Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Looking Forward

I never thought of myself as having attention problems, but they may have been discovered with coronavirus! Insert smile here.

I am all over the place especially with stitching, though I do feel this weekend I turned some of that around.
One thing that has caused the problem has been that this was to be the year of doing some rather large projects and with all this coronavirus stuff going on, my attention span has been just shot. I have started lots of smaller projects only to realize I didn't have the floss I needed or maybe I would do this one if I had a piece of the right linen. I mean it has been crazy. I did order some linen and some floss from 123 Stitch. It is on its way. I finally sat down and made a list of things I needed and ordered. I am being very careful with what I spend. That nagging worry in the back of my mind says that is prudent to do!

I will share three of the MANY things I am working on.

I am still working on my blue jays and feel that when I finish the other blue jay I will move rather quickly then. The second blue jay is a baby so she will go faster too.

I have worked on the Isaiah verse some.

And then I have made some progress on a summery small.

I think I will do this one two times. I am thinking this one will be a gift and then I will do one for me.

I am going to try and rein in all the stitching to these three projects until I finish something. Too many projects adds to my craziness.

Since I have been reflective....

I have noticed I skip around in many other ways as well, but those are nothing new. For instance, with cleaning house I find that I work in 30 to 40 minute shifts with a 10 minute rest in there or at least a change of pace. I do stick to my schedule though, so all is good. 

I have always read multiple books at the same time, so I am not overly worried in that department although I have 4 going at the moment. All are good so depending on how much attention is required and the amount of minutes I have depends on which gets picked up.

I am missing my family big time. Drive by visits and FaceTime are better than nothing, but I am ready for full on hugs and everyone sitting around the table together.

Tucker has gotten in some extra mommy time and I know that is good.

Goodness, this Grammie needs some kisses.
Go away Coronavirus.

Lindsay sent the cutest video of him getting ready for his church on Sunday morning. Our church has done an amazing job of having something for the little ones too. He has already learned that he has a Sunday morning video. Her are two scenes I made screenshots from the video.

Getting into his chair.

Intently watching. May he always do this!!!

I have many instances just like y'all I am sure that leave me so sad. I believe we will get through it all. I see many instances of good and I still believe there is lots to be proud of in this country.

One example of being fine as long as I don't venture out of my cocoon happened Saturday morning. We were headed out to the reservation to take the dogs for a little exercise. As we rounded a corner there was a line of traffic for at least a mile and probably two. It took me just a second and then I realized that they were passing out food and that this was the line to get some. I just about lost it. I simply can't stand that thought. I have a big heart and teaching for 31 years and serving in church has made me acutely aware that there are many out there less fortunate.

It sucked a little out of me and made me so very grateful. AND I am worried about linen and floss. Nope not really, but stitching does relieve my stress.

Lemony and Gus enjoyed the stroll in the cool waters of the streams on Eglin's reservation.

I feel like there will be much change, but it can be good. I have decided to fill my mind with hope and prayer for the future.

I hope to be looking for things I can do for good and make sure I take out of this thing positive changes in my life.

This spring has been one of the most beautiful ever here along the northern Gulf coast of Florida and I have soaked up as much yard and deck time as I can. I have done many activities outside such as eating, stitching, reading, gardening, walking, and more. It has been good for me. I want to remember that when life seemingly goes back to the normal or new normal that I don't lose the positive changes I have made during this time.

Mother was quite funny the other day. She said she didn't miss going anywhere except to the grocery store. She wants to do her own shopping. I think it may still be awhile before I want her out there, but I think at some point we all have to venture out.

Now for something a little lighter!!!

I have been known to go outside in my "houseshoes" or slippers or whatever you might call them. I wear houseshoes always in the house. Never been a huge barefoot person, but this one is a new one. I got to the end of the circle on Sunday afternoon and noticed that my shoes felt different.

I had changed out of my slippers into two different shoes.

I am leaving you with an old stitch updated with a bow. Forgive me if I already shared this. 
April showers bring May flowers and hopefully a full flattening and down trend of the curve.


  1. I think a lot of us are distracted and doing weird things. But at least you only wore odd shoes. You didn't drive into a neighbor's kitchen, like one of my neighbors last week.

    I have a tinge of guilt when I enjoy things these days. Do you? We're both doing what we can to help, but I keep comparing with heroes, not a good approach. It's ok to enjoy what we can.

    1. I do know what you mean about the guilt. For me not much has changed other than having my husband home everyday. I do live in an area where tourism is huge so I know many are going to suffer financially later. I hope the fallout isn't as bad as I am imagining.

  2. I thought I was the only person who wore two different shoes! I wore them to work one day, so there you go! One was black and one was navy. I haven't been sad yet, but we don't have little ones to miss and our family members have always been far away so the people we are really missing are local friends and our church community group. We are zooming tomorrow night, so that will help!

  3. The blue jay looks great, I like it very much. Oh and on the Beacht I will also like it a lot.
    Oh how funny, but it can happen.
    Have a good time and take care of yourself.

  4. Your stitching projects are wonderful. I love the blue jays.
    Take care and stay healthy. Manuela

  5. Love your shoes! I also wear "houseshoes" in the house. I can't go barefoot either. Sometimes I forget to change them when I run outside to take a picture of the geese or something else, and then I have to knock the dirt off the bottoms, and get so mad at myself for forgetting to change them. We don't have any paved driveways or sidewalks here and not a lot of real "grass", so sand and dirt and acorns love to attach themselves to the bottoms of my skecher shoes. Anyway, I loved your post and I agree with so much of what you are saying/feeling. Praying it won't be too much longer until we will be able to get out and about a little more. We miss our friends/family too.

  6. Your Blue Jay piece is moving along, Sandy. Love the colors in it! Good work on the Beach stitch and the My Big Toe piece as well. I have been flitting from one thing to another (not my stitching, but everything else) the past week or so. It looked like Gus and Lemony had a good time in the water. Be well, choose happy, and take care!

  7. Sandy: This is a fun post, the kids in the water that adorable Tucker with mom and of course your beautiful stitching.
    The Blue Jays are beautiful, did you choose the fabric or was that what was called for on the pattern, it is a stunning color.
    I am a volunteer at the food shelf here in Annandale, it makes my heart so sad to see so many in need, we do have a few ( this makes me mad) people with loads of money coming and taking food, then sometimes we run out of food for the ones who really need it, sad so sad.
    Stay healthy


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  9. Hello, Sandy! If I could hug you, I would. So pretend I am hugging you.

    If you ever need or want anything stitching related, please email me. I might have it. Would be happy to share with you.

    The blue jay stitch is STUNNING, by the way. What is your favorite thread count to work on? I've been working on more 40-count lately. 32-count used to be my favorite but I am enjoying being able to use one thread and having the color look saturated. Currently I'm working on "Home of a Needleworker (Too!)" by Little House Needleworks, stitching on 28-count. Haven't done that in a long time. The stitches seem so big!

    Tucker is hands down one of the cutest little guys I've ever seen. You must miss kissing those cheeks. Glad he's getting some Mommy time, and she must be so glad to have Tucker time, too.

    Hang in there and don't for a second feel guilty about fluttering from one project to another. It's all forward progress! And the shoes? Hahaha...... I LOVE IT! You have more important things on your mind!

    Be well, sweet friend.

    1. I am hoping you see this Meg. Comments stopped coming to my email today. I will have to try and figure that out! I still like 28 count, but after you stitch with one thread it does take some getting use to. If I stitch on 28 count, I prefer an even weave that is tighter, although those blue jays are on a loose weave. I like tighter because I think it evens those two threads up. After 28 count, I prefer to go straight to 40. I simply just can't make 32 work. I struggle to make two threads not look too crowded and one to look like it needs more. I have given away all my 32 except for one piece and I washed it in hot water, so I think it is more like 36 now. 36 I can work with but like I said I would rather just jump to 40 and pull out the heavy duty readers. 40 is very pretty...just hard to see. I have learned to play around to find what works for me and do a lot less looking around enviously now. Just look to get ideas but try to be me.

  10. I know that many of us are jumping around from thing to thing, Sandy--I'm definitely with you in that crowd. Some stitching is getting done, but not as much as before this whole lockdown started six weeks ago. I so love your stitching (especially that handsome bluejay) and little Tucker gets cuter and cuter (if that is even possible!). No wonder you want to just hug and kiss him... I sure hope that day comes soon for you.

    Especially had to laugh at your different shoes--yep! I've done the same thing--at work no less :) I was sitting there at the reference desk in the library when my co-worker politely pointed out that I had two different (both black!) shoes on :) I immediately called my husband (it was a Saturday and he was home) and made him bring one of the matching shoes right over to me. We all had a good laugh at that one!

    Hope you all stay healthy and we will get through this some day (soon?)... ♥

    1. You are making me feel better. I think they were both slip on and I had just left them on the floor of the closet so I didn't look down.
      I know he is my grandchild, but he is a cutie! Thank you!

  11. Oh Sandy, that is pretty funny about the shoes. So glad you took a picture. We are having a beautiful spring here, too. I've been wondering if it's partly due to less pollution (not that it feels terribly polluted here, but the air is so clear - almost like it is in autumn. Or if it's just that there's more time to pay attention to all the changes that spring brings.

    Your stitching projects are lovely. And it looks like you're getting a lot done on them. I'm finally back to crafting and weeks of feeling at a bit of a loss. I hate to think I'm starting to accept this social distancing as normal. I don't really, but honestly, I can't quite wrap my mind around what it's supposed to look like when things start opening up around here. I think the social distancing will still apply, but people will be freer to be out more. I guess? I don't know. Like I said, I can't wrap my mind around it.

  12. "On Beach Time" -- I have that same pattern and hope to make it up some day. This week I completed a tiny little pillow for my coffee table with similar motifs by Rovaris (a picture should be on my next blog post). I love it that our beaches are starting to open up. Not sure when we'll make it over to the coast but I feel better knowing that much progress has been made toward moving out of the lockdown.

    Your shoes. I worked at Focus on the Family back in the early 90s in Colorado Springs. Always dressed nice for my office responsibilities. Got out of the car one morning and saw I was wearing 2 different shoes, both the same style by Naturalizer, just different colors. Made a quick trip back home...

  13. I am the queen of wearing two different shoes. I mean, who has time to bother with all of the stitching? Am I right, or am I right? ;-)


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