Saturday, May 22, 2021

Life Update

 I didn't mean to be gone from the blog so long but I have just been busy....some fun and some just the hectic stuff of life. No complaints though since it just feels good to see people doing life again with other people.

My one big piece of news is that I officially have a daughter-in-law. I couldn't be more excited or proud. Katie is an answer to a prayer that honestly is far greater than my small mind could have envisioned. 

It has made me extra grateful for the fact that I have both kids married to such good people that love them and bring out the best in them. 

Paul Allen and Katie did it their way...small and quiet and then left the dogs with us for a long weekend to Helen, Georgia. Lindsay and I both laughed and said that was as far as she could get Paul Allen to travel. He is a homebody! They are both so happy and that makes me happy. The picture was taken as they were leaving to go to Helen.

My absence can be summed up in several things. I will give you an abbreviated version of those things.

Spring weather...May is a great month and I find it the best month to get outside and get the outdoor things done. I haven't finished, but I have done a lot. Still need to clean some windows and hit some stone walls with the pressure washer, but progress has been made. I think summer weather arrives next week so I am glad I have prioritized the time outside. 

Family emergencies. My aunt had a spell that earned her a ride on a helicopter to Mobile and my mother a panic frenzy. She lives out in the country so that means you don't wait on ambulances. You get put in the car and drive like a bat of hell to either Brewton or Monroeville. Depending on that choice you will get shipped to Pensacola or Mobile. All this to say, my mother and her two sisters went into panic mode. I had to rush over to Mother's to calm her and pray. Then an hour later they had decided they must get to Mobile. I took Mom to Range to ride with the other two to Mobile. My aunt is home and doing well with new blood pressure medicine and lots of instructions. 

Mother has also had a couple of doctor appointments with her shoulder. She is doing some exercises and taking some medicine temporarily for some inflammation. Not sure what she did to aggravate it, but she is better too.

Tucker has a cold so I had to keep him one day for that and another for his mommy to go to an appointment. It was a logistical thing to make it all work and it was easier to keep him the whole day. Always good for me... so that was two days.

When you leave the house the day flies by faster than ever. You get the picture. We have all been there.

I haven't stitched much, but a stitching update will be done next week. 

I had been reading and am enjoying that past time again. I think when you turn off the TV and stay off the computer you find your way back to books again. I will say that I got so aggravated the other day. I had been listening to a book on Overbook from the library while doing some heavy duty moving around and cleaning the other day. I was 45 minutes in when the book just took a turn that made me stinking mad. I won't get into it, but the beauty of the library is you can just return it instantly. time for foolishness such as that when I have a stack of books to read that I am dying to read. 

I had a brilliant idea one day when Tucker was here about making downstairs the toy room. Upstairs (which is the main level) was getting a little crowded with all of it. I am also a person who will pile things up while I think about what to do with something rather than just making a decision so a corner of downstairs has just gotten pure junky. That took two whole days to do what I wanted to do, but now downstairs is looking so much better and Lindsay said it was Mimi's Playhouse now. 

Come fall the baby swing and just those things will have to come back out in the main room. It was time to make a new plan. Tucker loves it down there so we have one big room to run now.

Of course that led to some realistic thoughts on the houseplant situation. This is getting long so I will leave that for another day. I owe you a tour of Tucker's new bedroom and maybe some pictures of Mimi's Playhouse.

As I said earlier, summer weather is coming next week so I will be dropping my paddle board in the water. Pretty excited about that.

Summer groovin' kind of mindset,



  1. Congratulations on your new daughter-in-law. The Lord brought them to mind yesterday and I prayed for them. They do, indeed, look very happy in the photo taken on your deck.

    I hope the elders get to feeling much better very soon. Those things are both concerning and time-consuming.

  2. Oh my! That was a lot going on! Your son got married? I knew he was planning, but I guess I was expecting a big wedding. I like that they did it "their way", and that they are very happily married now without all the hoopla that big expensive weddings involve. Sounds like sensible young people! And then that panic over your Aunt for your mother and her sisters! They sound so much like my mother in law and her three sisters. They were all so close and would have done the same thing...and they did a time or two. They are all enjoying heaven together today, and no more panics or emergency rides to the hospital for them. But they sure loved each other. Life was never dull when they were around. Oh, I can't wait to see "Mimi's Playhouse". sounds like a fun place to be! And Tucker gets a new bedroom too? Is this at your house, or the one at his house? When is the baby due? So much excitement at your house! Oh, a paddle board? That sounds like fun. You must take pictures of that too, although I don't know how you can and hold on to the paddle! I have been wanting to go out in the kayak in the pond, but just haven't managed to do so yet. But we have so many water lilies it is hard to paddle through them. I need to be up to the task! Don't want to get 1/2 way out and not able to get back! LOL. Have a wonderful week. Happy to hear all this from you.

  3. Congrats on new family member!!! We know we've done our job as moms when the kids find someone to love them as much as we love them!!! Happy Happy Family!!!

  4. Congrats to your son and DiL! They are so cute in that picture! Tucker for two days... Grandma heaven! Your new play room sounds great so I look forward to a picture! Being busy does make the time fly by. Hard to believe it is nearly June. xo

  5. wow, you have had some LIFE events.:) So happy for Paul Allen and Katie. He sounds a lot like our Ben....not a fan of big weddings. So glad your aunt is okay now. And what a great idea to have a play room while your grands are little. Not much stitching getting done here either as we are on the final countdown to move.

  6. I LOVE your I made it photo in the sidebar! How pretty you look, and happy! I'm happy for the happy marriage of your son! My oldest son got married a year ago and it has been such a blessing to him and the whole family. Happy times! Have a blessed Sunday!

  7. Congratulations and best wishes to Paul Allen and Katie! What a wonderful picture of the two of them and good for them in doing it their way! It sounds like you have been keeping busy, Sandy. Hope your Aunt is doing better as is your Mother's shoulder. Lovely picture of you in the sidebar.

  8. Hi Sandy: Congratulations to the couple, they are adorable.
    I know what you mean about stitching sometimes tasking a back seat, with spring here I have been very busy planting trimming and cleaning the yard.
    I am so sorry your aunt had to go to the hospital, it sounds like she is doing better with meds.
    It can be tough on relatives when a loved one has to go by ambulance.


  9. This is probably a silly question and I couldn't find your email address to write...but is there any chance that your daughter and family was at a sunflower farm today in my neck of the woods. I saw a little boy that looked just like Tucker. I was already driving out and they were getting out of the vehicle next to me so I didn't think it would be nice to roll my window down and take a photo! But he sure looked like cute little Tucker!

  10. Congratulations to the Happy Couple!
    Prayers for everyone's health & happiness
    Piling things up for decision making is a skill that takes a talented person to manage. :)

  11. Welcome back Sandy! Whew and then some. You've been busy for sure. I love doing the audible books so I can do other things at the same time too. Congrats to the happy cute couple. Hope things continue to improve with your families health.

  12. Congratulations on the marriage of Paul Allen and Katie. They do look happy - and very cute together. ;^) Glad your aunt is okay, and your mother is on the mend. I don't know where I've been, but I see that I have some catching up to do here. Looking forward to seeing more of your house pictures. :)

  13. Hi Sandy! I'm SO far behind on blog reading with the baby visiting this month and am just now catching up. It looks like I missed a lot of exciting news from you! Congratulations to Paul Allen and Katie... I had to laugh because if my middle son and his long-time girlfriend (of nine years!) ever do tie the know, it will be in a similar way... quiet and low-key. I'm so happy for them and wish them all the best as they navigate life's twists and turns. They are a darling couple ♥


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