing on Easter afternoon. We are in touch with our pastors and our community group members but I sure do miss them all. Looking ahead to brighter days!!

  3. Beautiful post, Pam. One area where churches need to be careful is when it comes to accepting government financial aid. We must be so careful to not do anything that makes the government think they can dictate what the church can and cannot do because it accepted $$ from the government. Separation of church and state, etc.

    I should look at your exercise video, but it makes me tired to think of it right now. Maybe tomorrow ..... (thanks for the tip).

  4. Sandy: I think the one article about the Church's being in trouble is that some people are not sending their weekly donations, if it is the same article, we are so lucky we are only down 10% so far in donations, many realize there is a need even if we cannot go to service each week.
    I have adjusted to going out only once a week to get groceries, it has been hard not getting together for coffee in the morning.
    Mike meets with our Priest weekly, I make several meals for him, this keeps me busy.
    I love the exercise video, thank-you for the link, she has a lot of energy.
    I miss seeing a photo of that cutie pie Tucker.
    Hopefully this will be over soon.
    Stay Healthy


  5. Well written, Sandy! Everything you wrote about your thoughts, changes good and bad, and your reflectiveness spoke to me. Thank you for the link for the exercise video. I am going to check it out as I am a slug and need to do something to get moving and be more flexible. Be well and take care!

  6. If I weren't burning up the calories stitching, I would check out that walking with weights.lol We do take a walk each night after supper. I think it is good for us. Marvin has kept up his walking even though the gym is closed. I am going to do some aerobic cleaning this morning.

  7. Thank you so much for your post . Like you I live in the South Georgia. we used to have a place at Cape San Blas and loved every minute. But as you said things get in the way. We to are having worship in our little country church in Midland,Ga I miss everybody. Prayers for you and your family and have a Happy Easter.


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