Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Nothing New Under the Sun

 and that's good with me. A boring day is a good one or at least I think so. I get to do my usual things and no crazy stuff happening.

That is about it lately. I have been puttering in my flowers, a little stitching, a little reading and a good bit of deep cleaning. What is about spring that shows all the dust you thought you got because you are pretty neat? The sun is shining in these days and has made me pull out the cleaning cloths. That is about it for around here.

We did take the boat out Saturday. The Billy Bowlegs festival is usually in June but they moved it up to May this year. It didn't have a big turn out at all. That was probably good for the locals but I am not sure if it had the intended dreams. I think it was great for downtown stores. The festival involves a pirate ship with Captain Bowlegs arriving at the Landing and taking over the city for a week from the mayor. IT will be complete with all sorts of activities and a parade. We took Tucker to see the pirates arriving. It was not in the usual pirate ship. I have no clue what happened with that. They arrived in three of the tourist boats. Tucker loved it. He was not afraid of the cannon fire at all.

We tried to pose.

The party boats arriving with the pirates and cannon fire.

We then went out into the bay for a little stroll and saw the party boat that is a pirate ship. Lindsay is looking at doing this for his birthday in October. We will see.

That is about all the excitement around here. 

Pelicans have been visiting the docks. I wish I were good at zooming in and photographing, but oh well.

Do you spy two pelicans on this neighbor's dock?

And there was one on this neighbor's dock too. 

Gus was just checking them out too. 
Jeff has planted a salsa garden hoping for some success. He loves to make salsa each weekend. I love it with my black bean chips which have become my favorites. There is cilantro, jalapeños and tomatoes in the buckets. The cilantro and jalapeños will produce very well. Tomatoes are questionable. He has been reading and hopes to correct some problems of the past.

There are some small ones on there, so we will see.

We are going to Auburn for the weekend. I told the kids they had the weekend off this year for Mother's Day. We are hoping to take in a baseball game. It seems like an eternity since we have been to a sporting event. I am just looking forward to the weekend away in Auburn.

Those April showers have brought in so many blooming flowers. The magnolia trees are popping with their beautiful blooms. Life is good if you turn off the news and look around at nature.

Enjoying May,


  1. Sounds like a mini Gasparilla like we have in Tampa. Pirates taking over the city. Lots of revelry and beads and too much drinking, I think. Great picture of you and Tucker on the boat. Fun!! I enjoyed your post! xo

  2. Great pictures! What a beautiful, fun-looking day!

  3. Yes, time to let nature get a word in. Lovely pix. Abd what a glam gran!

  4. I enjoyed reading about your Pirate festival, Sandy. Super picture of you and Tucker! I hope Jeff's salsa garden does well for him. Enjoy your weekend in Auburn.

  5. Sandy: How adorable you both are, I see veggies sticks on the boat one of my fav for snacking.
    WE make salsa also.
    I would love to see the Pirates come in, I bet that adorable Tucker had a ball that day.
    I grew tomatoes for years had bad luck until a friend said make sure you pinch off the little sucker leaves, if you do not do that you can find information on the net.


  6. My Magnolia tree, as well as all the others in my neighborhood, have been doing really well this year. They are sooo beautiful.

    Tucker is one cute kid. I know his little brother will be every bit as cute and entertaining.

  7. That all looks like so much fun! I can imagine Tucker was really excited about the pirates, etc. Sounds great. Love the photo of the two of you. Your veggies all look great growing in those big buckets! Why haven't I thought of that? Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend at your getaway place! Sounds wonderful to me. Take care and enjoy!

  8. Tucker looks like a natural born sea Captain! :-) Happy Mother's Day!

  9. I love ordinary days as well (though I wouldn't call a boat ride with an adorable grandson ordinary, I would call it great fun).

  10. What a beautiful spot to be growing tomato's! Better yet with a glass of tea, a book and a nice comfy chair.

    1. Absolutely! I will need lemonade. This southern girl is probably the only one you'll meet that doesn't like tea:)


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